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A bank wire transfer is a simple method of transferring funds from one bank account to another. In the world of online gaming, bank wire transfers are one of the most consistently available means of transfer for both deposits and withdrawals. Although a bank wire transfer does suffer from a few drawbacks, it is one of the few ways by which a player can directly deposit to or withdraw from an online casino without the use of a third-party merchant.

Overview of Bank Wire Transfers

A bank wire transfer is a type of financial transaction that has been done for decades. Because of the formation of SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, this can now be done with ease on an international level. Currently, more than 9000 financial transactors in over 200 countries allow for international bank wires.

Conducting a Bank Wire Transfer

To deposit via a bank wire transfer, you must get the bank details from the online casino you are looking to deposit at. Depending on the casino, these will be located either on their website or only available by talking to a support representative. Then, simply go to your local bank office and ask to conduct a wire transfer to the casino, making sure that you provide details such as the receiving bank's name and SWIFT number. Finally, contact the casino to get the deposit manually added to your account.

Withdrawing via a bank wire transfer, on the other hand, requires minimal effort. The only thing you'll need to do is get your bank account number and SWIFT number, which can be obtained by contacting your bank or, in some cases, looking at their website. If you live in Europe, you may need to provide your IBAN number as well. Then simply go into the casino's cashier, enter the details, and process your cashout.

Advantages of Bank Wire Transfers

The one big plus about using a bank wire transfer to deposit or withdraw from a casino is the lack of a third party other than the banks themselves. Perhaps most importantly, this greatly reduces the risk of identity theft since your details do not leave the casino. Furthermore, although bank wire transfers are not instant, you will not be subject to any processing times imposed by an independent merchant.

Disadvantages of Bank Wire Transfers

The reason most people refrain from using bank wire transfers if an alternative is available is the manual effort required to begin one. Although the convenience of not needing a third party is nice, it can be difficult finding the necessary information you need to conduct either a deposit or a withdrawal.

Depending on your location, bank wire transfers can also be quite expensive. In addition to the processing fees that the casino will sometimes deduct from your cashout amount, your bank will almost certainly charge you once the wire is received. For this reason, most casinos only allow you to withdraw via a wire transfer if your balance is at least several hundreds.

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