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Triple Twister Slot

Triple Twister is a 50-payline progressive slot which runs on the Real Time Gaming software platform. The game’s wild card is the Twister symbol which only appears on reel 3 and covers all positions on the reel. Winning combinations with the wild card are tripled. The scatter is the Weather Vane icon. Players are welcome to try the game on this page for free. Moreover they can pick any of the listed Real Time Gaming casinos to play the slot for real money.

To explore the fun farmhouse brimming with various barnyard animals, players need to settle on their bet first. The coin denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 0.25, is altered by clicking the “Bet” buttons. “Spin” starts the game and “Au­top­lay­” spins the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.

The Triple Twister Feature is triggered when 3 or more Weather Vanes emerge on the reels. Players are awarded 9 Free Games. Whenever the Twister occurs during the Free Game round, it replicates itself onto 1 or 2 extra reels, increasing one’s chance of winning. This feature can be reactivated.

The game’s Progressive Jackpots can be won at the conclusion of any game. The Jackpots are triggered randomly. Progressive Jackpot wins are added to other wins.

A jackpot of 3,333 coins will be awarded when 5 Farmer symbols occur on an enabled payline.

Game Play

Bet: Choose the coin denomination.

Spin: Start spinning the reels at the selected bet.

Autoplay: Turn the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Triple Twister Slot Reviews by Players


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zerooo 742 reviews
Triple Twister is great video slot with 5 reels and 50 paylines. It is powered by Real Time Gaming software provider. I first played this game with some no deposit bonuses, later after some time I tried it with my own money too – but I also claim some welcome bonuses – so I never really try it with only real money without any bonus attached into balance.

Twister symbol appears only on reel 3 during main game and when it appears it will expand to cover all positions on the reel. The prize is tripled when one or more twisters substitute in a winning combination. I like this mode which appears during main game, sometimes it raise your winnings a lot and you get decent payouts.

Triple twister feature is powerful feature here. 9 free spins are awarded when 3 or more scatter weather vane symbols appears. Whenever the twister appears during free games it will replicate itself onto 1 or 2 additional reels before pays are awarded. This feature can be retriggered. For me this feature is really great and because of it I love this slot game. I had a few winnings around x100 bet from it, I think getting x100 bet here is much easier than at some other video slots. I like when twister appears and it replicate itself up to 2 reels. This could provide big winnings and I like it.

I think this is very popular game from RTG software provider. I saw many winning screenshots and videos on it and I like to play it – every time when I play at RTG casino. It is one of my favorite game from Real Time Gaming software company and I am sure I will play it again. I will rate it with 9 stars, it is a great video game!
katemak 1170 reviews
Triple Twister game made by Real Time Gaming software with 50 lines and 5 reels its one of the games I have played many times, even the bet size is a bit expensive one of 0.50 cents I think the game is worth of trying. The theme is life on a Farmyard where a tornado coming on their way, so the Farmers are doing their best to save everything on their farm. The graphics on this slot is a bit poor, but I guess we are use to their colors and designs, because their provider I guess doesn't bother that much on that mater.

The only feature we should look forward id the Twister one and its appearance, it only appear on the third reel and acts as a wild, but will expand on the entire reel giving you winning combination, well that depends of what symbols will be triggered on the first two reels.

The game offers only free spins feature, so there is a Weather Vane symbol n the reels where landing three of them will open the free spins rounds feature. So the best part comes where the Twister which in the base game we are seeing it only on the third reel now it will expand on two more reels. If during the free spins the Twister appears on the third reel and its going on the left side, expect that 1 or two of the reels to become expanding wilds, if that happened there is a nice winnings on its way, but if the Twister goes on the right side, depends what other symbols will appear on left side and will they match to give you some nice winning combination.

My biggest wins on this game has never been more than 200 X bet size, well not that much but I still enjoy playing this game and yes most of the winnings comes from the free spins feature. There is one more feature on this game called Win Win feature where you can win 100 X bet with it or leave with nothing. My rates for this game will be 7/10.
blondie 1094 reviews
Triple Twister is a game I have tried only for a few times and never succeeded. Not long ago I saw a picture where player won on this game much money so I decided to spend a little more time with this slot.

It is a 5 reel 50 payline progressive jackpot slot, and it has a free spins bonus round. There are a few other RTG slots that has 50 paylines but most of their slots has lower amount of betting lines. And I have to say, betting on all 50 lines can be a little expensive because the minimum bets then are 0.50$ per spin. And if a game is in a cold run, giving only empty spins, it's easy to lose a lot of money really fast. So I guess it's not good that you cannot change the amount of bet lines yourself, according to your balance.

