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Moonlight Mystery

Welcome to Moonlight Mystery. It's midnight, and there is murder afoot. It's your job to figure out who-dun-it. Using your deductive skills and a lot of help from Lady Luck, see if you can get rewarded for your sleuthing skills. Give Moonlight Mystery a try for free right here, or visit any Rival casino to begin playing for real money.

Start the game by choosing your bet. Push the - and + buttons to select your coin denomination. Available denominations range from 0.01 all the way to 1.00, making it a perfect game for all sorts of gamblers. Press Select Coins to change the number of coins bet per line, and use Select Lines if you want to adjust the number of active lines. Click Spin to begin, or click Bet Max to begin with a bet of 5 coins on all 15 lines.

In addition to being full of suspense and mystery, Moonlight Mystery also has loads of high-paying features. The magnifying glasses are the highest-paying symbols, and five on a single line gets you 2,000x your line bet. Wild poison bottles make getting big line wins even easier! Three scattered lanterns wins the 10 free spins round, where wild poison bottles expand across the reels. Get three bonus silhouettes to begin the one-of-a-kind sleuthing round, where you can win huge instant cash prizes if your detective skills are up to par. Find out who-dun-it in Moonlight Mystery and walk away with phenomenal fortune.

Game Play

-/+: Change your coin size.
Select Coins: Select the bet per line.
Select Lines: Adjust the number of active paylines.
Spin: Play at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Play at a bet of 5 coins on all 15 lines.

Moonlight Mystery Reviews by Players


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Moonlight Mystery has 15 pay-lines and 5 reels. The theme of this slot game is certainly inspired by the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about Dr. Watson and the detective Sherlock Holmes. It is a bit hard for me to write a review of this game which I have not played for a long time because I am under the impression of another game with a similar theme that is created in Playtech and which I play it at least once a week for an hour. That is the game called Sherlock Mystery and I would not compare these two games here because both of them are interesting in their own way.

This game comes with 2 features. The first of them is interesting but in general it is a classic pick up bonus. Three or more bonus symbols activates this bonus where you with clicking assist the Doctor and the inspector which here are not called Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes but they irresistible look as them and also the story takes place in the Victorian England. You are assisting in finding places of murder, weapons, the killers and the motives. If you're like me and you like detective stories, you will surely like this feature. Another feature that you have here is the free spins feature. Whether you get 3 or more Scatter symbols you will get only 10 free spins. Also, in the free spins there is one detail that will help you to get to the big wins. Specifically, when during the free spins the wild symbol appears then it spreads over the entire reels on which it appeared.

The graphics here are solid and I like that this is not a cheap game because Rival spent a lot attention even on the small details. Let’s say, the numbers on the side which indicate the pay-lines are in a magnifier glass. Of course, the magnifier glass is Sherlock Holmes favorite tool. Also, a few years ago while I often played at Rival casinos, I had some decent wins too on this game. For Moonlight Mystery I give 7 out of 10 possible stars.
I hate all that slots who are pure gambling product, get three seven or three bars and you have a lot of money, I just can't play on slots like that. So this slot is different. When I play this slot I feel like I play some video game and this is very exciting for me. That is main because of great bonus round but whole game is just great. First time I tried this game with some no deposit bonus I don't even remember but than I start playing it on Dendera for real money.

One time I deposit 20 euro just to play this slot. I start with 0.75 euro bet per spin and in first two spins first I got bonus round than free spins. But I must admit that was last time that I get free spins and after that I played a lot (and lot of money I lose here :D), so free spins are not so common but bonus round I get often. The best thing in free spins round is that expendable wild symbol, that symbol bring me great money that one time when I get free spins.

Bonus round is more common than free spins and it is something really special. When you get three symbol for bonus round you enter in house where was homicide. You pick place in house, murderer, weapon and motive and depend how close you are you get coins. I was always pick something similar like if killer is his maid I pick weapon is poison, motive is love and something like that always make sense and I was always happy just like I was resolve murder for real haha :)

So if you ever play on Rivals casino I recommend to try this great slot, you won't regret, this is best which Rival casino can offer, so don't waste your time on stupid video slots, resolve murder! :)
blondie 1094 reviews
Moonlight mystery is one of my recently found treasure from Rival gaming. Lately I've been using a lot of free chip offers from Rival software and in one of the sessions I tried Moonlight Mystery slot and fell for it.

The slot itself is a 5 reel 15 payline slot, where the minimum bet playing on all lines with 1 coin is 0.15€, with all 5 coins - 0.75€, and the maximum bet with 1 coin is 15€, but will all coins it would be 75€. As far as I know, this game may be found in almost all Rival software casinos.

I have to start with saying that I fell for this game because of the theme it has. There are a few characters, but 4 of them are the most important because if you get bonus round, they will appear in it- the maid, the butler, the professor and col. Dunn it. I love the fact that everything there is about a crime that has been made and everyone of them might be guilty, and when you get to bonus game it is your job to guess the right one, as it will bring you better wins.

