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Get a little wild in Girls with Guns, a high-action video slot developed by Microgaming. Arm yourself with the latest weaponry and fight with some seriously tough women for your chance to win major cash. Play for free right here on our website, or visit any of our listed Microgaming casinos to try Girls with Guns for real money.

Begin by choosing how much you would like to wager. To do this, simply use the arrows to the left and right of the “Bet” panel. The game does not have paylines – all 243 possible left-to-right combinations are used. Begin by hitting the “Spin” button, or by pressing “Auto Play” to spin for a predetermined number of times.

With 243 ways to win, every spin can be a big winner. Wilds are stacked, making it easier to get multi-wild hits. Additionally, the Special Expanding Wild on the 3rd reel can show up and boost your win potential even more. To trigger the Girls with Guns feature, simply get 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. This will initiate a free spins round where every spin turns 1 reel completely wild. Best of all, the free games can be retriggered.

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Bet: Adjust your bet size.
Spin: Play at your selected bet.
Auto Play: Spin for a selected number of times without interruption.

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LeoDubbed 131 reviews
When you're drunk or intoxicated, there's a possibility to misinterpreted these three words 'Girls with guns'. I know that because that's what's happened to me.

Microgaming is one of the leading gaming softwares online, in fact, if I'm right they are existed since 1996. That's a record, at least for an online gambling business it is. It's still operating and it's also one of the safest of them all. As long I can remember there's no rogue casino using fake Microgaming games, there were a casino who refuse to pay it's players but the games were legit.

Girls with guns is a game about strong and sexy women...with guns. There are only two positive things about this game: Showing that women can be bad*** too and second, bad*** women are very attractive too.

I've played this game on a Microgaming casino only; Crazy Vegas casino. Most of the time I had to spend about 150 spins before the bonus round is won, to me that is quite a lot. Luckily the bets were low so no harm there. What I really love about this game is the stacked wild symbols. I haven't played this game for a long time but I still remember most of the gaming session because even though I did not managed to win big time, I cannot say anything bad about it. Probably because of the girls I think.

Ofcourse there's a few things that could do better but and it's always in favour of the players. I don't think that Microgaming will make any changes and I totally understand that. I do believe that there are player who had luck with this game, I have no doubt about it. The sequel of this game is also available at most of online casinos but that's another review.

Girls with guns earns a 6 star from me, just because I had a good time with it and have some respect for Microgaming.
Scatter symbols do not appear that often. Hard to win big, even with lots and lots of spins.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
So you like action games like I do too, hah? Hmm, yes, especially when good looking girls are involved, like Lara Croft, or the Bomber Girls, or Girls with Guns. The Guns N Roses? Hmm, let's just keep them for the girls. Right now I wanna go with the Guns N the Girls, in the jungle heat of the night, or day.

If you're already familiar with these girls fighting in the Frozen Dawn, then over here they are fighting in the jungle heat. The Logo is the Wild symbol, paying 13.3x the total bet for 5 of them, and are stacked on the reels. Very low in the payout but plenty on the reels, and hopefully making a nice balance in the gameplay. In the base game, a Special Wild may appear on reel 3, expanding into a full Wild Reel when winning combinations are present. Sadly though, all wins are not doubled. I guess these girls don't believe in doubling. It's either them...or not at all. The Scatter pays 100x for 5 of them, and getting 3, 4 or 5 of them awards 15 free spins, again with no doubling. But for every free spin, one random reel will be turned into a Wild Reel, so that covers back for the lack of doubling wins, in a way. What's more, the Free Spins game can be retriggered, if you can pull the trigger successfully. Every time I try to full the trigger for a retrigger, I only end up with a snigger.

