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T-Rex is a dinosaur-themed 25-payline progressive slot running on the RTG software platform. Fittingly, the wild card is the T-Rex itself and the scatter is the Egg. Players are invited to test this slot on this page free of charge or play the game for real money in any of the featured Real Time Gaming casinos.

Before travelling all the way back to the Jurassic era, players should modify their bet. The coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 5, is adjusted by clicking the “Bet” arrows. “Lines” alters the number of enabled paylines. While “Spin” starts the game, “Au­top­lay­” spins the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.

A pick feature will be activated when 3 or more Eggs appear on the reels. Players select an Egg to reveal up to 10 Free Spins per egg. When T-Rex emerges on reel 3 during the Free Games, he eats all the other dinosaurs and replaces them with T-Rex symbols, before prizes are awarded. This feature can be re-triggered.

A random Progressive Jackpot can be awarded at the conclusion of any game. Progressive wins are added to other wins.

A 10,000-coin jackpot will be awarded when 5 T-Rex symbols appear on an active payline.

Game Play

Bet: Select the coin value.
Lines: Change the number of enabled paylines.
Spin: Start spinning the reels at the chosen bet.
Autoplay: Play the game for a number of times without interruption.

T-Rex Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Several years ago when I first came across Real Time gaming slots I searched amongst the on-line forums for some advice on which of their games offered the biggest wins and highest variance. T-Rex was one of the most commonly mentioned slots along with Vulcan and Triple Twister, and I burnt through several no deposit bonuses on these games whilst trying out a few of the popular RTG casinos.

Whilst T-Rex wasn't my overall favourite out of the three it was the one that returned me the most wins of a decent size consistently. The paytables in RTG slots are usually quite top heavy with more higher paying combinations than you would find in an average NetEnt game.

As usual three or more scatters begins the free spins feature. In T-Rex the scatter is signified by an egg symbol and before the feature starts you click each of these eggs in turn to reveal a number of free spins. Each egg can contain up to 10 free spins and the value of all eggs are combined to give you the total number of free spins. During the feature any T-Rex Wild ymbols that land on the centre reel will "consume" all other dinosaur symbols onscreen, turning them into additional wilds. This feature makes it possible to have up to 11 wilds onscreen on a single spin which should be enough to score a win on the majority of the games paylines.
Almost every Real Time Gaming slot produced over a decade and a half uses the same basic and now horribly outdated user interface along with a rudimentary collection of basic sound effects. For me this results in many of these games feeling quite cheap, as if they have been thrown together in a hurry and on a small budget. It's a shame because there's usually some good ideas underneath the poor presentation.

Something you do find in RTG slots that isn't common among on-line slots is a cap on the maximum win fora single spin - this is sometimes set lower than the maximum possible win on the paytable, and because a feature or set of free spins is also triggered from a single spin this rule can also apply to the combined winnings from a feature as well! It all seems very unfair to me. T-Rex can fall foul of this because of the additional wilds that can be added to the reels during free spins, and if you do hit the cap any remaining free spins will be immediately forfeited. The cap seems to vary between casino brands but in my experience is generally set at around 5,000x your bet so it's not something you'll run into regularly but it still feels wrong having a portion of your win stolen in this way.
T-Rex Slot is an old RTG slot game that I just recently discovered. T-Rex has 25 pay-lines and 5 reels. I liked the game, and it is certain that it will often be my choice in the future.

Wild symbol appears during regular play only on the third reels. Scatter symbol is a symbol with egg. To reach the free spins you need to have at least 3 of these symbols. When this happens, then you click on these symbols. Under each of is the number of free spins. So far I got free spins bonus 3 times. And every time I had 9 free spins.

It is interesting that in the free spins sometimes the wild symbol is spreading to more reels and fields. I do not know exactly but it is possible that in the free spins even some of the symbols become a wild symbol. This feature can bring you some big wins. When I tried this game at Grande Vegas Casino as I have already said, I came to the free spins 3 times.

The first and the second time I've had wins bigger than 50 x bet. Finally, the third time when I got free spins I had wins greater than 100 x bet. I enjoyed in this new RTG game that I discovered. I not only enjoyed, but I earned well. The graphics are solid for a RTG slot game. Also, I like the animation and sound effects in the game, most the sound to be heard every time when the wild symbol replaces some of the other symbols. As with other RTG games in the options you can set the "turbo mode" and then the reels are spinning at high speed.

