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Stay alert and get ready to swing in Centre Court. This high-intensity, tennis-themed video slot gives players a fun theme and a load of impressive features. Before you play for real money, try it out right here on our site. If you're ready to play for cash, visit any of the listed Microgaming casinos.

First, set up a bet that will best reflect your gambling style. Click the - and + buttons by the shiny coin to adjust your coin denomination. Press Coins to change the number of coins you're wagering on every active payline. Next, click Lines to pick the amount of active lines. Press Spin to begin, or use the Bet Max button to wager 10 coins on all 9 lines.

The green, athletic theme of Centre Court is complemented perfectly with a set of symbols. The normal payline symbols can give you some impressive wins, especially with wild Trophies in play. To enter the game's generous feature, get three or more scattered Tennis Balls. During these spins, a mystery multiplier of up to 5x may be awarded on each spin. Additionally, wild Trophies are stacked. With a feature like that, Centre Court is undoubtedly a winner.

Game Play

Coin: Adjust the coin denomination.
Coins: Pick the number of coins to wager per line.
Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Play with a 10 coin bet on all 9 lines.

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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Badminton is my number one favourite watchable men's active sports event, besides Formula 1 Racing, but not football as for most other guys. I guess that makes me not like most other guys, but I like it that way. For women's active sports, almost anything will do, because I tend to watch the women more than what they are doing, hahaha. When it comes to tennis, like in this Centre Court game, hmm, I do like to watch tennis matches at Wimbledon and other renowned world-class avenues, but that's only seasonal, so not much of watching can be done anyway, the same with badminton too. Playing tennis slot games, hmm, not really up to my taste to tell you the truth, but for trying it out sake, anything goes, the same as for women too. Nah, that doesn't make me a weird guy in any way. That makes me a man in many ways. Hehehe.

Centre Court plays with just 9 paylines, so it doesn't cost a bomb to play it as many times as you like, but that doesn't matter to me at all. What matters most is the game being addictively interesting, and with very good huge wins potential, like that outlaw game for example. Can never stop playing that game. Would never stop playing it either. Yes, it is that addictive and obsessive, but I love it. You too hah? Not surprising at all mate! Centre Court is quite okay to play, for short periods of time, but the game could never hold my interest for long, for obvious reasons, as mentioned earlier.

The Trophy is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pay 1000x the line bet, which is very low, and comes Stacked in the Free Spins game, but not in the base game. Why? Don't ask me, ask you-know-who. It doesn't double any wins with it, it doesn't expand, it only substitute as and when required. Almost a dumb Wild. The Tennis Ball is the Scatter symbol, pays 500x the total bet for 5 of them, and getting 3 or more of them award a Free Spins game. No mention as to how many free spins would be awarded, but mine always started with 18 free spins with a random multiplier of 2x up to 5x. Could the initial number of free spins be different? I really don't know. Match Point is the next highest paying symbol, paying 800x the line bet for 5 of them, the Man Player at 700x, the Lady Player at 500x, and all others from 400x down to 50x. Overall, a very low paytable that couldn't support any huge wins, but perhaps some decent big wins, but only if won in the free spins.

Not being my favourite kind of game, I have not played much of it, but the few times that I had played it, the end results were not too bad at all. I've had low wins of just 1x - 15x my total bet, but I've also had decent wins of up to 99x my bet too, just falling short of breaking the 100x. Nothing more than that so far.
With a very low paytable, nothing could make Centre Court that interesting enough for me. Even the Free Spins game cannot be retriggered, but what makes it worse, is the fact that out of 18 free spins, only less than half would pay something. The worse I had was only 2 small-paying spins out of 18 spins, or 11% of the total free spins. Sheesh! How much lower can Microgaming games go?!
zerooo 742 reviews
Centre Court is 9 payline video slot from Microgaming. To be honest I do not play many times Microgaming games with this kind of paylines. I prefer to stick with more at Microgaming software, but I tried Centre Court anyway.

The game has design about tennis. I am not a player or fan of tennis, but I do like it since it could provide some big wins. When I played the base game paid well, I played at 0.36€ and I never lower my bet. I decided to spent on this game around 20€ and I was surprised because it last for long time.