There are no randomly activated feature games in the base game, unlike what you can get in the Frozen Dawn game, but in this jungle heat, you can get plenty of stacky Wilds heat, even though they usually tend to come mostly on the last 3 reels, where wins with them are more difficult to achieve but are much bigger if hit. Yeah, you're right. You've seen all this before, many many times before, in many other Microgaming games. But looking at the paytable may seem a little strange. The highest paying symbol pays 13.3x the total bet for 5 of them, the same as for getting 5 Wilds, but the lowest paying symbol pays only 1x the total bet. So there you go. The paytable certainly doesn't provide for huge wins, but nice big decent wins are still possible with those Stacked Wilds in the Free Spins Game, and that is also where the maximum possible win can be had.
I was always hoping for good results whenever I play this Girls With Guns game, but my luck just couldn't compete with it. The Free Spins games that I had paid poorly most of the time, under 20x the total bet, with occasional wins of 40x, but never got one that went higher than 70x the total bet. A very low paytable, with reasonably interesting gameplay, but no big wins ever came my way.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
It took me a while to get into 243 way slots because when you first glance over the paytables in these games it can at first seem as if the payouts are very low, especially compared to some of my favourite line based games such as Break Da Bank Again where it's possible to win almost 800x your stake even in the base game.

In actual fact thees slots are some of the highest variance, highest paying games around - the big wins are just slightly harder to spot immediately as they are often only available during the bonus rounds or free spins.

I think I actually played this games sequel "Girls With Guns - Frozen Dawn" before I tried this one and I loved that game hugely, so I'm not surprised to also find a lot to like in this game too. I always think that ways games work best if stacked wilds are thrown into the mix and I'm pleased to say that's the case here which makes the possibility of that elusive full screen of wilds an ever present possibility! I've yet to score this in any game but I have seen a few such wins in the screenshot threads here at AskGamblers - several on Playboy and LOTS on Immortal Romance, but sadly none on this game that I can remember. I would take a guess that that is a result of this game being slightly less popular rather than it being a considerably less likely combination.
One of the things I really enjoy about many of the other 243 ways games is the varied features and bonus rounds, but things are a little more basic in this game with just a single free spins round - there isn't even a multiplier sadly, which I guess is because the stacked wilds already provide a great deal of win potential. Your chances of scoring a large number of wild combinations is increased by a randomly assigned wild reel on each of your 15 free spins too, so it can still be an exciting bonus... it would just have been great to see a couple of different free spin modes, and funnily enough Microgaming did add a second feature to this games sequel. As a result, I do prefer "Frozen Dawn", but Jungle Heat is still a great 243 ways slot.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I have played Girls with Guns Jungle Heat so many times and I always have a feeling that I am playing a different game. There were times when I was leaving the game with a lot of money on my balance and also there were times when I was leaving the game with zero wins. This game offers great wins during the base game and extraordinary wins during the free spins round. This is a video slot game powered by Microgaming software and it has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. I really like the action that this game has to offer.

The last time I played the game I was not lucky at all. I triggered the free spins very fast, at the very beginning of my session. I got 15 free spins and only 3.80 euros win. During the free spins one of the girls becomes a wild, but there were no winning combinations at all. It was so disappointing. I usually play this slot with bets that are higher than 1 euro because I think that the game can award you more that way. And, this is a rule that I follow all the time. Of course it all depends on the amount of money I have on my balance. The last time I played this game I won nothing. The wins during the base game were lame too. I had some 5 of a kind combinations but only with weaker symbols. This game is very powerful during the free spins. This is when you can win a lot, but not always of course.

I would really recommend this game to anyone because it has very big payout potential. If you believe that, you should play it again and you will change your mind. This slot has really nice graphics and sound effects too and awesome possibilities for great winnings. One of my biggest wins on this game was around 350 x bet in the bonus round, but I was so happy with the winnings I forgot to take a screenshot. Hope to see a win like that again and post it here.
Girls with guns - jungle heat it is slot game made by Microgaming. This is awesome game and I frequently play it. Very interesting and with potential to pay huge money.

