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Muchos Grande

Muchos Grande Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1310 reviews
Would you like to go to Mexico with me, find a Mexican guide there, and then we go treasure hunting? No? Oh gees, never mind, but like it or not, I've gone there, searched for the treasure, found only rattle snakes and some rubbish, and came back. Would I go there again? No thanks! I can find much better treasure elsewhere.

Muchos Grande! Hmm, so it says. Looking at the graphics, I'd say "no muchos grande senor, not even one little bit". Nothing grand at all about this game, except for its name, which is nothing more than lame. The only thing you can find in it is a treasure hunt Bonus game, a pick-and-win feature game, with small wins that won't give you any fame. The Gold Coin is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays a nice 9000x the line bet, if you can get all of them. Don't expect anything else because this Wild is a true blue dumb Wild symbol. It does nothing but to substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter and the Bonus symbols. The Snake is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays a marvelous 400x the total bet, and getting 3 or more of them gets you nothing extra. Yep, nothing, because there aren't any Free Spins games.

The Map is the Bonus symbol, getting 3 or more of them on any active payline triggers the Treasure Map Bonus game. Yet another dumb symbol, as it doesn't pay for itself. On the map, pick 3 locations to reveal your instant cash prizes, with a possible win of up to 5000 coins, or 333x your total bet amount. Yeah, right. The most I got was only 22x my bet amount. All the other symbols pay from 450x to 80x the line bet for 5 of each kind. That's very low values for the regular symbols but good values for the Wild and the Scatter symbols.
I would rather have a Free Spins game than that pick-and-win bonus game. The payouts from those were low for every game that I had won, getting only between 15x to 22x my bet amount, which aren't satisfying at all. Yes, you can get much bigger wins, of course, but only if you're lucky enough to get them. I didn't get , I couldn't get them, and I don't even like them.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Muchos Grande is a video slot where the winnings are not that “mucho grande”. This game has its moments and at times it can pay something but all in all that is not something very big. I played this game only once and that is it. This game has no free spins round and I do not enjoy playing games like that. I played this game for half an hour just to see what it has to offer, and after that I am pretty sure that I am not coming back. I started playing with 10 euros on my balance and after I decided to switch the game I had 8 euros which means I did not lost my money, but I did not win anything either and I play to win.

This slot is run by Microgaming software and it takes you on a vacation to the grand land of Mexico. While you are playing the game you are surrounded by Mexican music. This is a 5 reels 15 play lines video slot. Some of the symbols are Red Hot Chilies, Avocadoes, a donkey and a man in sombrero.

The Gold Coin is the wild symbol and this wild can not only replace other symbols but it can pay up to 9000 x bet if you get 2 or more on an active pay line. There is only one bonus feature in this game and it is activated when you receive 3 or more of the Paper Bundle symbols in a row. They have to be on an active pay line. After this you are taken to a new screen where you will see some maps from which you have to choose 4 locations which are hiding some random prizes. The scatter is the rattle snake and if you get 3 or more anywhere on the reels you will get 2, 4, 50 or 400 x bet.
Muchos Grande it is Microgaming slot, tested recently by me, and not liked by me at all. Another game which you will unlikely be happy to play, therefore hopefully my review will be useful for you, and based by rating and my personal observations you will decide to try more interesting games.

Game looks very old, but I can't say that it is bad looking. No, it is typically look for Microgaming old games, without anything shocking. There is 15 paylines.

Base game is not fulfilled by any features; therefore you do not have anything really interesting. Huge payouts is possible - both 5 scatters and5 wilds wins will pay huge money, around 600 x total bet. But from other side of view wilds do not have any multiplier, so other payouts are obviously very low. Another typical bad thing for me - scatters. Yes, scatters here do not have any feature, and just pay money if you hit it. Well, but at least like I said 5 scatters will pay decent money, so it is worth to wait it. During base game for 150 spins or so I do not have any single win more than 15 x total bet, and this is of course very poor result, hardly to argue about it, right?

It is possible to trigger bonus game, 3 or more bonus symbols needed, and like usually it should be on active payline (DAMN! I do not like things like that). Had bonus game two times, something like 25 x total bet and 15 x total bet, and I do not saw there any potential to hit huge.

Overall I do not like this game, it is have some potential to pay good money for me, but this can be only on extremely rare chances, because you need 5 of scatters or wilds, so just try to remind yourself - when you last time hit 5 wilds or 5 scatters on old Microgaming games?
Generally boring game, which will not pay anything good, if only for 5 best symbols (which is super rare event).
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Muchos Grande is a video slot game with 15 paylines and 5 reels. This game comes from the great software company Microgaming. This software provider offers some really state of the art games that I gladly play but also some that I just tried and didn't like. One of them is Muchos Grande.

I played this game only once for about half an hour. What caught my attention at the very beginning were the symbols and the theme. Mexico, a man with a sombrero, the sombrero is probably everyone's first association with this for me exotic country. I noticed another symbol here that reminds me of Mexico, the red chili peper. Besides the symbols I also liked the colors and that’s why I decided to try this game.

After just a glance at the pay table I saw that Muchos Grande doesn't offer a free spins bonus round. I usually don’t play slots that don’t offer free spins. Still there are a few games with no free spins that I like. That wasn't the case with Muchos Grande. This game has only a standard pick up bonus. I was very disappointed when I got 3 map symbols and this bonus. In this bonus you have 5 fields marked on the map. You choose as much fields as you got scatter symbols on the reels. In my case it was 3 fields. I was also disappointed by the cash out from this bonus. For the half an hour of play I got this bonus 3 or 4 times and always had small wins. Considering all that I decided to move on to another slot not wanting to go back ever again.

Overall, Muchos Grande is a very boring game which doesn't offer much excitement. Without free spins only a pick up bonus.
For this game I give 5 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Muchos Grande is a 15 paylines video slot that I have only played for just a little while to learn enough that there is only but one bonus round! The bonus round consists of having 3 treasure maps, the ones folded and wrapped in a string/rope on an active payline....meaning they have to be appearing from the 1st 3 reels on the left side!

It's neat just to see scattered rattlesnakes appear on the reels making an echoing rattle noise but the thing I like most about Muchos Grande is that the wild coins appear much more than there supposed too. It's like the frequent Granny wilds on Moonshine all over again but for Muchos Grande. Just expect to have plenty of small wins. By the way inside the Treasure map bonus, you will pick 3 locations for prizes which are of okay values. 15 Paylines, one bonus round, and harmless rattlesnakes that will double your bets back instead of inflicting poison on the players ;)
The bonus is just awful because it's not very serious. I don't win much for 3 coins and if I try for 5 coins on $0.01 coin size the prizes aren't too ridiculous! It won't make me jump in a pile of gold coins. The maps need to be adjacent and there no scatters which makes for a harder appearance for this unworthy bonus round! There are fewer paylines to really get a lot of combinations....just limited to 15 paylines only.

No free spins are present in Muchos grande. As it's also a very old video slot, it's not thrilling anymore because it's typically boring than the rest. I will lose more money than to see it pile up! Graphics for me don't have the edge and making me play this again so I don't think there will be another visit for this slot.

There is nothing else I can say about this video's past history and boredom will pretty much conquer the player very easily!

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