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A Night Out Slot Playtech

A Night Out is a popular 20-payline video slot running on the Playtech software platform. The game’s most important symbols are the wild card in the form of a beer, a disco scene, which is the scatter symbol and a Bonus symbol featuring a bartender. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or choose any of the listed Playtech casinos to play the game for real money.

To have a fun night on the town, players first need to select their bet. Clicking on +/- in the lower right corner adjusts the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 2. Each click on the “Bet per Line” button adds a coin to the line bet. To add a payline, players should press “Select Lines”. “Spin” starts the game and "Bet Max" wagers the maximum sum and initiates the spinning of the reels. To play multiple times in a row, players can click the wrench button in the upper right corner and then “Au­top­lay­”.

When Bonus symbols appear on reels 1 and 5, the bonus round is triggered. The 1st stage of the bonus round presents players with 6 ladies and a chance to choose a random number of free spins between 2 and 20. The next stage offers players 6 drinks to choose from, which awards them with a random win multiplier value between 2 and 10. All wins acquired during the bonus round are multiplied by that multiplier.

There is also a lotto-type sidegame called Dollar Ball where players pick 5 numbers out of 49. 5 numbers will be drawn arbitrarily and the more numbers match their choice, the more they win. If all 5 numbers match, players win the Jackpot.

Game Play

+/-: Choose a coin size.
Bet Per Line: Add a coin to the line bet.
Select Lines: Add another payline.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen wager.
Auto Play: Play a number of times in succession.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.


Play game
Software Playtech
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 97%
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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  • RTP
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  • Progressive
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A Night Out Slot Reviews by Players


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Sloter 514 reviews
Reviewed on June 1, 2020


The Night Out slot, has 5 reels with 20 Paylines, provided by Playtech software. The provider, brings you a party atmosphere, straight from the first spin or drink. Hehe!

The bonus symbol has the shape of a bartender. If this symbol appears on Reels One and Five, the bonus round is started. In this case you must first select one of six ladies. Each of these queens brings you a random number of free spins. The number of spins is between two and 20. Then you must choose a drink for the lady. Each drink contains a profit multiplier between 2 and 10. So with a little luck, you can win 20 Free spins with a 10x win multiplier. If the bonus icon reappears on Reels 1 and 5 during Free spins, a random number of additional Free spins will be added on your play. The Beer mug symbol, acts as a wild symbol in the game. It replaces all other symbols except the Scatter and Bonus symbols with a Thirsty! 10.000x

One of Playtech's most popular slots, with a very attractive RTP 97%
Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on March 24, 2016


(Re-post) It's another weekend...and it's time for A Night Out! What? Not a weekend yet for you? Aah, never mind, because at Playtech, any night can be a night out! So make yourself comfortable, get your drinks and snacks ready by your side, put your legs up...err...better not...and lets go visit the bartender and his lovely gals!

A night Out is a 20-lines 5-reels slot game with a theme of having a fun night out, both for guys and gals too. Gals have the good-looking bartender to chit-chat with while ordering free spins. Guys are more lucky, there are 3 lovely ladies to entertain them...a blonde, a red-haired and a brunette, to suit different tastes, preferences and likes. Well, as they say, the blondes have more fun and pack more ooomph...that's payouts, if you're wondering what! Hehehe. Then there are also the scattering disco girls in bright yellow outfits, swaying their hips as they urge you along. Get 5 of them anywhere on the reels and they pay you 50 times your total bet. Not really a lot by any scatter standards, but they do come more easily, usually in threes. And they do come quite often too during the free spins play, giving you three times more than they would in the base game. This can be very useful in sustaining your credit balance and keep you going on for a little longer, or more. The Wild symbol is a beer mug, giving payouts for every 2, 3, 4 and 5 mugs, with a maximum payout of the usual 10,000x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind. So roll out those mugs, bartender, or you won't find me here, any much longer! Hehehe.

Yeah, that cheerful bartender is the thing to look out for. He's the bonus game trigger. Get him on both reels 1 and 5 at the same time and a bonus feature game is triggered, whereby you are presented with 2 separate scenarios to make a selection each time. In the first scenario, you get to choose 1 gal from out of the six. Each gal carries a hidden spin number, from 3 spins up to the maximum of 20 spins, so choose carefully! In the second scenario, you get to choose a drink from out of the six, each one carrying a hidden win multiplier of 2x to 10x. If Lady Luck is with you all the time, you may just get the maximum award of 20 spins with 10x win multiplier frequently! Usually, the big wins would come with the 7x and 10x multipliers, regardless of the number of spins won, so always keep a watchful eye on the hidden spin and win multiplier carriers! There are times when they remain in their same positions over 2 or 3 bonus rounds without being shuffled around! That would be the time to try and pick out the 20 spins and the 10x carriers! It has worked not just for me, but for several of my friends too, so it's always a good idea to discuss and exchange ideas with your friends. You might just get new useful hints on how to win more on the game!