The theme of this game is farm in the countryside. There are rooster symbols that are scatters, cows, pigs, farm owners etc thematic symbols. My favorite one is surely is the Twister symbol which comes up to only 3rd reel, expands and substitutes for all symbols, even including scatters.To trigger free spins round you need to get at least 3 scatters from left to right.

I had made a deposit of 30$ in one of RTG casinos and played this game with minimum stakes. I played around 600 spins and won about 10 free spins rounds. Biggest winning I had was 90 x bet size. Most fun part is when on free spins Twister comes down on 3rd reel, it activates another random reel or two wild and that is when the great winnings can be seen. Also it's nice there's a consolation prize or Win Win feature. If your free spins winning is smaller than 10 x bet, you'll get 2 x-100 x bet winnings as a win win prize. 100 x bet is given only if you don't get any winning at all and that's hard because in my worst free spins round I won 1$ and received 8 x bet win as a consolation prize. That is something unusual and I like it. Overall I ended up with a 50$ profit from this game.

My conclusion for Triple Twister- free spins feature is nice because of the twister feature, design should be improved and I wasn't a fan of the graphics for this game. I think it can give decent winnings but it still can't compete with my RTG favorite games because the winning amounts comparing to bet size wasn't that good, I would expect such winnings from 25 cent bets not 0.50$.
Triple Twister Slot video slot game was created in Real Time Gaming Software Company. What makes this game different from most other RTG games is the number of pay-lines. In fact this game has 50 pay-lines. At this moment I can’t remember on any other RTG game with 50 pay-lines.

The graphics are bad like always, as in all other RTG video slot games. It is disappointing that this software provider gives so little attention to the graphics and the design of the game. I will mention just one example which shows that in best way. Let's say that the most of the other software provider offers a short film as an introduction to the game itself. In RTG, they didn’t think of that and not one of their slot games has this short film. The theme itself in this game is not original and you can find it in many other slot games by other software providers. It is interesting that, here the wild symbol appears only on the third reels and in this case extends over the entire reels. But in the free spins bonus sometimes the wild symbol can be extended on the second and the fourth reels too. To reach free spins you must have a scatter symbols on the first three reels. It is interesting that here the wild symbol in this case, may replace the scatter symbol too. And this is all when it comes to features in this game.

My greatest victory in this game was about 300 x bet. Also a few times I have had wins greater than 100 x bet. But still I lost much money here. So Triple Twister Slot is not among the games that I like. The game is pretty boring and even Real Time Gaming offers a much more interesting game than this. That's why I will not give a passing grade for this game. After some time of thinking I decided to rate Triple Twister Slot with 4 stars.
Triple Twister slot is one of the most interesting slot game and can be find in Real Time Gaming casinos.

Game has good design, good music and graphic. But unfortunately Real Time Gaming slots look can't be rated as super, all their slots looks not bad, not good, just average, not the best looking slots I ever played of course.

There is 50 pay lines in this game, and this is not very good, because min bet in this game is 0.50.

Base game here is annoying and boring, I am always use this two words, but I do not know how to say about it another way. Wild here appear only on reel 3, and it is expanding wild. Also this wild can substitute for scatter, so everything is not so bad, but it would be much more better if wilds will be on all reels in this game.

Free spins can be triggered by 3 or more scatters, but scatters here count only from left to right without any empty spaces, so you need two scatters on reels 1, 2 and wild on third reel, or 3 scatters on three first reels to trigger free spins. During free spins if wild land on reel 3, it can replicate itself to any other reels, or few reels. I never had many wilds on all reels, max only two wilds, and even so I have few wins more than 50$ during such appearing.

Overall game is interesting, but base game is brutal bad and eat money like no any other slots, and the way it eat money it remind me Mega fortune from NetEnt. I did not like base game, but do like free spins, because during free spins you can win a lot of money, specially if wild decide to replicate itself more than once, than it is guaranteed huge money to your account.
Boring and annoying base game, and slot just eats money during base game, without freespins it is almost impossible to hit big.
valentin68 535 reviews
What I did not understand here at “Triple Twister” is how it comes with this Win-Win feature. I mean this is triggered when you have a win bigger than 10x bet from Free Games and the given prize is 100x bet if you do not win anything. So how can this happen? Please excuse my ignorance. This means that the 100x bet award is never given because to have this feature is necessary at least a win of 10x from Free Games. In fact these things let’s say impossible are classic for RTG.