I like how this game looks. Girls look impressive, like a girl I am of course support any slot which involve girls. Also sounds good, but I miss some impressive soundtrack in this game.

I like payouts in this game. Unlike for many other 243 line games payouts here is not so bad.

I like that stacked wilds here appear on all reels. With combination of good payouts in this slot it could give very decent result.

I like special wild on reel 3. When it appears it expand and you get full reel wild. Also very good to get it with mix of wilds on other reels, because it could pay very good.

I like freespins feature in this slot. Freespins feature triggered when 3 or more scatters appear anywhere on reels. It awards 15 freespins without any multiplier, but with special feature. Each freespins one random wild will turn wild. I played freespins feature in this slot probably 10 - 15 times, and my best was 200 bets or so after freespins this is very far away from best possible result, so I could still play this game and wait for decent result. In base game once i had won 100 bets, and many other times I have good result close to it.

I rate this game with 10 stars, it is perfect slot made by Microgaming, iIwish to see more games like this with 243 lines. Unfortunately Girls with guns II is not so great slot and I did not like it so much how I like this game.
I have nothing to thumbs down, everything made very good. Looks perfect, features is perfect, and payout potential is huge.
zerooo 742 reviews
There are two versions of this game Girls with Guns. Both games have 243 paylines and they are powered by Microgaming software provider.

At Girls with Guns Jungle Heat we could find only one mode of free spins feature, at frozen dawn version we could see that it has 2 different modes which are randomly selected. I played Jungle Heat before I played the second one. Jungle heat has good design, paytable, sounds and graphics. Some graphics effects are really great. The minimum bet is set to 0.30€ like all 243 paylines games.

At this game is interesting because it has stacked wilds, girl with guns symbols on all reels. In the main game we could also find special wild symbol. When it appears anywhere on reel 3 it can expand to make the entire reel wild. I think this could bring you some pennies more at some spins, but nothing special. The better part at this game is free spins feature. When you received at least 3 scatters you will win 15 free spins. On each free spin a random reel will turn wild and wild symbols are also stacked during free spins feature. I think this could bring you big money, if you received some stacked wilds on some reels and then when one more reel will turn wild. I had one great hit during this feature; I had 3 reels with stacked wilds and one more reel turn wild. I had one girl 5 of the kind and it paid me around 130€ on 0,60€ bet stake.

I think this could be a great game, but the game must be in the mood to received free spins feature. Sometimes when I played it, I lost money fast without receiving any feature. But still I prefer to play frozen dawn version I think it is better than this one.
This is another of video slot games with even 243 pay-lines that is created in the software company Microgaming. I do not like too much the game with 243 pay-lines, because in most cases they are too much demanding for my old PC on which I play.

The graphics are, as it is expected from Microgaming, good with some great animations. Girls with guns, all over the place here you have shooting, bombs, just real action game. So too does the music that you hear in the background while you play. I like this action music and raise the adrenaline.

From features, this game offers primarily the feature with the wild symbol. Here you have two wild symbols. One is the classic wild symbol that can appear anywhere from the 5 reels. The second wild symbol appears only on the third reels and covers the entire reels, but you can expect the biggest wins in the free spins bonus. This feature is activated with at least 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You get 15 free spins with a wild symbol that on each of these 15 free spins covers one entire reel. Now of course, it's hard to get to free spins but in most cases the free spins feature is well-paid. Again, I think this game is still missing some more bonus feature.

When it comes to my experience with Girls with Guns Jungle Heat game, I mostly played it on the Microgaming slot tournaments. But then again at one opportunity, at Gaming Club Casino I had some bigger wins in this game. It was a pretty long time ago, let say a year or more days, so I can’t really remember on of all the details. Although Girls with Guns Jungle Heat game is not to my taste, I must say that it is interesting and it does not look bad at all. So for her I’m giving a solid 8 out of 10 stars.
yapro 790 reviews
Girls with guns was released in 2013 year, and yeah, microgaming released in 2014 sequel for this game, which i did not like. But here i review girls with guns original game, so based on my experience and feeling, i will try to be honest to myself and give it correct rating. I start playing this game right after release, of course i wait this game, why not? 243 lines, stacked wilds across all reels, expanded wild on the middle, and free spins with x 2 multiplier and random wild reel. This makes me feel about big win, i am sure everyone love games with stacked wilds and 243 lines, because every spin can bring to player a lot of money.

