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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Just look at that huge drumstick in the King's hand! Now that is what I would call a feast fit for a King. Well, that's what this game is all about anyway, so whatever dish the chef prepares must be fit enough for a King. If not, the chef himself may become fit for a cauldron, or maybe become a feast for the lions, who knows. The graphics in the game are quite nice, despite its old age, making the game more enduring, pleasing and enjoyable to play.

The logo 'Royal Feast' is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 5000x the line bet, it substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, but doesn't do anything else. No doubling of wins, no stacking and no expanding. A dumb Wild symbol, as usual. The Crown is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays a very low 15x the total bet amount. Getting 2 Scatter symbols on the first 2 reels triggers 5 free spins, with only the Scatter symbols paying, whilst all other symbols do not pay at all in the Free Spins game. The triggering Scatter symbols are locked for every spin and each new appearing Scatter symbol resets the counter back to 5 free spins and become sticky as well. If all 5 Scatters have landed on the reels, 5 more free spins are awarded, with all 5 Scatters locked in place, for the maximum win possible. How much would that be? That's 15x total bet multiplied by 15 lines and multiplied by 5x times more, making a 1125x total bet amount win. This amount is actually really disappointing if won, considering that you are getting 5 Scatters in all 5 free spins. If 5 Scatters pay the usual 100x total bet amount, then this win would be 7500x the total bet amount, which would definitely make this Royal Feast a real feast of a game. Too bad it couldn't be. As for the other symbols, they pay from 2500x (King symbol) to 100x (7 symbol) the line bet for 5 of each kind. Nevertheless, the paytable still makes an average one.
The King, Queen, Jester and the Chef are seemingly having a jovial time, but for us players, it may be the contrary instead. The Free Spins games do not get many Scatters on the reels, usually just 2 or 3 of them, with a rare occurrence of 4 Scatters. I have yet to get or see 5 Scatters in the Free Spins game. The payouts are not too bad generally, ranging from 12x up to 74x the total bet amount. That 74x total bet win came from getting 4 Scatters in one of the Free Spins games, which is actually quite difficult to get. Not too bad a game, but just isn't good enough for me.
Royal Feast it is quite strange Microgaming slot, I played it probably only just two times, and I cannot say that I am want to play this game again, really.

Royal Feast game looks old, but I cannot say anything specific that I do not like, everything is decent, and no any problems about game look or sounds, or whatsoever. There is also 15 paylines in this game.

Base game here is very boring, at least for me. Really, there is nothing happens, you just spinning and spinning. There are no wilds in this game, no any multipliers, no any extra feature. Just nothing and games like this is generally not for me. Even starburst slot which I am not very like is more interesting that this royal feast slot.

At least it is possible to trigger freespins in this game. But freespins here is also strange, lol. When you get two or more crowns which scatters, they will be held on their places, and you will have 5 freespins. If you get one more - counter is zeroed, and you have another 5 freespins. This is until 5 freespins ends, or until you will have scatters on all reels. If you get 5 crowns - you will have 5 payouts for 5 crowns (like 5 freespins played). 5 crowns during freespins award 15x total bet, so decide yourself about potential in this game, I think in perfect scenario you can get something like 130-150 x total bet(this is in super perfect scenario).

I have 3 freespins features in this slot. 3 times I have 3 crowns, and then nothing, just nothing. Base game payouts are not so big and interesting. No any other extra feature - sorry I do not like this slot game. For some players probably it is interesting slot, but for me it is one of the most boring slots I ever touch.
Not interesting game. Freespins feature is quite unique, but it just looks like very unpaying one.
gordontan 70 reviews
Royal Feast slot game is a royal feast themed slot game which is also a 5-reel, 15-line video slot and it is part of the products of Microgaming. It consists of a wild symbol, scatter wins, a free spins feature and a gamble feature.I realize that all these symbols are available on the Royal Feast video Slot include the Royal Feast which is the wild symbol itself and the Crown which is the scatter symbol. These symbols mentioned are quite fantastic because they are being animated with sound effects. When we talk about the betting size is also the key part of the game because I believe everyone wishes to be the winner of slot game. It has coin size with lowest of 1 cent and highest of 25 cents ,just like most of the normal slot game you can select up to 15 paylines at up to 20 coins per payline. Based on my calculation ,we players able to bet up to a maximum total bet of $75 per spin on the Royal Feast slot game. If you able to predict the pattern of the slot, you can just bet the maximum . I agree that Royal Feast slot game has a decent betting range that is suitable for most online players as the betting range is reasonable and affordable for different categories of players like beginner ,amateur as well as expert. I am not the expert of slot game but I think it suits expert as they will always bet big hand when the right chances coming ahead.