The game offer free spins feature which is trigger by 3 scatters symbols. It gives you 18 free spins with mystery multiplier up to x5. I received free games only once and the results was not so good. Only around x15 which I think is not good at all. Especially because I received 18 free spins. I expected more, but I guess my session was not so good and in the end I lost 20€ on it.

Otherwise I often receive info mail or promotion mail that some player won huge money on this game. Sure I believe that, because the paytable is good. And if you are lucky in free spins feature and you get the best possible payout combination at x5 multiplier is great win.

Otherwise I don't play this game often. The main reason is because the game is old, not looking so good and this software provider offer many other games which I like more than this. I also like to play game with more active paylines. More paylines, more fun. I could get bored if I would play only 9 payline games all the time. I will rate this game with 8 stars.
The game has 9 pay-lines and 5 reels and is created in the software company Microgaming. Visually the game does not look that bad, given that this is a very old game. Also I must say that I really like some sound effects in this game.

As inspiration for the theme here is selected tennis. The tennis is probably one of the most popular sports of today, which is almost equally popular in all continents.

The game is extremely easy to understand and does not offer a lot of features. Beside to the wild symbol feature here is also only a free spins feature. For at least 3 scatter symbols you will get 18 free spins with mystery multiplier up to 5 x. Something similar to this I have seen in a few Microgaming games such as let's say Kathmandu or Avalon. So, this is not an original solution but it is interesting and gives the game an amount of excitement. Free spins also can be re - triggered.

At the time of this writing, there is the tennis tournament in Wimbledon, so it is no surprise that this game is in offer at several Microgaming multiplayer tournaments. As I play regularly in these tournaments lately, I've spent a lot of time playing this game in them. Also, sometimes the Centre Court is my choice when I’m playing singles at Microgaming casinos too. In the past, I had a few decent wins in this game. When I say decent wins then I think on the wins greater than 100 x bet. But lately I have not had much success. A few days ago in this game at Go Wild Casino for a short time I lost about 40 euros by playing with a bet 0.09 to 0.45 euros per spin.

Yet and beside that I like Centre Court. Also I am a big fan of old Microgaming video slot games. Therefore, for the Centre Court I give a solid 8 out of 10 possible stars.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Recently I am playing more and more in Microgaming casinos. I haven't had much luck in other software's lately. Anyway I got tired of playing the same games over and over again and decided to search for a game I haven't tried yet. I decided to search for a 9 line slot which has an interesting bonus round. I was looking for some game similar to Kathmandu with a relative high number of free spins and a descent multiplier. After trying out a few games I came across Centre Court. I read through the paytable and saw that in the bonus round you get 18 free spins with a dynamic multiplier which can go up to 5 x. The free spins can be re-triggered which is a feature I like the most in a bonus round. I tried this game in fun mode first in Go Wild casino and I can’t say that I liked it at first. The payout from the base play wasn't very big which is something I can expect from a 9 line slot. The overall look of the game and the background music aren't something that stands out and after a while I got bored playing. Then I got 3 scattered tennis balls and the free spins started. On my minimum bet I won about 4.5 dollars. I wasn't very impressed with that. Anyway later that night I made a deposit in Mobilbet casino and wanted to take their bonus which was deposit 10 play with 30. But I didn't read the T&C and when I deposited via Neteller the bonus wasn't added and because live chat wasn't available I started playing with only 10 euros pure deposit. I saw that they have Centre Court and decided to give it a try. I started playing on a minimum bet and got the bonus round fairly quick but it paid only 3 euros. I decided to play another 50 spins and raise my bet. I started playing on 0.27 cents and got the bonus round before I went bust. In the bonus round I got 97 euros because I got stacked wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4. That was pretty amazing. Here I saw the full potential of the game. Now I always play it on a higher bet and have some good results. My biggest win was 157 euros on a 0.27 bet when the bonus feature was re-triggered. I have to say this is now one of my favorite Microgaming slots.
yapro 790 reviews
Centre court is microgaming 9 lines slot, which was released long time ago. I am not huge tennis fan, and such theme for me means nothing, so i look on this game just like on any other 9 lines game. I already told you while 9 liners is good - payouts usually is great for any 5 of a kind. Base game here not so interesting, but free spins is great, 18 free spins with dynamic multiplier up to 5 x, and most important that wilds on free spins is stacked, and it is possible to get full screen of wilds.