All in all I liked T-Rex game and I give her a solid 8 stars.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
T-Rex is a game designed in Real Time Gaming and has 25 paylines and 5 reels. The theme of this game sets us back far away in the past millions and millions of years ago when this planet was ruled by giant animals-dinosaurs. I like the fact that the main color here is green which is my favorite. I just love green.

This game has some very good sound effects. Each time a wild symbol with a T-Rex replaces some of the other symbols you can hear a roar from this animal. Because of this sound this game reminds me a bit of the movie hit Jurassic Park and it is possible that this movie was an inspiration for the designers of this RTG game. OK, I like the graphic and sound effects but that’s pretty much all because T-Rex is a pretty boring game.

The only real excitements here are in the free spins bonus round. During the free spins other symbols with dinosaurs turn into wild symbols. This feature will get you some big wins in most cases. The free spins are generally hard to get but are often worth waiting. To get this bonus you need to get at least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins is fixed and you can win from 6 to the max 25 free spins. Under each scatter symbol is hidden a number of 2, 3 or 5 free spins. If you get 5 scatters and under each one of them are 5 free spins then you get to the max number of 25 free spins. Like I said the free spins bonus is worth waiting. The last time I played here I had two big wins in the free spins. Still I made a mistake and after these free spins I stayed here for some time and lost almost all the money I won from the free spins.

Still T-Rex is an interesting game and has my recommendation.
T-rex it is my all time favorite slot, always like to play it. This slot can be found in any Real Time Gaming online casino.

This game is looks good, and I have nothing bad to say. Roar of tirex is great sound here, but general slot looking like other real time gaming slots without any exceptions.

There is 25 paylines, 0.25 min bet, not big amount of money to bet per spin, but be careful because game is something like DOA, and the more money you have at balance - more better.

There is a bit boring base game, I will not lie and saying that it is interesting. But at Dead or Alive base game is also boring, but it is awesome and very popular slot. There is wild appear only on middle reel and have only x 2 multiplier. Big win during base game can happen if you hit really good 5 of a kind. To trigger freespins you need at least 3 scatters. Then you need broke scatters and get some freespins. Max per egg is 10 freespins or so, I saw someone write about this but completely forget such details as facts, for me usually at egg is 3 frespins or 4, and rare 5. During freespins if T-rex appear on middle reel - he will eat other dinosaurs, and instead of them there appear wilds. If you get many dinosaurs and T-rex, then let me give you high five, you get a lot of money. Simple as that.

Overall I have excellent experience. Once in 3 freespins features in space of 100 spins I won 250 or 300 dollars with min bet size, it is awesome result and this is why I love this slot. Of course usually this game will suck money, but if you payday will come you will not be unhappy, and game will give you decent amount of money.
I think everything is perfect with this game.
paquito76 867 reviews
Not many slots on the market which is dedicated in its entirely to the dinosaurs so playing this slot is a real fresh experience what should arise the attention of players. The slot has a very decent but million times seen typical RTG interface and design but the little background image and the used symbols are attractive. We can play here with different kind of dinos, volcanoes, eggs which all are decent graphical works and I also like the little winning animations of them. I like how they suitable to the great theme of the game and how they fit to each other too and I think there’s really nothing to complain about in regarding to the appearance of the game.

This 25-payline slot has more than correct game features and paying ability and I think it’s enough to mention that the slot is working with two own potential Jackpot amounts which are worth 10.000 coins one by one. T-Rex is one of these symbols which can award the grand prize but this should happen during free spin session while the other Jackpot triggering Dino symbol needs a T-Rex in its winning combination and because T-Rex also serves the game as Wild and appears only on the middle reels but at least it can double wins. Despite it just pops up on one real in base game but it does that very frequently and fortunately it’s really an active participant in games.

The Dinosaur Egg is the Scatter and it also has great qualities as it not just activate 10 free games but it also has gorgeous paying ability when 5 of them appear on the reels at the same time when 250 times of total bet instant cash prize is credited. During the extra session the Wild remains active only on the third reel but if it shows itself on the inner reel it has the ability to eat up all other dinosaur symbols on the screen so in lucky situation it is available to at the end of a spin there that T-Rex forms a 5 of a kind and awards 10.000 times of line bet. But if it doesn’t happen, the free games most of the times are grateful and bring some nice wins. Though I’m relative satisfied with the game’s paying tendency through normal game mode but in my opinion the free game feature is the one what we should wait for and because of its good rewarding habits this section is the best part of the game especially because of the game doesn’t offer any other secondary games.