My first playtime on this game was on 32 red, and it was unusual good for me, because i finish wagering requirements of my 50% bonus and withdraw 130$ playing only this game, from 45$ starting balance. The graphic on this game of course cool, and sounds ok, but no any microgaming slot beat immortal romance at this point. Right after this withdrawal from 32red casino, i had bad streak on this game, and simply can't win anything, features pay very low, base game did't want to pay anything, and everything seems very cold. From time to time i visit this game, but my best win was in 2013, at 1.2 bet i won 455$ after free spins, and most of winnings come only from one free spins with a lot of wilds. This game of course had potential, and can make happy every kind of player.

Conclusion: Game is high variance, and of course bad streaks can happens. Also it is very beauty slot, and it is pleasure to play it, features come quite often, per my experience, but take note that most of them pay very low amount of money, and only few from 100's of free spins rounds will bring something decent.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
A little while ago i got email from one microgaming casino to participate in slot tournament on slot Girls with Guns jungle heat.It was a freebie with good prizes and i tough why not give it a try.I registered and played my 3 minutes but with very little success. I ended up in about 1000 position with option to re buy for 2,50 euros which i did not want to do. The next day i decided i try out Girls with guns slot since i never played it with my own money and try to prepare for next tournament that may come.

The slot looked great and what can any man want more than a hot girls with guns.Well maybe a little bit of profit would be nice.I started betting small since it is a way wins slot i had a lot of small wins but noting significant.I played like that for some time and my balance was pretty much the same then i raised my bet andit all went down the drain.I could not win anything there were just empty spins one after another.I did not want to quit until at least got some free spins but my balance run out before that happened.I lost 50 euros without getting free spins and felt very bad because of it.Before i raised my bet per spin i was at least close to free games with only third scatter missing and i saw a few stacked wilds too but with bigger bet slot gave back a big zero.I decided not to play this slot anymore unless a tournament invite pops up again.It is well designed and themed slot but that does not pays the bills.

I am not saying that this slot is a total disaster but i suggest you to play it carefully unless you want to bust out really quickly.For the end i will rate Girls with guns with my three grades.First payouts i rate 6/10 the second fun i had playing with girls is 9/10(hope my girlfriend wont reed this lol)and the last win big with small bets i rate 7/10
Irine 232 reviews
I played this slot many times and i will say that they're enjoyable to play for the people who love female characters like me because this slot was very feminine. I like it because i'm a woman and i know that they're very wild girls that have i thought have some amazonian blood because they're on jungle who knows? Well, Girls With Guns Jungle Heat a Microgaming game was very exciting to play slot i can say that because i tried this slot many times and here's the good some feedbacks that i can give. I remember when i was finding a good slot that have some great feature and also great graphics meanwhile i read an article regarding to Microgaming software that had some problem to their latest slot that they released at that time. So they recalled that slot game and said that they will release another new 243 pay line slot that have the same feature as that slot that they recalled.

Days had passed and all of the fans of Microgaming slot we're focused at that day the day this slot released named "Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slot". They did their promised that they will kept the feature of slot and the graphics some of the feature like the special wild symbol "Group Shot" symbol that turns all symbols on reel 3 wild! Another one was "Free spins and Scatter Symbol" is that not amazing? I actually spend my whole deposit on this slot with the bet of $1.2 the result of spins were good because of the high chance striking wilds and sometimes the free spins! I am glad because the symbols or character there are female and as a female i must be happy because of i know that the creator respect females like me.

