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Kong Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.
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Kong Slot Playtech

Kong is a 20-payline video slot operating on the Playtech software platform and featuring the live action film King Kong. The wild symbol is the King Kong symbol, while the scatter is the King Kong Logo. Players are invited to test this realis­tic­all­y-d­esigned slot on this page for free or choose any of the listed Playtech casinos to play the game for real money.

In order to travel to the distant island to meet the most famous ape in the world, players need to regulate their bet first. “Line Bet” adjusts the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 5. “Lines” selects the number of active paylines. “Spin” turns the reels, while “Au­top­lay­” spins them for a number of times uninterrupted. “Bet Max” plays the game at the highest available bet.

The game is played in 2 modes: the Jungle Mode and the Big City Mode. In the Jungle Mode, 3 or more King Kong symbols trigger the Wild Jungle Re-Spins feature and 3 or more King Kong Logos activate the Skull Island Bonus. During the Big City mode, 3 or more wilds trigger the Wild Kong Re-Spins Feature and 3 or more King Kong Logos activate the City Tower Bonus.

The Wild Jungle Re-Spins awards 3 Free Re-Spins. Wild cards then remain frozen until the feature ends.

The Skull Island Bonus features a map of the Island. Players choose a location on the map, revealing 1 of 3 creatures or King Kong. Players match 3 creatures to win a cash prize. Each creature is worth a different amount. Uncovering King Kong awards the largest sum.

The Wild Kong Re-Spin Feature wins 3 Re-Spins. In the 1st re-spin, all symbols on reels 1 and 5 are wild. In the 2nd re-spin, symbols on reels 2 and 4 are wild. In the 3 rd re-spin, the symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 are wild.

During the City Tower Bonus, King Kong is under attack on the top of the City Tower. Players are faced 3 times with 3 planes and need to pick 1 out 3 planes to take down by clicking on the arrow. Each plane is worth a cash prize. Taking down 3 planes terminates the City Tower Bonus.

When 5 King Kong wild cards emerge on an enabled payline, a 3,000-coin jackpot will be awarded.

Game Play

Lines: Select the number of paylines played.
Line Bet: Select the coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Bet Max: Play the game at the highest bet.
Autoplay: Spin the reels multiple times without interruption.

Play game
Software Playtech
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 95.5%
Special feature Wild Scatter
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Kong Slot Reviews by Players


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Sloter 514 reviews
Reviewed on March 22, 2021


This 'King Kong' video slot comes from Playtech Software, which is based on the updated 2005 Film. This version featuring 5 Reels/20 Selectable Paylines/Wild Jungle Mode and Dramatic Big City Bonus Mode, which depict the 2 main scenes of the film.
Unfortunately, my first session had a terrible outcome for the rest of my Balance with micro wins along empty spinnings.
bogdangy 515 reviews
Reviewed on January 31, 2015


I have to say that I liked the movie and I was wondering if the slot is half better as the movie was. It is a Playtech slots, 20 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.20 euro but I decided to play with a 0.40 euro bet because it seems to pay better. The graphics are decent, I can’t say amazing but I like to play this slot because of the interesting theme. I saw many times two Kong symbols and the reels were spinning for the 3rd one but I didn’t know what feature was until I checked the paytable and I saw that it is the Skull Island bonus. I manage to catch this bonus finally, but nothing special, a 5 euro win, very disappointing thinking that I was waiting for a long period of time.

There is a free spins feature too, but is very hard to catch, I didn’t manage to see it, obviously I was disappointed and a little bit upset because I was running out of money. To be honest, my biggest win at this slot was 7 euro from the main game, the features didn’t help me at all, I don’t think that I will play again this slot because I don’t want to lose again.

Overall it is a good slot if we are talking about graphics and design, there are a couple of characters from the movie and the other symbols are scatters, wilds and cards symbols. The graphics will receive an 8, I don’t like the lag that the slot has sometimes.


Well, the features disappointed me, nothing special in my opinion, I will give only a 6.