Today, this game has fallen behind in terms of graphics and game play qualities. When it was still fresh about 15 years ago, it had kept a huge number of players happy and entertained. Today, almost everyone has turned away in search of newer fun, newer thrills and bigger excitement. Perhaps only a handful of nostalgic players would come back and play A night Out, albeit for just short periods at a time. Gone are the days of the bartender and disco girls. The time has come for super heroes and plenty of girls! Hahaha.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on February 28, 2016


A Night Out is video slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is powered by Playtech software provider. I like many Playtech games which could provide big winnings. I played this one a few months ago, but I had only small winnings.

Here is only one feature, bonus game which offer you free spins with different multipliers. When I started to play this game I had my balance on around 20€. I decided to play it for some time on 0,40€ bets. After 10-15 minutes I got bonus game. Here you have to select one girl which will reveal number of free games and later you have to choose one drink which will reveal the multiplier. I got 7 free spins at x10 multiplier. I thought this will be a big win because there was x10 multiplier, but I won only around 11€ on it.

I was a little bit dissapointed. But I think this game could provide big winnings. There are wild symbols which have good pay out ratio of x10,000 bet for all five of them. This kind of pay out ratio for wild symbols have many games from Playtech, but here you can won even x10 multiplier during free games which could be great. The base game is good, when you get more than 2 wild symbols. This will raise your winning combination a lot. While I was playing I got 2 wild symbols quite often, but the pay outs were not so good because near wilds where low pay out symbol.

Otherwise the graphics is not so good, I expected better design but I guess the game is old. I will rate it with 7 out of 10 possible stars. Maybe I could play it more in near future, but I am not so sure because I had only small winnings on it. I usually rather play other playtech games where I got better winnings.
bogdangy 515 reviews
Reviewed on January 31, 2015


This slot was new for me, I didn’t know anything about it but I saw it at Bet365 Casino while I was playing and I decided to give it a try because I was just curious! It is a 5-reel slot from Playtech, 20 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.20 euro. As the title says, the theme of this slot is about night club, with alcohol, cocktails and woman symbol. It isn’t a new slot but the graphics aren’t so bad, I could say that I like the graphics and the sound but I don’t like how the reels are spinning, isn’t something usual in my opinion. Anyway, I had some money in my Bet365 account and I decided to play it at this slot, to see if it has a decent payout rate. I want to say that the bonus round is very difficult to catch, you have to catch the bartender symbol on 1st and 5th reel to trigger this bonus, I didn’t manage to see how this bonus is, I was a little bit disappointed. I played on the minimum bet of 0.20 euro, I managed to trigger only one time the free spins feature, 12 free spins with 3 x multiplier that paid me pretty good, 21 euro but because the payout rate wasn’t as god as I was expecting, I lost the money very fast.

Overall it is a good slot if we are talking about graphics, acceptable, the features are good, free spins and bonus round, I will give an 8 for the graphics because the slot is really old. The features will receive a 9 even if the bonus round is very hard to catch.


The payout rate was poor, I was disappointed, I lost money very fast, I didn’t have fun because I played for a short period of time and I will give only a 6!
Inactive user
Reviewed on October 26, 2014


This is a weird slot and I rarely play it. It is fast and unpredictable, and I don't like that. The pays on this game are not great and the feature is average. I have given this game a fair shot and can honestly say that I am not a fan of it.

There are a lot of wilds in this game and I got a lot of them on the reels, but because the pays are small I never really got a good line hit. The game gives you a feeling that you are making cash because of the wilds and wins, but in reality you are winning pennies.

There was a couple of times when I got more that a tenner on a line hit, but that was with few wilds and girls all over the reels. Usually the pays are less than the bet.
The game also has a bonus and to get it you have to get the barman on the 1st and last reels. To me the bar man looks like Simon Cowell, and every time I see him I remember his stupid face.

The game is very fast so it is hard to spot them, but if you do get them, they will award you with a free spins feature. There is a chance to win 20 free spins with 10 x, but I never got that. The best I got was 20 free spins with 3 x, or 5 free spins with 10 x. Either way I never managed to win more than €10 on the feature. The feature spins so fast, that sometimes I cant enjoy it. Before I know it, it ends and shows me my win.