I enjoy playing this game with 0.15€ bets or 0.30€ because if you get 3 lanterns on anywhere on the reel, you'll be awarded with 10 free spins with 3x multiplier. And poison works on free game as wilds and in most occasions it will expand through whole reel and give you better wins. There are times when the free spins has given me only 2€ wins, but there also has been one occasion when it paid me 40€ because of many expanding wilds. (And it came from a 0.30€ bet!) For me the free spins are more interesting because you'll never know what win you'll get, while playing the bonus game might get boring.

About the bonus round. You get it when you have at least 3 dead body symbols on the spin. Then the bonus starts with a nice and thematic intro, then you'll have to choose to doors where the crime has been committed (there's no wrong answer or wins for that) then you have to guess in which from the 4 rooms it happened, then - what was the murder weapon, then who of the 4 characters I mentioned before did that, and finally what was the motive for that. Your guesses will sum up and that will be your win. But from my experience, if you're playing with 0.01 coin size, the amount you'll get from the bonus is 2.80€.

Overall I like this game, especially because it is from Rival software and there aren't many games I like from them. The graphics and design, comparing to other software games like Netent, for my eyes isn't that great, but it is still worth trying.
paquito76 867 reviews
In some Rival i-slots games I can see the story that these slots are built around and the reason for existence of i-slots trademark, but at some other I can’t, and they’re just seem like average, every-day gambling products. Fortunately, Moonlight Mystery has a great story even though it’s not from the new generation i-slots and in my opinion it is way better than many of them.

This game invites the players for a time travel and takes them back to Victorian London, to the age of morals, and traditionalism. The game has a theme of Doyle’s word-famed detective, Sherlock Holmes and his cases (though his name isn’t indicated, I can assure you the Inspector emblem covers him).

The slot finely interprets the specific atmosphere with its colours, characters, music. I really like the rainy, mysterious background music that perfectly supplements the game with nice piano melody. The personages here are admirable and cool in the way how they look like (especially the mustaches and side-whiskers are great and some of them are really funny by today’s standards). There is four pair of characters: Lady Dunnit-Colonel Dunnit, Holmes-Doctor, Constable-Professor and Maid-Butler and functional symbols like body silhouette (Bonus), poison vial (Wild, during free spins Expanding Wild) and Holmes’ indispensable accessory, the magnifying glass (Jackpot – x2000).

From the 2 extra features the free spins have 10 rounds and 1, 2 or 3 Expanding Wild can appear multiplying the wins by x2, x3 or x4. The Who Dunnit Bonus Round (when the player assists to Holmes according to the story) consists of basically 4 selections. In the first stage 1 pick is required out of 4 possible crime scenes, then method, culprit and motive must be determined to win cash. It’s not a bad bonus game and it really can be a recreation breaking the monotony of unsuccessful spins in the the main game. In my experience the free spins pay better than the bonus rounds but it is far fewer times triggered.

In the past, I played more with Moonlight Mistery but however enjoyed the game I didn’t win too much and I started to pass by but recently when I glimpsed it again, thought I gave it a final chance. In the beginning I felt nothing changed but the next free spins with lots of wilds ended up finally with a decent return (€350 / €1.5 bet). Maybe it seems sometimes the slots will never give back anything but I believe sooner or later every one of them must reward the players.

In my opinion, Moonlight Mystery is the best Rival’s 15-payline game. Despite it’s not often generous but with beautiful appearance, lovely graphics, good story qualities it can be a good partner for some entertaining minutes, hours.
kruno1414 36 reviews
I used earlier to play Moonlight Mystery but for a short time, this time the case was also with their no deposit bonus and i use the bonus to try new games , to discover the "good ones" among lot of others :)

So what first attracts me about this slot is name , i like mysteries i'm that type of guy and moonlight , that sounds very well :) Also the appearance and music of this slot is nice i could spend a lot of time on it but that's less important. What matters is money and winnings.

So, I started with 1,5$ as this slot have 15 lines as my no deposit bonus was 70$ , very shortly , which was pretty pleasant surprise i got into a bonus round , their bonus round is very interesting to play , first when u enter u pick different things , first u pick from two doors in the house after that u pick crime scene , weapon , culprit and at the end u pick a motive about a crime which happened , depending on your choices you receive different amount of money , this time i earned 60$ , at that point that was the best slot for me :)

I also managed to get into a few free spins features at the beginning and my balance was higher than 150$. I really at some point of playing had a feeling that i cant have a spin without winning some amount :) I played a pretty long time on this slot and after maybe one hour of spinning , after 2-3 bonus rounds i get my balance up to 400+$. I didn't started to loose money but i decided to change slot because i had a feeling it will stop eventually , it has to. I changed my slot and did manage to meet wagering requirements.

So slot moonlight mystery is in the top 5 Rival slots with most positive experiences in my mind :) I do warmly recommend it for everyone to try :)

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