However “Triple Twister” is close to a good slot. I was very pleasantly surprised by how good this slot is compared to the bunch of many RTG slots that are weak. Although this slot has a high volatility, here sometimes you win nice. Yes you pay 50 cents for 50 paylines and (because you play in RTG) you win 5-10 cents very often, but still there are also wins of 1-15 dollars. For this I liked the slot. And I also liked it for something else. This Twister (Wild extended) is present very often in the game. It is also generous because frequently the wins from it are big (1-10 dollars) and it can also replace a Scatter. There are not many other RTG games where a Wild substitutes for a Scatter. And Free Games were also very frequent in my game play. When you have one or two Twisters on reels this is extraordinary.

I like this “high volatility” of the Triple Twister because in my game play I won enough times beautiful amounts. The slot is one of the best from RTG in my opinion (although it is one of the oldest games).
Those games in which you pay 50 cents and win 10 cents (actually you lose 40 cents) are also present here. Even the so praised wins of 1 dollar, for a bet of 50 cents they are not so great.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Triple twister slot made by Real Time Gaming software, and this slot a bit not like most other slots from this software. It is not very interesting for me, and I play it not very often, because really I did not very like it.

Triple twister slot has 50 paylines, and there is first problem for me, because minimal bet here is quite very big for me - 0.50 lowest possible stake, and for me it is very high, usually slots has 0.20 - 0.25, but 0.50 it is a bit too much and did not possible to play for every player. There is also Real Time Gaming jackpots on this slot, big money, but of course chances to hit this is very low, I even not dream about it, because I know that my chances very bad.

Freespins feature is also here, and it is also a bit unusual for Real Time Gaming, triggered only from left to right, and wild substitute for scatters in this slot. But wild appear only on centre reel and also expand when there is any winning line. During freespins this wild can add couple more if appear, but all my time that I play this slot I have see that it only add one more wild for me that was useless because there was not any winning line and it is not pay anything in this feature.

Based on what I have wrote and what I have seen while playing this slot I really did not like it, feature seems pay always low and not easy to get it, and also lowest possible stake is very high for me. Based on all this reason I can say that I rare play this game and prefer other slots, so I rate it low, it is not my game.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Triple Twister Slot game comes from the Real Time Gaming Software company. I don't play this game very often so I won't write much about the rules.

At first look Triple Twister doesn't separate from the other games offered by Real Time Gaming. The graphic is at the same level as most RTG slots and like all other slot games coming from this company you have a chance to win a minor jackpot and a mayor jackpot.

For all this time I have been playing in RTG casino I have won the minor jackpot only once. If I remember correctly I won about 400 dollars but it was a really good feeling when i saw that I won a jackpot after all those years of playing.

What separates this slot game from the others is that Triple Twister has 50 paylines. Most of the other RTG slots have 20 or 25 paylines. The first time I played this game I played with 1 dollar bet per spin. Even though it was a long time ago I remember that only after a few spins I got a free spins bonus. The cash out from those free spins was an amazing 600 dollars.
Can you imagine my excitement? Another time I played this game I got free spins on a 0.50 bet and cashed in about 50 dollars. Off course I decided to raise the bet to 2 dollars per spin and kept playing. A big disappointment for a short time. I lost about 200 dollars and didn't have one decent win. After this I am very careful when I play this game. My bet now is always 0.5 per spin or 1 dollar per spin.

Overall, a bit different from other slots from the RTG offer which in my opinion are boring and very much alike. You can have some really big wins here in the free spins feature but I advise you to be careful as you can lose a lot of money also.
For Triple Twister I give 7 out of 10.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
1 twister can be destructive enough to any neighborhood, but get a twister in a game and it can create some exciting moments indeed. Just imagine what triple twisters can do! This is one exciting game you don’t want to miss from RTG stable of games. Pity though that this game came out a decade or so ago, so there aren’t any astonishing graphics or animations to take your breath away. 1 star down.

Likewise, every symbol in the game has a relatively low win value to them, each needing to be won with a twister in order to get a boosted-up win of three times. The Twister Wild symbol itself does not pay for itself, while the Weather Vane Scatter symbol pays up to 33 x the total bet amount. 3 scatters would trigger the free spins game but does not pay anything for itself too. Such a pity. 1 star down.