The graphics are pretty lame and the sound effects are lame too. The whole game need upgrade and I hope they do it. I would not recommend this game to anyone and if I was to rate it i would give it 5 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Reviewed on June 20, 2014


A night out slot was made by playtech company long time ago, this is really outdated slot and i play it only few times.

Theme of slot is night club party, or something like this, here we have alcohol cup that working as wild and also best paying symbol, and few other symbols with woman symbols, which pay really not much and 5 of a kind did not bring big win. As i say slot looks really outdated and it is look really bad and not interesting even compared to old marvel games, not saying about new ones. Game has 20 paylines and also including dollar ball feature. This is jackpot game which playing each spin, but player should play 1 credit in it currency to play it. If player match 4 of 5 numbers he will get 1% of jackpot, if 5 of 5 then congratulations, you win big jackpot. Game has free spins triggered by special symbols from reels 1 and 5. Number of free spins and multiplier is always different and depend on players pick. My best pick was 12 free spins with x 6 multiplier which pay me great x 120 total bet payout, and this is my best win on this game. Base game is extremely boring and it is hard to hit at least 100 x total bet playing this game and therefore probably it is good to grind WR playing this game, but i suggest not wait big wins here.

Very old very outdated online slot from playtech, it is not interesting game and i think almost no one playing this game nowadays. It can be interesting to see how playtech games looks long time ago, but to play this game on regular basis and serious - i not see any reasons for it.Even jackpot not helping this game to be interesting and i suggest just miss this game.
cocopop3011 265 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on March 31, 2014
A night out is one of Playtechs better slots - definitely! Its a lovely little 20 line slot to play, and even placing minimum bets of 0.01p making it 20p a spin it come being in some lovely little returns for you.

I have good things and bad things to write about this slot! The biggest negative I have to comment about is when I got five scatters! Well I'm not actually moaning about when I got the five scatters, I was thrilled to bits about that but I think I won a very measly £10! On a 20p spin. I managed to post a screenshot in our great forum here for everyone to see, and whilst achieving five scatters is a great achievement I like to win a little more than that! Also on this slot, your scatter symbols are not your free spins symbols, so it literally was just the £10 I won on that occasion.

My other negative is that the free spin NEVER come in for me. My partner plays this slot quite a bit too and he gets them all the time, but I hardly ever get them!

My positive comments about this slot are you can have great wins on just your normal spins, and yes you don't need to be betting more than 20p to have big wins. Although when I've played this slot at £1 a spin, £40/50 wins are regular spins. Most of your spins will get you a win here, lots of regular wins makes it a great slot to achieve your wagering on! My other positive comment is about the free spins feature. When it does come in its great with the possibility of getting 20 free spins at a x10 multiplier. I don't think I've ever had it myself, but I'm quite unlucky when it comes to picking to the right ones!

Overall its a good little slot to play and definitely one of my favourite Playtech slots.
Inactive user
Reviewed on March 7, 2014
A Night out is a Club style 20 paylines video slot from Playtech which I find to be a total hacksaw for my balance. It slices and slices. Whether I bet $0.40 or $0.60 it just acted like it was one of the most unpopular slots to date.

When chasing for the bonus it can really be hard to come by. I would need the bonus symbol of the male bartender on both Reels 1 and 5 together! This triggers a bonus round that gives me the options of choose which lady from the club I would take to the dance floor. Shake it!They would give out my mystery free spins. I always pick either the Lady wearing yellow with the earrings, the lady wearing black or the hot lady in her blue skirt. I usually end up for 10 Free spins but it can be worth a terrible price of 3 Free spins.

The first option is always the most important for it decides the potential of how much I can win and how long the free spins will last for. 20 Free spins is always the excellent of all the free spin amounts with 10x! Wow! The scale of winnings resulting from my $0.60 bet gave me a win for $32.40 when I had 10 Free spins at 7x. Scatters are an amazing treat especially as far as multipliers reach for inside free spins! Another thing I won is a medium 5 scatters of a lady dancing. It was not expected but I had $30 coming from them for $0.60. There wasn't a lot of celebrating going on because this is a common yet standard win that I would uncover in a bonus or so. $30!?!? For 5 scatters!?!? I would trade this win for Centre Court's 5 scatters payout any day, they are more gigantic in value!

And now that I think about it a slot comes to mind about having a very close title to each other. There is "A Night Out" for Playtech and "Spikes Nite Out" for Microgaming. Old graphics in symbols that are running out of style, free spins can and will always be a mystery (Mystery free spins and multipliers, 3 free spins at 2x being the worst!) and I wouldn't make any recommendations of this slot to anyone......too much low ratio payouts!

I give A Night Out a 6 out of 10!

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