The payout rate was poor, I lost the money very fast, no big wins, so another 6 from me and I don’t recommend it!
Inactive user
Reviewed on July 31, 2014


King Kong is another one of the many Playtech games created according to some movie hit. This game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. Even though Playtech has had this game in it’s offer for a long time, 2-3 years if I am not mistaken, I came across it just recently. I was instantly amazed by the great animations, sound and graphic.

This game can be played in two modes. The first one is called Jungle mode and the second is Big City Mode. When you go from one mode to another everything changes. The symbols, graphic and even the bonuses. I have to admit that I am a big fan of these games that can be played in more modes.

This reminds me of Rivals I-slot games which astonished me a few years ago when I regularly played in Rival casinos. I played this game at WinnerClub casino about 10 days ago and that was the first encounter I had with it. I started with a 0.20 bet per spin. That’s because I am always careful when I meet some game for the first time.
Later I increased my bet to a very big 2 euros per spin. I played here in a total of an hour. Which is great considering that when I started my balance was 20 euros. During that time I went from Jungle to big city mode and the other way around many times. I can't remember how many times I got the bonuses during that hour.

The bonuses are really interesting with great animations. I was very pleased with this game. Actually I was tempted to make another deposit and play here for some time more. Still I resisted the temptation but I will try this game again in the future.

Overall King Kong is a slot that guarantees you a good time. I believe it deserves the max 10 out of 10.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Reviewed on July 4, 2014


King Kong is one of the classic characters that movies have had, able to attract people of all ages and genres, has also been able to inspire Playtech idea men to create the game slot "Kong 8th Wonder of the World," in which the great effort and work put into it is exposed, especially in the graphics part of the game and the whole of scenes with high emotional baggage where player is led through, show high-level of professionalism and knowledge about users' preferences and desires.

The game often becomes more fun as far as the player is taken between different standard and bonuses areas, which move mainly between the jungle and the big city, and of course the transition between both areas is accompanied of juicy profits, which for me is at least 70% of the fun. Almost every time I played this game, I was managed to visit all the above areas, but according to what I lived in my last experience with this slot, I'm aware that to enjoy all mentioned stages in just one game session really is an amazing feat since I have consumed a total of 2,000 free credits trying to activate the bonus round that ultimately would lead me to the big city, where of course there is the latent possibility of enjoying the special feature, which I consider as the climax of this game, and that to me is King Kong's fight against the planes on top of a skyscraper, and such field certainly is one of the best opportunities to get some good profits. I think this situation has discouraged me a bit, but I think I cannot say that I will not try to beat King Kong again, maybe next time I will have my good luck back and also as a player, I'm always willing to give another chance to a game that has always seemed exciting and even profitable on previous occasions.
yapro 790 reviews
Reviewed on June 1, 2014


Another one slot game which based on movie. I wonder how much money playtech spend to buy right to make slot with this pictures from the movies. I can bet that more than one million dollars, just for buying right, imagine how much playtech had in profit every single day. Also this game has 20 paylines and had two different play modes.I like such dynamic slot, when everything changes from time to time, where all the time something happens, this is really great idea from playtech to make such slot. First play mode is in jungle, and second one in the city.

Also game has bonus game where i able to pick things to match it, but it is absolutely boring, and my best result on this game never was higher than x 30 or so. Free spins on jungle bot award 3 free spins, and every spin adding expanded wild which already place on ree 2 3 4, high potential here to win, and my best result after this feature is around 400 x total bet, which i hit while playing at titan casino. At city feature, player awarded with 10 free spins, and every wild which appear during free spin will become sticky, and will be held on its place till the end of free spins. My best result after city feature is x 150, and i found that it is really hard to get many wilds on reel. Best hit during base game is about x 100 total bet, which is also great, and i think this game produce wins more than x 1000 total bet on features, therefore it worth to try this game.

I like this game and rate it with 9 stars. Variance is medium-high, and features is unique and interesting. Also the good thing that two different play modes, which will not allow to become boring. Great game, nothing else i would like to say.
Inactive user
Reviewed on May 30, 2014


King Kong game is powered by Playtech. To start off with i would like to say that i really liked this movie and probably played this game because of that. But for me personally the game was not as great as the movie. In fact the first time i played this game it took all my money and pissed me off. It took me a while to give this game another shot, it was not as bad as the first time but it still did not pay out. I had to play it good few times to see a good side of it and i was not too impressed.