T-Rex is a really good game with very decent and some player-friendly features and I also like the potential and quality paying possibilities what the game offers. Maybe the slot could be a little bit more interesting and it would have been nice if the Wild not just on the middle could show its power in normal games but the way and rules by the slot is working now is correctly managed so I think we can just enjoy the game and if the luck is on our side just collect the won amounts at times. If someone is around an RTG place and likes these extinct animals I can advise to play this slot because it not just provides a pleasant atmosphere but also may surprise its players with some real respectable prizes.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
T-rex slot is another Real Time Gaming, I did not like it at all, at glance there is nothing bad about this game and everything looks very decent, but couple times I lost very much money for me in this slot. I keep playing after it eat some of money like a dumb and did not want to leave this slot because I thought that I finally get good freespins features that pay me good, so I keep playing, and usually this is very bad idea for this slot, so couple of times playing this way I just spent all my money.
Best advice I can give it is left this slot if first freespins feature do not recover your losses or pay not very good.

This slot has 25 paylines, therefore lowest stake is just 0.25, and it is very good look, but actually even with this lowest bet couple of times I lost 50 - 100$ playing only this slot, I was playing like a dumb. Video slot t-rex have wild only on middle reel, and also can award freespins feature, random number from 6 to about 20 I believe. But I never had much freespins on this slot, biggest number was 12 I guess. During freegames if wild get on reel it will destroy other dino symbols and make instead it wilds.

Feature looks very good, but on my practice I saw that it is usually pay very small money, usually just 5 - 10 dollars with lowest stake, and only once playing this slot I have had good win, 60 dollars or so with lowest stake, most winnings come from just one spin, when many dinosaurus was eaten and wilds appear on this place. But slot still can pay even better, but chances very low. Not very lke this slot because usually lose money in it.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
T-Rex, the most vicious of all dinosaurs that roamed on Earth millions of years ago, and now, the most vicious dinosaur that roams Real Time Gaming software! Be scared. Be really scared, because T-Rex can make all your hair stand up with huge scary wins! But as the graphics and sound quality goes, it’s such a pity that T-Rex is an oldie game, missing out on better icon presentations and animations. Hopefully T-Rex II can come out one of these days and break new grounds in RTG’s standard of gaming. 1 star down.

T-Rex has an excellent paytable, even by today’s standards. T-Rex is the Wild symbol and pays 10000 x the line bet for 5-of-its kind, the Egg Scatter symbol pays 200 x the total bet amount, while the highest paying dinosaur symbol pays a lovely 5000 x the line bet, all for 5-of-its-kind of course. Everything as I would expect from a top quality paytable! No star down/up.

When it comes to game features, T-Rex loses out by being an old game, because there’s only a free spins feature game, and without the Win-Win feature too. Expanding Wild T-Rexes would certainly have improved the game playability and payouts, bringing it up to par with the likes of Triple Twister, but just short of the excellent 5-Expanding Wild reels of Count Spectacular. But like I said earlier, a new T-Rex II game could certainly break new grounds, if the game designers do not falter with the paytable and game features. 1 star down.

When I first started playing T-Rex many years ago, I was getting pretty good game play a lot of times. 3 or more Scatter Eggs came quite often at certain times, awarding free spins, and even retriggering more free spins at times, for such exciting and rewarding games. I was hooked on T-Rex from that day onward, although I hardly play the game nowadays, except on itchy days when I get good deposit bonus offers from any RTG casino. Then again, Count Spectacular was always first or second in line, leaving T-Rex behind, waiting in queue. Anyway, I love it when T-Rex appear on reel 3 during the free spins play, and with many other dinosaurs on the reels at the same time too. T-Rex would then eat all of them up like Count Dracula, duplicating them into T-Rexes, and you get PUH-lenty of T-Rexes on the reels! Well, okay, not as fantastic as if it was 3 full reels of Expanded T-Rexes, but super nonetheless! Yes, I’ve won some nice big wins with T-Rex too, but cannot remember how much. Those dinosaur eggs can be pretty expensive gains I’m telling you, making T-Rex one of the best games to come out from RTG to date. 1 star up.
yapro 790 reviews
T-rex video slot was created by real time gaming company, and i like this game and play it almost every time when i play real time gaming casino , and i think it is their one of the best game, and also i am sure that other players have same feelings and experience like me.