Just as in most other RTG games of the same age, there is only 1 feature game to look out for, and that is the free spins feature game, including a Win-Win feature to compensate for none or small payouts from the free spins, up to 100 x the total bet amount. During the free spins, any twister appearing on the reel will duplicate 1 or 2 more twisters onto the reels randomly, and this is the best and most interesting part of the game. 3 Twisters can definitely cause great chaos in the reels and cause some very nice super payouts. I have always liked 3 reels or more of Expanded Wilds in any game, so no star down/up.

Triple Twister is one game that I have played a lot in both real play and fun mode. Thankfully, I’ve had several spins of those 3 wild twisters rampaging the reels, although not always very fruitful, especially when the twisters go to reels 3, 4 and 5. Not much can be gained when they are on the last three reels. The most effective and the most fruitful (in terms of payouts) is when the twisters occupy reels 1, 2, and 3, or reels 2, 3 and 4, creating huge payouts of 500 x total bet and more. I can’t recall the biggest amount I had won from Triple Twister, but I can definitely say for sure it made my jaw dropped and rolled on the floor! That happened so many years ago, at a time when I wasn’t into keeping track of my big wins yet. Such a pity. I won big and that was all that mattered to me then! If you haven’t been hit by any of these triple twisters yet, you are missing a thrill of your life! 1 star up.
yapro 790 reviews
Triple twister it is in my opinion one of the best real time gaming slot, and i think it is also very popular. I played this game a lot of times at different online real time gaming casino and of course i have some experience to share with you.

This game has 50 paylines, which is really nice, but min bet is 0.50, therefore no low rollers here, also taking note that this game is really high variance one. Base game has only one wild symbol, which expands on reels 3 if appear. To trigger free spins player need to get at least 3 scatters from left to right, and at least wild on reel 3 substitute for scatters also, and moreover this wild have x 3 multiplier. So ,why this game is so popular and interesting?

Because of great free spins feature, player awarded with 9 free spins if 3 or more scatters landed. Free spins have no any multiplier, but have on really amazing feature, if wild appear on reel 3, it expands and can cover 1 or 2 more reels, so in theory you can have 3 wild reels, with x 3 multiplier and 50 lines this give a chance to hit really big payout. In my experience trigger feature is not hard, around every 100 spins it is triggered, but much more harder to get twister during free spins, at average it appears only 1-2 two times, and most bad thing that usually it is just made 5 reel wild and that's all, and in such case payout is extremely low. I never had win over x 100 total bet during base game, at free spins once i had x 300 total bet, when twister made two more wild reels, but unfortunately symbols was low paying.

One of the best real time gaming game, with extremely high variance, and high min bet. I like this game and will play it again.
Icymod 758 reviews
This is one game I can't get over with. It's Triple Twister that contains 50 paylines and gives out random potentials for my $1.50 bets. If I have problems winning using $1.50 on my first few spins then my bets go down to $1 straight away. I found with the Twister wild on the 3rd reel....5 of a kind green trucks for $12+ and 5 pigs with one for $6+ without the Twister.

Getting 3 weather vanes can be somewhat easier as they all need to be from left to right with the help of the Twister. The twister does act as one of the weather vane scatters and a wild to provide me some good wins. With 3 of these weather vanes or 2 weather vanes and a 3rd reel twister I now can get 9 Free spins. Hehe I love chasing these down....even when these don't trigger after 20 - 30 spins it's still very fun with the 3x paying twister doing it's job and the sound it makes (wind blowing sounds)! In the 9 Free spins when the 3rd reel lands me a twister it will first expand on it then it will spread on other reels! I happen to get up to 2 twisters total including the 3rd reel twister on the reels and rarely 3 of them. With 3 wild twisters it's sometimes not together, they can be spread out in weird ways.

If you get lucky to get 3 twisters on adjacent reels then wow it will pay superbly!!! I won $65.20 through the splitting acts of the twisters. Occasionally it can provide lower win totals like $30 or even less.
I could get lucky with the Twisters duplicating themselves in the feature for 2 or 3 duplicated wilds and maybe even a wonderful retrigger which I find to be completely hard that I have to hit them before my free spins are gone, have little feedback by getting one replicated Twister on a reel that may or may not be useful or, entirely.....for my 9 Free spins, I would have no Wild Twisters showing which is indeed to be in the worst position to win! How the free spins will give me winnings will all be determined by the 3rd reel!

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