Talking about the top payout symbol, if you guys can have 5 of a Kind appear on an active paylines, you are utterly lucky and significantly fortunate because you will win the 5000 coin jackpot, you just pray hard before you start the game. Just like normal slot game, the Royal Feast symbol is wild and will substitute for all symbols except for the Scattered Crown symbol. Then, by obtaining the scatter Crown symbol, you can win up to fifteen times of your total bet from left to right on the reels of the Royal Feast slot machine. Bear in mind that in order to get 15 times of winning, you need to have 5 scatter symbol which is totally a hard mission. However, getting two or more Scattered Crowns appear from left to right should be not too bad as you will win 5 free spins. Then during the free spins feature, additional scatter wins are held which restarts the free spins feature.

Overall, based on my personal opinion, I think that Royal Feast slot game is a very solid slot game with an exceptional free spins feature and its theme’s execution is very well done as well. It is quite interesting and fun to play.
Icymod 758 reviews
Royal Feast is an exquisite Royal themed video slot of a king feasting chicken and the queen getting drunk....yes your heard me right about the last few words! No offence to the other queens on other Microgaming slots but here on Royal Feast this queen isn't fat, she's gorgeous and she likes to get drunk with plenty of wine! Well, any queen has their way of expressing themselves including their eyes fluttering (Hearts and Tarts). Having 5 coins in play on this easy to manage 15 paylines video slot, the feature is a round of 5 re-spins for scattered crowns.

All it took for me to trigger this bonus is 2 of these crowns left to right! When they hit, the reels sparkle to keep them in place and every re-spin gave out scatter pays. On my first trigger I only had $9 during the 5 re-spins, there wasn't any other crowns to reset the spins! It got me pretty disappointed for a first impression! On the second trigger however I made it all the way to the point where all of the reels sparkled for all 5 crowns. It was Royalty and magic written all over that paid me $96 total!!!! It was the point of hitting another scattered crown on my last re-spin twice when I had my 4th and 5th crown! The last re-spin is the "all in" that will determine if the re-spins will reset to 5 or become the end of them! I now think Royal Feast is way more exciting than Secret Admirer! It's so much better!
I really had to make the 5 respins count during the feature otherwise what I would hit for my $0.75 triggering bet would be a lousy $9 / 900 coins win.

Another part about these re-spins is that I had to hit the scattered crowns at the right time! If I hit more crowns on the other reels too early then the 5 re-spins I have will be back to 5 re-spins. It would only be great if another scatter would appear on a reel that doesn't have a crown on the last or 2nd last re-spin then these re-spins will be higher in worth! Sorry, I should of described them as free spins instead of re-spins BUT they act more as re-spins then free spins even though reels are held and there aren't any multipliers being dealt!
The Royal Feast Slot is set in the medieval times where the king was the sole leader and all followed him. This microgaming powered slot takes you to the royal palace of the kings with icons emphasizing the dynastic rule. It is 5 reels , 15 paylines with minimum bet of 0.01 per coin to 0.25 per coin.

For players just starting to play slot , this is the game to play because i started from the same slot as well and believe me this slot does pay big either its mega jackpot of 25,000 coins or the free spin achievable jackpot of about 10,000 coins though i have not won much from it. The royal feast logo is the wild symbol and crown is the scatter symbol. I like the enthusiastic sound playing in the background keeping you interested as if the big win is in the next spin.

Though this slot has not much to offer in terms of feature but the only feature " Free spin feature" can pay decent sum. It can be triggered by getting crown symbol on first two reels only which is quite difficult to achieve as it may seem but i have seen it activates quite often atleast in my case. The two reels with scatter gets stuck and other three reels spin for 5 free spins you get and if you get again a scatter symbol on the remaining reels, your free spin counter resets back to 5. This goes on and scatter symbols are accumulated and if all 5 reels accumulate the scatter symbol then you get whooping 5X maximum scatter win amount.

Other feature you have is the conventional gamble feature which you can play after every win and you have to choose either the card color or the suit and if you guess the former right then your winnings are doubled and if you get the latter right, your winnings are 4 times. So action packed slot and a must play.
Just 15 paylines
Maximum coin value of just 0.25
Small number os bonus rounds
Royal Feast game is powered by microgaming. I love this game. Since i started playing on microgaming casinos, i have been playing this game. Almost every time i play casino, i have to play it. The reason why i like it so much is because its different. There is only one bonus in this game, and in order to get it you have to get two scatters on the first two reels. Once you get the scatters, they freeze and the remaining reels spin three times. if scatter comes out on any of the other reels, that scatter freezes too and the remaining reels spin three more times. Like this until your spins are over or you get more scatters. If you do get five scatters, they all freeze for the next three spins. What a cool idea. Every single time i play this game i get a lot of bonuses and on average get four or five scatters. My perfect bet on this game is €0.60 and it always pays out.

Even though i like this game a lot i don't play it for long time. 10-15 minutes is enough to get the bonus for me.

Another great thing about this game is massive pays. Almost all of the drawings pay 75x or more.

My biggest line hit on this game was around €100 for five kings mixed with wilds. I recommend this game to low rollers and high rollers. Even though i notices that the bonus comes out fasted on a higher bet, you could still get a big win on a small bet. If i was to rate this game i would give it a 9 out of 10. For me personally this game has been great. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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