That's all, i can't say anything bad experience to this slot everything is okay and good for me playing this slot. I'm just hoping that one day while playing this slot i win tge 1 Million 900 thousand coins! :)
valentin68 535 reviews
„Girls with Guns“ is a slot from Microgaming casinos that could be headlining here like „Avalon II“ or „Hot Ink“. Instead of this the slot is only good in half of the cases, because in what it concerns the payouts it is as weak as „Santa's Wild Ride“ or „Asian Beauty“.

First, this slot could be good because it is part of that category having 234 lines. With a modest minimum bet of 30 cents the player can experience the hottest gaming sensations. Second, the slot could be good here because of the fact that the winning combinations are very frequent, with some of them being present about every 2 normal spins (the combinations consisting of 3,4 or even 5 consecutive symbols). The stacked Wild symbols also help greatly to the alignment of these combinations, although the expanding Wild symbol on reel 3 is pretty rare. Thirdly, the background sound, the graphics and the animation of this slot are the very best, everything seem detached off from a good action movie like „Mission Impossible“ or „Terminator“. The same, the theme of the slot will be liked by I guess 99 % of the male players in a casino (at least I was very, very attracted by the girls with guns).

What leaves a lot to be desired here is the entire payout of the symbols. Besides the girls (about 4 in total) the remaining symbols pay ridiculously small sums. I mean what to do with 2 cents won for a combination of 3 playing cards when you have bet 30 cents! Like the normal spins, the Free spins round is also not not paying almost at all. Not only here you will enter the Free Spins round a little more rarely than the usual (about once every 150 normal spins) but also, you will not finish this round having a total win higher than 3-7 Euro. All this makes the slot to be very greedy. In my case, after only 200 spins, although I had a round of free spins and many, many winning combinations, the losses were somewhere over 35 Euro!

The slot is so beautiful in all aspects and because of this it is worth playing, but in terms of finances you must be very careful if you choose to spend your time here.
Girls with guns slot machine was released in the second part of the 2013 by famous creator of 243 liners - microgaming. As far as i know, this slot machine is a clone of lord of the rings online slot( there was LOTR without jackpot), so many players wait this slot machine a lot and was happy when it was just released.

I like the theme of this slot ( of course i am like the theme, i am not a gay, right?), and i love sounds. Also payouts is interestings, and the good things that you can get many stacked wilds. But be aware, that almost all slot machines that has 243 lines and stacked wilds has a very high variance, so do not bet high if you not rich guy. If you rich guy you can click max bet and play without worrying about anything, but i am low-roller, so i am always should watch to my bet size, and create my own betting strategy, i can not just click max bet, because usually i have money on few max bets :D

Anyway, girls with guns also had a free spins, you need at least 3 scatters to start them, and pretty nice thing about free spins is that every free spin one of reel will be randomly turned in wild. Of course this is amazing and nice, and if you managed to get many wilds on other reels, of course your payout for such spin will be more than great.

I like this slot, like the idea, but honestly i did not often play this slot. Probably because i am idiot and i am a big fan of immortal romance and thunderstruck II slot machines, but i recommend girls with guns to you, this is nice slot machine which can give you a lot of fun and entertainment, and also can give you a very big win.
Girls With Guns is slot created from Microgaming software and you can find it in all online casinos which using this software.This is a 5-reels 243 lines game with wilds, scatters, special wild and free spins feature and bets from 30 to 600 coins. From the name of the game may conclude that the main heroines are girls, five of them each of them with different weapons The logo of this slot is also the main wild symbol of the game and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter.Apart from the standard wild symbol, the game also features a special wild symbol that shows all the girls together and can only appear on the middle reel. When it's show up , it instantly turns into an expanding wild covering all the reel and turning it into a wild one.The scatter symbol is grenade and 3 or more scattered triggers the 15 free spins round while two of these symbols will pay out a double wager win.