There are 20 lines in this game and my usual bet is €0.40. With this bet i can monitor my loses and have a chance to get a decent win. There are two feature in this game, there is a free spins feature and a skull island bonus. I got the skull island bonus many times and it is nothing special. On my usual bet max i won was around €8. I got this bonus a lot while double tapping and would recommend using it.

The free spins is much better but very hard to get, well for me it was. It took me around 200 spins to get it. I had to get three wilds anywhere on the reels to get it and it awarded me with 3 free spins and sticky wilds. I have seen pictures online of people winning big on this feature but my best win was around €28. I dont think this game is as great as everyone thinks. For me personally it has been very bad. If i was to rate this game i would give it 5 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
Reviewed on March 29, 2014
Another movie inspired video slot game that is all about the famous ape, King Kong. To those who wouldn’t know too much about it and didn’t see the film, a very short explanation is needed to better understand the game creator thoughts. King Kong the giant animal lived in a remote island alone and in harmony with Mother Nature when some people discovered this land and brought him to the civilization with not too fair will. There he got confused in the unfamiliar environment and confronted with people, and so on…

Now it’s understandable why the developers followed the storyline of the cinema and the game got 2 playing modes – Jungle Mode and Big City Mode (or can it be called urban jungle?). The 20-payline game starts in Jungle mode with the untouched jungle in the background. This mode will still intact until the Skull Island Bonus game is triggered (by the help of 3 Kong icons), where the task is to find 3 identical symbols. Here the dinos and Kong serve as multipliers from x10 to x30. Obviously, the later the matches completed the more cash can be won and there’s a good opportunity for some nice reward as the selections can be made from 13 possibilities. When the game is finished and the player happy about the wins the scene changes and Big City mode is activated. If it happens we already know that we’ve already seen the half of the movie as cars and buildings in the background accompany with traffic noise and smooth jazz melody indicate we definitely left the nature.

The characters remain the same in both modes though they’ve got a little different look. Same goes to paytable, and Kong is still the best paying with its x3000, 5 of a kind win. I find the bonus game here not too funny when Kong has to hunt down airplanes. The main difference between free spins is at Jungle mode the Wild (if it appears) stays on the spot for the remaining games. Once, I had 7 Wilds on the table for the last spin and gave a good return. While in the City at the first 2 spins all symbols on 2 reels are Wild and the last on is played with 3 ‘all-wild’ reels. First the numbers of free spins seems to be too low but by playing with it, it became apparent that they could be very profitable in this short period of time. I like them much better than bonuses and had also more success with them.

Personally, I prefer Jungle Mode. Simply because of its style, atmosphere, images, though my best sequence with Kong came at the other side and had 2 Wild Kong Re-spins and City Tower Bonus in 3 consecutive spins. That time I played it with €1 and after these 3 tries I got more than €200.

In visual aspect the best part of the game is the bonus introductory animations. The game builders really did a great job to adapt original film scenes to this slot and in my opinion it helps the game to reach a higher level.
Afi4wins 2061 reviews
Reviewed on February 18, 2014
There have been a few remakes of the movie King Kong, but there is only one version of King Kong in the Playtech stable of games. Perhaps game developers are not so keen on King Kong as opposed to Marvel heroes, so perhaps just one Kong game should suffice the needs of all gorilla fans. Well, personally, I'm not a fan of it, but I am a die-hard fan of slot games, whomever or whatever the featuring star may be! ;)

Kong, The Eight Wonder Of The World, is the official name for this 20-paylines 5-reels game from Playtech. It uses very nice graphics and symbols of actors and main actress from the latter remake of King Kong The Movie, making an attractive game package worthy of any player's attention. A portrait of King Kong is used as the wild symbol, substituting every other symbol, except the scatter symbol, for wins. 5-of-a-kind of King Kong pays 3000x the line bet - not a good payout rate by previous Playtech standards, but it seems that most newer games are now limiting the maximum payout for 5 wilds to either 3000x or 5000x the line bet. However, this reduction is being contraed off with the addition of more bonus games into the overall package, making a check and balance of some sort. Whether it works or otherwise is purely personal, as some don't like it, some do. The wording KONG represents the scatter symbol and also pays a very low 100x the total bet. Hmmm...enough said for now! :D

