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endorphina interview with jonathan martini

Interview With Jonathan Martini, Endorphina's Senior Sales Manager

The last ICE conference in London was an event to remember. Although exquisite and grand as ever, knowing that it was the last ICE ever to be hosted in the UK capital evoked feelings of melancholy among participants.

We took the opportunity to talk to Endorphina's Senior Sales Manager Jonathan Martini, who shared his sentiment about the event and walked us through the gaming company's plans.

We're thrilled to talk to you guys again, this time in London, for the ICE Conference! Participating year after year in ICE, tell us, does the excitement ever wane? Or is it always like the first time?

I can still remember the first time I was at ICE. It was all new and exciting; it's never quite the same, but the excitement never wanes. It's always special; this year, it's extra special, as it is the last ICE in London—the end of an era.

Now, tell our readers what you prepared for your visitors and existing and potential partners. Expand a bit about the theme behind the stand N7-230 and what we can expect to see there.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, Endorphina consistently crafts stands that capture attention. At this year's event, stand N7-230 by Endorphina isn't just a feast for the eyes but invites active participation from those attending.

We've prepared a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your creative touch. Visitors are encouraged to express their artistic flair by contributing their own masterpieces to our canvas. This initiative is our way of connecting more deeply with our audience, demonstrating our commitment to hearing and integrating your ideas and desires.

Additionally, we're giving away 100 prizes each day, with the grand prize being a coveted black-and-white Nintendo.

We warmly invite everyone to come for a chat and savour a steaming cup of HOT DICE (our special coffee).

How about products? Last year, we saw Endorphina develop the first-ever slot with AI's assistance. Do you think it's possible to repeat such a massive breakthrough for two years in a row?

We have some big plans for this year and a plethora of exciting games, ideas, and products coming up! 2023 was an amazing year for us, but we will knock it out of the park and make 2024 an even better year.

Apart from working to develop groundbreaking products, market expansion seems always to be the focus of software developers; with such a strong foothold in Europe, which markets do you intend to conquer next?

The European markets are our core markets, and we have a home-field advantage in them, of course. We are very interested in Latin America and pushing our presence in the sweepstakes market.

Lastly, paint a broad picture of your plans for 2024: what are the three main focal points in your roadmap for this year? 

The year 2024 promises to be a landmark year for Endorphina! We're not only breaking into new markets but also enriching our collection with enthralling new games. This year is all about pushing boundaries and embracing innovation.

Our top-notch gaming experiences now reach over 30 jurisdictions worldwide, including key regions like South Africa, Latin America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, among others. With licenses from esteemed bodies such as the MGA, ONJN, and ISO certifications, Endorphina ensures a safe and reliable gaming environment.

As we venture into 2024, our sights are set on exploring fresh markets and launching groundbreaking projects that reflect our dedication to continual growth and innovation.