I must add this that one of the girls during the free spins become a wild.I've never won something big without free spins,so in my opinion the best chance for big winnings is exactly during the free spins.I've got a friend who plays on this slot very often and he has amazing winnings from it. For example little bit more than 900$ from free spins with 3$ bet.He got me into this slot and that was the reason I started playing it, but I cannot boast of huge winnings so far.

But otherwise Girls With Gun slot have a very nice graphics, and very good possibilities for a big winnings i am sure that everyone will be enjoyed to play it.
Girls With Guns is another slot from Microgaming and offers 243-ways-to-win. Unlike some other similar Microgaming slots, this game differs slightly in features. Over the past 12 months I've seen some people having incredible wins on this game, but for me it hasn't been a too successful game in terms of profit.

Although I like the action theme of this slot and I don't mind watching some nice animated babes to get aggressive with guns, the slot has disappointed me most of the time.

Girls With Guns has 5-reels and consists of several symbols made up by the girls Katherine, Maria, Kira, Alex, Zoe and Jess who carry a different weapons each one of them. In the base game the 3rd reel has a stacked wild to increase your winnings if it appears. Every reel also has separate wild symbols which can fill up the whole screen when getting lucky. I usually used to play this game with bet sizes ranging from €0.90 up to €3.

What bothers me with this slot is the low returns for smaller symbols. You really need a five of a kind to have a substantial hit. I would easily go hundreds of spins without any decent hits. My initial experiences with Girls With Guns were all that. The slot basically acted as a bankroll swallower, and a very good one at that.

Just like most of the other slots, 3 or more scatters are needed to activate free spins. Once activated 15 free spins are awarded. During free spins mode luckily it's possible to retrigger them by hitting another 3 scatters. The main advantage of the free spins is that it will turn a random reel into a wild after every spin to increase your winnings when applicable.

I once had a very good hit with lots of wilds and one of the ladies on multiple reels, which turned my bet into a 350x win. That was my biggest win up to this date, since I don't frequent this slot on a regular basis.

My final rating for Girls With Guns is 7/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
AskGamblers has added Girls With Guns - Jungle Heat on the list but not Sneak a Peek - Planet Exotica? If your still updating then I won't argue with you but if your not then the phrase, "why won't you be merciful" has woken up.

Alright so, we now have Girl's playing with Guns now! The first time this video slot came out I was thrilled...and turned on. Both reasons are produced through the women which of course are the obvious reason and a slot of "way" winnings. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "Way Wins" it is to describe paylines beyond your usual threshold and combinations to win appearing from left to right anywhere regardless of what order the symbols are in (they must be adjacent with each other, no spaces). To put it simply, match symbols in order from the 1st Reel to the 5th Reel to create winnings. I was deeply into the winnings it can produce not to mention regular stacked Wilds and a special expanded wild on the 3rd Reel!!

Way wins in my opinion such as Girl's With Guns make a useful advantage for the player because you can win many combinations on the Reels whether or not considering a wild into the pot making it universal. That means you won't ever see a payline not being paid because it wasn't available (ie. 9 Paylines slots giving a winning combination on the 15th payline) so you won't miss out. The negative of these slots in general is that it can create broken combinations where one reel doesn't cooperate, making you see a broken 5 of a kind win. Tough luck right? And one more bad news to give to you is that grenade scatters can come forward but will take really long to trigger it's free spins. It's complex to find them in a crowd but as they are hard they are worth the wait. In this slot I would start off with $1.20 then work my way over to $1.50. If I should go max betting a bit on this slot a few times I will but I prefer not too because it requires deep pockets for that. If I were a "casino guru" with bottomless pockets I would not take "NO" for an answer in terms of Max Betting on this slot. ;) I would entertain myself with this slot ALL>>>NIGHT>>>>LONG!!!

Overall a great slot to try out your luck! An 8.5 out of10!

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