This game has 25 paylines, and like at many other real time gaming slots wild here is something special, and therefore it is presented only on reel 3. When will substitute for any winnings combination - this win will be doubled. Free spins can be triggered by 3+ scattered eggs, then player will need to destroy each egg, and for each egg will be awarded up to 10 free spins, so in theory this game can award 50 free spins from one trigger, but best i had it was 15 only. I get 4 scatters and eggs give me 4 4 3 4, not too bad, but of course it can be bigger. Free spin feature here is something unique and great, because when t-rex appear on middle reel, he will eat all other dino symbols and there appear more t-rex's, which is wilds. This feature can easy award wins more than 1000 x total bet, i saw such screenshots, but my best feature pay me only around x 200 total bet. Base game is boring and i never have any decent win during it, only 5 scatters can pay good, it will be 200 x total bet. Also sometimes it is very hard to trigger free spins, few times i had more than 250 spins without feature, and lost a lot of money.

Great game, but beware because variance here is high, and this game can simply eat all your money before pay something decent, i suggest not bet too high. Like i said i usually play this game when visit real time gaming casinos and also i like this game, it is nice.
Icymod 758 reviews
T-Rex, the prehistoric Real Time Gaming video slot joining together 25 paylines with roaring dinosaurs that get eaten by the almighty T-Rex. HA! There's always something big in an environment like the T-Rex, Lion, Shark/Lionfish or an Eagle!The graphics aren't too bad but what can I say, it's a video slot from a long time ago. The average winnings I've received when I used $1 were $0.25, $0.32, $1.50 and values around $5. I mean hitting 5 of a kind letters/number symbols were fine but it's not what I would have wanted for my bets.

The momentum can be greatly seen inside the free spins........triggered for at least 3 dinosaur eggs. I would click each egg to find out how many free spins each has. It's mostly 2 or 3 Free spins an egg but occasionally there are 5 Free spins in an egg! I don't usually find a high 10 Free spins because it's never happened at all! Now there aren't any multipliers except for the carnivorous T-Rex Wilds that put in 2x on combinations but whenever the T-Rex shows up on the 3rd reel while there are other dinosaurs in view, they get eaten up and turned into wild T-Rex symbols!

That being said I once had a win of $100+ for 5 wilds when all dinosaurs became the T-Rex's meal to appear for a 5 of a kind wild combination!!! That in german can be pronounced in one word and that's "Wunderbar!" or "Sexy" if you prefer this term to describe 5 wilds. It's the moment that melts a person's heart or keeps them drooling :D! It's possible to hit two 5 of a kind wilds but it's extremely rare and can be done! I just like T-Rex for it's humongous ability to hit 5 Wilds so it's a great idea to try to get all of the dinosaurs extinct during the feature! It's cruel but rewarding that I can make a dinosaur wallet out of them and put in my new winnings into it. Don't I sound evil?
The feature is only great if the T-Rex on the 3rd reel appears while there are plenty of dinosaurs to be eaten. That's when all the dinosaurs become T-Rex wilds! Plenty of dinosaurs without the T-Rex mean peace for the dinosaurs and no winnings for the player so Tut no Tut no! The trigger for these free spins for 3 eggs aren't very easy to obtain yet alone the retrigger to make them happen again! It also says up to 10 Free spins can be awarded yet the most common but highest amount I always see is 5 Free spins......there isn't anything higher per each egg scatter I've landed on the reels. When the going gets tough, T-Rex will tease me plenty before getting all 3 egg scatters. It can go this way for a long time! 2 eggs on the 1st two reels will be what I get most assuming T-Rex turned into a vindictive bit*h!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
There is not many gamblers who played slot games at real time gaming casinos and did not tried T-Rex slot.I played it more than a few times but cant say that i have won anything worth mentioning.Slot has 25 lines, dinosaurs as theme and it looks like average rtg slot.Not too bad to avoid it but not too good to compliment it.The Substitute dinosaur is off course T-Rex and during normal games it can appear only on reel 3.

The scatter bonus on this slot is a dinosaur egg and when you get 3 of them on any reels you get to select them and they reveal a number of spins maximum of 10 per egg.Free spins from each egg sum up and you start free spins.When T-Rex lands on reel 3 during free games he then eats all other dinosaurs on reels and creates awesome wins.This feature is the best part of T-Rex slot but i was unlucky with wild symbol on free games it just does not want land on reel.For me the true potential of T-Rex slot lies in the free games and if you don't have luck there there is no point of playing this slot because i noticed lack of small wins.I think that reason for this is that wild appears only on reel three thus making it very difficult to score small line wins.It can be very depressing when I wait for free spins for a long time and end up with only 6 free spins from 3 eggs without ever seeing T-Rex eating other dinosaurs and only thing that gets eaten up is my balance.

This is why i don't play T-Rex very much these days.There is much better slots and this one slowly goes to history.My rating for T-Rex slot is five out of ten stars and i think that it is timefor T-Rex 2

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