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Spy Game is one of the most innovative video slots online. In this game, you play a secret agent who has been assigned to eliminate a hidden weapons factory. Take on this high-risk mission, and you might get rewarded handsomely. If you're up for the challenge, you can play Spy Game at any reputable Rival casino.

Start the game by selecting how much you want to bet per game. Click the - and + buttons by the coin to adjust your denomination. Available sizes range from 0.01 to 1.00. Next, press Select Coins to change the number of coins wagered on each line. If you want to change the number of active paylines, click Select Lines. Click Spin to begin, or use Bet Max to play with a bet of 5 coins on all 15 lines.

Spy Game takes you through an actual step-by-step journey and pays you along the way. In order to do these, get three or more scattered pistols to enter the free spins round at a 4x multiplier. During this round, wilds are also at a 3x multiplier. Stay focused and complete the assigned mission during these spins to move forward. Complete all the missions and ride off in luxury!

Game Play

-/+: Pick your coin denomination.
Select Coins: Choose how many coins to bet per line.
Select Lines: Select the number of paylines to activate.
Spin: Begin playing at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Begin playing at a bet of 5 coins at all 15 lines.

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Spy Game is another video slot game from the Rival I-slot series. This game has 15 pay-lines and 5 reels. The game does not have some extra design but therefore there are many interesting animations. Also it is very interesting because here you have 3 missions. You can move from one to another mission in that way you must first get to the free spins.

The free spins can be reached in the usual way with 3 or more scatter symbols. When you get to the free spins then, during the free spins, you should collect 3 different special symbols to get to the bonus game after which you move to the next mission. Personally, I do not like that you need to come to the bonus game with only 10 free spins, no matter how much Scatter symbols you get. That is, either you get 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols you will get the same number of free spins or more precisely 10 free spins.

In the first bonus game it is necessary to collect 3 parts of the bomb, in the second 3 parts of the sniper rifle and, as I already wrote, I have never reached the third bonus game so I can’t write anything more about it. The good thing is that if you succeed, during the free spins, to get to the bonus game then you certainly have wins, which are higher than 100 x bet. I would also dare to say, bigger than 150 x bet. Although this is quite old game for which I can confirm that is offered by the Rival casinos for at least six years, I have did not played it so often. Ok, I would tried here from time to time but usually I will spent a short period of time, let’s say up to half an hour, before I move on to another game. Also, the Spy Game can pay very well.

So, at the end of this review this game will get a positive rating from me i.e. 6 out of 10 possible stars.
paquito76 867 reviews
Spy Game slot belongs to the I-Slots series of Rival meaning this game has a thematic story which makes the game more interesting and entertaining and of course here at this product the player acts as the latest James Bond and there’s no other task than to save the world. The story, the them could be an original one for a video slot and could be very great but in my opinion the quality of the graphics don’t serve them too well and that’s why the overall visual experience can’t be too powerful. The used icons are the ones we could expect from a game like this – guns, nuclear bombs, luxury car, cocktail, secret files, agents and even though their illustrations are acceptable but don’t live up to the expectations what the theme promised. Anyway, I like the nice blue background colour which makes the symbols and at the same time the entire screen a little bit more attractive but I would have wanted to see something more from the visual side of the game which would’ve made the appearance more impressive and even some unforeseen pictorial solutions also wouldn’t have hurt because without these characteristic elements this interface looks like just another ordinary screen for me.

The slot is just a 15-payline slot and the expanding story what the I-Slot emblem means comes alive when we have a chance to play free spin feature. 3 or more Gun symbols anywhere on the reels can trigger this side game where our number one priority is to collect special symbols which only appear during free spin and start the bonus game by the help of them and if we’re lucky and play long enough we can complete all 3 missions what the bonus games offer. The C4 symbol only pops up on the very first reel, Wires icon on the middle reels and Detonator only on the last reels and when they’re all collected in a set of free spins the first bonus game is starting (getting an entry to the second bonus we have to get three rifle parts during free spins). It’s a really challenging thing and we have to have much time and of course a massive bankroll to go through all stages because the free spins don’t come easy and there’s no guarantee if a feature is triggered that we can move on to the bonus games too. To be honest I never was succeeded to manage to the end and that happened just once when after playing the game about one and half hour and losing some I could reach the second step of bonuses.

I have odd feeling about the free spins and bonuses. On the one hand the bonuses are very simple and everything except exciting ones, for example at the first stage we must select a building where we predict the bomb is hidden and the selected pictogram just reveals a bonus cash prize just like at the second stage but on the other hand it’s really worth to wait for and play as they are really rewarding side games. I think it’s enough to mention the 10 free spins are played with x4 win multiplier where the Wild has another x3 multiplier ability and the bonus games are also real deals as not rare when the pick there gives us back more than x250-x300 of total bet. So when I could witness even the second bonus the two extra games awarded combine €650 but despite of this nice result my session wasn’t a profitable one.

This is thanked to the normal game mode and the very rare triggered free spins. The base game has a poor rewarding ability which is no wonder if we look at the paytable and realize that the most paying 5 of a kind type win is worth only 800 times of line bet and the Wild doesn’t have such great attribute as it has during free games and it just replaces other symbols in winning combinations but doesn’t multiply wins at all.

