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Casinos Accepting Internet Banking Payment Method

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Internet banking is a method by which members of a banking institution can transfer money from an account to another person or company. It is also commonly known as “online bill pay”. For online casino players, Internet banking provides a low-cost, often free, method of depositing into any of the online casinos listed on this page.

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Eligibility for Internet Banking

In order to use Internet banking to deposit into an online casino, you'll need to be an account holder at a participating bank. Log into your account at your bank's official website and look for a link to “online bill pay”, “send money”, or something similar. If you cannot find such a service, your bank likely does not support this function, and you will probably need to consider a different deposit method.

If you do have the ability to send money through your Internet banking account, make sure you are able to send it to your casino of choice. There may be limitations that prohibit you from sending money to certain locations. If this is the case, you will need to find an alternative.

Depositing with Internet Banking

Once you've determined that you can use Internet banking to deposit at your chosen online casino, visit the casino and get the payment information. You will likely need a personal or business name, along with a full address, to process the payment. Once you've got the information, visit your bank's website and go to the bill payment/send money service. Fill out the form and submit the payment.

Please note that sending money via Internet banking is almost never instant. We encourage you to maintain contact with the casino you are playing at in order to ensure your payment is processed correctly and in a timely manner.

Advantages of Internet Banking

Out of all deposit methods available, Internet banking is one of the most secure. Because you do not provide any account information to the casino, there is no chance of it leaking out onto the Web. All of the sensitive details stay between you and your bank.

Additionally, Internet banking is almost always a free service. At the very least, it is cheaper than what the vast majority of independent e-wallets charge. If you're looking to extend your gambling budget and wish to play at one of the casinos listed on this page, Internet banking can be a good choice.

Disadvantages of Internet Banking

Unfortunately, Internet banking is not instant in most cases. When you process a payment through your bank's online bill pay service, they have to manually send the payment out. The casino must then wait for the payment to arrive either by cheque or bank transfer before they can credit your account. To avoid any problems, maintain communication with the casino.

The availability of Internet banking as a deposit method is also limited. Many banks require you to send online bill payments to recipients who live within your country. If you do not live in or near the recipient address for your chosen casino, it is almost impossible to use Internet banking to deposit in most cases.