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Tips for Dealing with Casino Account Handling Issues

What to Do if an Online Casino Blocks Your Account

Playing at your favourite online casino is all fun and games until you experience a problem. And whether we like it or not, problems do exist and that’s where we can try and step in to help. If one day your log in and you see your online casino account blocked there, are ways to get it back up and running and that’s what we’ll be discussing into today's blog.

Your Account is Blocked! Don’t Panic

First let’s picture the seen. You’re playing online slots and games at your favourite casino and you decide to call it a day. Next time you go to log in your account is blocked. Even worse your online casino account has been blocked with your hard-earned winnings blocked too! What do you do?

First of all, don’t panic! Don’t open live chat and immediately express anger towards the casino because the chances are, you’re just going to make things worse or delay the resolution. If this does happen, don’t worry, because we have some solutions on how to unlock your casino account.

Don’t express immediate anger. Use our tips to help get your online casino account unlocked.

It’s natural that now and again you could experience casino account handling issues and there could be many reasons why this happens too. It doesn’t categorically mean that your locked online casino account will remain locked forever. In fact, it could be something simple that’s locked your account like verification issues, so like we said try to remain calm as we have the tips to help get your online betting accounts back up and running again.

What Are Main Casino Account Handling Issues?

Understanding the reasons why your online casino account could become blocked is key to getting it unblocked and there are several reasons why this could happen. We’ll also go through how you go about getting them unlocked later. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons, shall we?

  1. Failed log in attempts – This is actually one of the most common reasons your account may be blocked and one of easier ones to get reversed too. Your account may be blocked because you’ve entered your username or password wrong too many times. It may even be an unauthorised person has tried accessing your account and therefore it has been blocked
  2. Verification issues – If you have requested a withdrawal and haven’t sent off your verification documents, this could result in a suspension of your account. If you don’t pass verification this could also cause your account to become blocked
  3. Violation of terms and conditions – This is another common reason your account could become locked so make sure you read and understand the casinos terms and conditions before you register and read the bonus terms, before you deposit and play
  4. Duplicate account detected – You’re only allowed one account per casino, so if you open a duplicate account, you will run the risk of having your account blocked and the casino could detect this at any time, especially during a withdrawal procedure. This also comes into play if you’re sharing the same IP address as someone who also has an account at the casino
  5. Fraudulent activity/ fraudulent information given – If you have supplied fraudulent information to the casino, this will cause your account to become blocked. Likewise, if the casino detects fraudulent activity on your account, they will also block it
  6. Underage gambling – If you sign up to a casino and you under the age of legal gambling in your jurisdiction, your account will get blocked

This list isn’t definitive, guys, and what you need to remember is that your online betting accounts are all different, there could be loads more reasons, but these are just some of the more popular ones. All casinos their own set of rules so we can only reiterate the fact that you need to understand the terms and conditions in everyone you play in to try and prevent casino account handling issues.

Steps to Unlocking Your Casino Account

If you have a locked online casino account, you need to learn how to unlock it. If you’ve got winnings stuck in your blocked account, your first instinct will probably be to panic. Don’t! There could be an easy solution so invest in some patience while you try to solve the situation.

The first step you should take is to contact the casinos customer support team. Hopefully the casino in question has a live chat facility as this will be the easiest and fastest way to get that account unlocked. If they don’t have it, you’ll need to email or phone them.

Staying calm and contacting the casinos customer support team should be your very first step.

Customer support should be able to tell you why the account has been locked and help you unlock it. Now if it’s a simple reason like you’ve entered the wrong log-in information they may just send you an email to reset your account information and voila.

If it’s a verification issue, then you may just have to send in more documents to help pass the verification process and get back into your account.

However, things may be a little more complex than this and it isn’t always possible to get a locked online casino account unlocked again. For example, if you’re in breach of terms and conditions or more, so you have a duplicate account, you have a very good chance of that casino account becoming permanently blocked. And if it is a clear breach of their terms, you won’t be able to fight your case anywhere.

Submit a Complaint Through Complaints Service

And that brings us nicely onto the matter of an online gambling dispute. If you think your online casino account has been unfairly blocked without a resolution from customer support, there are other revenues you can go through. You should file a complaint following the casino's complaint procedure first and, if that still doesn’t help, that's where we can step in.

If the casino in question is represented here at AskGamblers, you can open a complaint using the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service. We believe you all deserve a fair game and that’s why our Online Casino Complaints are so popular for players in trouble around the world.

We will act as a mediator between you and the casino, so you have the chance to resolve your issue fair and quickly. You and the casino will both have 96 hours to respond, failure to do so will result in the complaint being closed. Before you submit a complaint, you should read and understand our Complaint Guidelines and include as much information with supporting evidence to help speed the complaint along.

We have many complaints on how to unlock casino accounts, so never think that you are alone. Once your complaint is open, you should refrain from discussing this at forums and wait for the outcome of the complaint.

Your very last step, if all else fails, would be to contact the casino's licensing agency and the casino can supply you with more information on this. On a final note, just be wise and remember patience is a virtue, nothing is solved in anger!

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