So the mentioned dual feeling what I have most of the times when I’m playing with this slot is valid to the entire game and there are some great things here what I really like and appreciate but there are others what I find bad and very questionable. Just to summarize it I don’t really like the appearance of the game what I think should be more captivating, and dislike the weak rewarding ability of the normal game mode and the boring side game gameplay and hate how rare the free games are activated but I’m very happy about the usual profits of bonus games and I couldn’t even reach the final and probably the most promising bonus game and also love the whole free spin feature with so many multipliers are in use there. Unfortunately, the slot can’t be a real entertaining game for me and the excitement feeling is only coming when the great feature ready to go. So all in all, I think there were some rooms for creators to upgrade this product and if they can make better the average winnings during base game, that would be a nice thing and the first step to the right direction but until then I can’t consider Spy Game as a ‘can’t miss’ game but it’s still a playable game where the fortune is getting more important part than at other slot games.
Spy game online slot it is another online game which was made by rival. I tried this game only couple of times, because it was at front page of couple casinos which award me with no deposit bonus, so it was just something like oh i see a picture i will click it and will play this game.

This game has 15 paylines, and there is generally nothing which i really liked. First of all wilds here are presented, but unfortunately nothing special with them.

Also there is introduced some game map, but i did not understand what does it do, and there is nothing in paytable about it more, so of course i do not like it, it is just sucks because i hate when i do not understand anything from paytable.

Also it is possible to trigger freespins feature, hitting 3 or more scatters. You then awarded with 10 freespins with x 4 multiplier. Also it is possible to get some bonus round if collect 3 needed symbols. I collect it once and won 200 x total bet. Unfortunately that was only one single time when i was able to hit this bonus round, i had about 3-4 freepins features in total, but never win any other bonus game again.

I do not like this slot, it is not nice at all. Some strange game map, bonus game is triggered at freespins is good and i like paytable, but it looks like hard to get. And freespins are also very hard to trigger.

Overall it is not that game which i will play again, because it is looks not very nice, features looks like can pay, but i was not able to win anything except 200x once, and also i do not like when paytable are not understandble.
Game looks bad. Bonus game has potential, but it is not easy to trigger it. Paytable should be more informative.
blondie 1081 reviews
Spy game very fast has become my favorite game from Rival software. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines. I really like this game because of the simplicity of design and adventurous vibe.

I started to play it at Rival casinos to use their no deposit offers, because mostly I don't like other of their slot. Usually I play Spy game with 0.01 coin size and 0.75eur bets per spin, but I have to say this game likes to eat money very quickly, however, if you get 10 free spins, which all have 4x multiplier (not like some games with increasing multiplier, Spy game free spins are all 4x multiplied), you can get some pretty nice wins. Last time I played it was at Sahara Sands, when I took their no deposit bonus. Then I even managed to get 40eur win only from free spins, which is my biggest win with this game so far.

Also, this game is exciting, because it has several missions. First mission is to get 3 different symbols to neutralize bomb, during 10 free spins. Now, I've got free spins a couple of times, but never got more than 2 of the symbols and so far one of them appears during second spin and the second symbol within 8-10 spin, but I'm gonna keep trying until I get it because I'm sure the next mission would be really exciting.

From my experience, to get the free spins feature you have to have some nice balance. I've been lucky and got them once with my first spin, but the other times it took me some time to get them. This game is also nice because when you hit some combinations (like bombs) they will show you a small intro. It makes the game more interesting.

Overall I think this game is a must, when playing at Rival. With stable balance I think it may bring some nice wins. The music, intro before game and small snippets during few combinations makes it definitely interesting. And the fact it has other missions to complete, after getting those 3 figures, makes me eager to try and get them!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Spy game is another great game by Rival software. It’s a 5 reel 15 payline slot. When I first saw this game I was just waiting for the voice of Sean Connery to appear in the background and say Bond, James Bond. Who else can be an inspiration for the theme of a spy game than the world famous 007.

like the fact that all Rival I-slots have a short intro at the beginning of the game. It reminds me a lot of comic books with the animations and short texts. Anyway in the intro you are a super spy for the Super Spy Agency ( pretty neat ha ) on a mission to neutralize a factory producing weapons of mass destruction. Now I know this game is divided into several missions and you have to complete every mission successfully to move on to the other. In the first mission you have to assemble a bomb. You achieve this if you get all three components during the free spins feature. Free spins is activated when you get 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. The scatter symbol is the famous Walter PPK. The weapon of choice for the super spy. I must tell you that getting all 3 parts during free spins isn’t easy.

The free spins themselves come very late in the game. The first time I got all 3 part in one set of free spins I was already on my fourth free spins feature. Finally I had all the parts to built a bomb and off I went. I even got to choose what I was going to destroy. I had four choices: Power Plant, Chemical Factory, Assembly Hangar and Operations Center. I choose to destroy the Chemical factory and was awarded 4440 coins. I also got 5 free spins with 4 x multiplier and got a very big win of 256 euros.

Overall this games payouts are very high but the bonus game and free spins come way too late so you need a big balance to get to them. I rate this game 7 out of 10.

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