So lets see how the overall package works out as a game. The game starts off in the Jungle Mode. 3 or more wilds appearing anywhere on the reels trigger the Wild Jungle Respin feature game, whereby 3 free respins are awarded. In each spin, any wild appearing on the reels become frozen until the feature game ends, with more possible wilds being frozen into position as they appear in the next two spins. However, this respins feature cannot be retriggered. 3 or more KONG scatters appearing anywhere on the reels trigger the Skull Island Bonus game, whereby you get to pick out 3 matching symbols of any creature for a cash prize. Each type of creature carries a different cash prize, but getting just 1 symbol of Kong wins the biggest prize and ends the selection. The game then switches over from the Jungle Mode to the Big City Mode.

In the Big City Mode, 3 or more wilds appearing anywhere on the reels trigger the Wild Kong Respin feature game, whereby 3 free respins are awarded. In the 1st respin, reels 1 and 5 have expanded wilds, in the 2nd respin, reels 2 and 4 have expanded wilds, and in the 3rd respin, reels 1, 3 and 5 have expanded wilds! This last respin is obviously the best feature of the lot, but you only get 1 spin at it! If you're real lucky, you can expect a very big payout from 4-of-a-kinds and 5-of-a-kind too. However, on some days, the payout from this last respin could even be disappointing! It would certainly have been far better if reels 2, 3 and 4 have expanded wilds, whereby bigger payouts are more definitive. Similarly as before, this Wild Kong Respin feature game cannot be retriggered as well. 3 or more KONG scatters anywhere on the reels trigger the City Tower Bonus, whereby you get to pick out 1 plane out of 3, in 3 separate scenarios, for cash prizes. Ending the City Tower Bonus returns the game back to the Jungle Mode, as when first started.

Having played Kong over several days, I have yet to get any big payouts from it, getting more or less average payouts most of the time! Even that 3 expanded wild reels feature could not deliver any handsome prize! What a total disappointment it was for me. No, Kong certainly does not make the cut to be up there with the best, not for this version anyway. Lets hope for a much better sequel, if one is in the coming at all! ;)
Inactive user
Reviewed on January 29, 2014
Kong is a classic on both the movie and as a video slot. It contains 20 Paylines with many features that I will talk about on this review. I always continue with bets of $0.20 for many hours at a time before switching gears on $1 bets.

One of the features I greatly look for are the 3 respins, only found when 3 wild Kong symbols appear on the reels. Unfortunately 3 respins are a bit of a small amount they should consider at least 5 or 6 respins to get a lot more wins out of them! I am better off betting with $0.20 even for a small amount there is much more going on with this bet than betting $1. Why am I not the least bit surprised that the higher the bets I make the less likely to trigger features just like the 3 respins on this video slot?

For players be expected to see plenty on a minimum bet than other high bets. Surprisingly enough, the wild kongs are also the scatters for the respins. It will take some time to get them to land as a crowd. I've only hit them mostly on $0.20 triggering bet but only hit the respins "twice" in a lifetime for $1.

The other bonuses are a bit light for my tastes. It's the Skull Island bonus. I most often try to avoid having this feature because not only does it give out normal to less paying credits but each time I trigger them I end up on a different mode. So instead of the Jungle where I start off with I end up in the City. Of course to debate about what is best among the Jungle and the City setup are mainly towards what the player prefers. They are different in comparison! In the Jungle Mode when it comes to the respins, the wilds are more frequent and they are held by chains on any position for the remainder of 3 spins but in the CIty mode the Respins are more coordinated so there are some guaranteed wins to find. No matter I always prefer the Jungle over the city based on personal preference!

More respins are required for the Jungle respins, better wins on the Island bonus and if Playtech has some spare time please make overall slots pay like the bonus features that Microgaming has...please! Kong to me is worth a 7 out of 10!

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