My experience with this game not so big and i am not so long player with this game, moreover i am almost did not play this game, i did not know why, probably because i prefer microgaming 243 liners, and all other games is already too boring for me. From my not so long experience i can provide you some my stats, best base game hit was something like 100 x or so, and free spins around 200 x, there is much more greater potential on this game of course, but probably to achieve better result i need to give this slot couple of hours. But i found that after about 15 minutes or even 10 minutes spinning that game, i start thinking about IR and TS II and i am usually goes there at all microgaming casinos. this is definitely interesting and good game, but i prefer spend my money on other games. Once i had poor run on this game, at jackpot city casino with 50$ balance this slot eat my money on 0.45 bet without even getting me 3 scatters, and probably this is one of the reasons why i did not like this game.

Variance here is medium-high, and bad streaks of course will come quite often. Good 9 lines game, with great potential, but i just did not like it as much as 243 liners. 7 stars from me for centre court.
Centre Court game is powered by microgaming. What can I say, really good game. I love 9 line games anyways and this game is no exclusion. Just like most of the 9 line games there is only one feature in this game, the free spins feature. The player is awarded the feature when he gets three or more tennis balls anywhere on the reels. You will be given 18 free spins with up to 5 times multiplier. The free spins can be retriggered and I am proud to say that I have retriggered them good few times. I play this game all the time and have played it on all bets. Maximum I ever won on a bonus was around €90 on a €0.90 bet. Unfortunately I didn’t retrigger it then but if I did I could have gotten a massive win.

Another great thing about this game is the wilds. There are plenty of them in the normal spins and they become staked in the free spins. There is a chance to win big in this game and I know that one day I will. I don’t know why but it just feels that way. This game also has the largest amount of free spins and multipliers. You could play this game on the smallest bet and still make money. I would recommend this game to high rollers and low rollers.

Over all the graphics are not bad and the sound effects are pretty decent. The game play on the other hand is steady and relaxing. For me personally the feature comes out a lot. If I was to rate this game I would give it 8 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I am not biggest fan of tennis sport.I don't even like watching it on television and centre court slot form microgamingis all about tennis,but never the less i like to play it from time to time.I had a crazy winning streaks on this slot and no matter i don't like its theme i still like to play it because it brings me money.

It is a nine pay lines five reels slot that is one of better when it comes to fulfilling big wagering requirements.The scatter symbol in centre court slot is tennis ball and if you get three of those you get awarded with 18 free spins.With each spin multiplier changes from x2 to x5 and the wild golden trophy symbol is stacked.The best thing about centre court for me is that i win a lot of free spins and 18 is a fine number of them.They usually pay enough to keep you playing for hours without damaging your original balance.

The design of slot is not top notch because it is an older slot and the music could also be better but all that maters in the end are payouts and so far i cant complain.Classic gamble feature is also there and i tend to enter it sometimes but not when big amounts are in stake.no one wants to loose hard earned credits from free spins with one click on wrong color card.From very big selection of slots in microgaming casinos one must always stick to those that pay well no matter if they are fun to play or not.If you just go around spending money on slots that are new and interesting i think you will end up loosing your money very fast.In my opinion it is better to stick with already proven ones like it is centre court for me.From many sessions i remember just one big loss on this slot and it is mainly my fault because of a lot failed gamble attempts.

For the end my three grades for centre court slot.First payouts i rate 9/10 second fun on this slot i rate 7/10 and winn big with small bets i rate 8/10
Centre Court online video slot is another one microgaming video slot. The theme is tennis, like already many of you guess from it is name, so scatter is ball, and best paying symbol is match point, plus few tennis players.

This slot has 9 lines, so minimum bet for full lines is 0.09 which is pretty small, and you can enjoy this game even with low deposit or low no deposit bonus. In this slot we can see wilds, which can appear on every reel. 5 wilds will award a bit more than 100 x total bet, and i think this is ok for 9 liner slot like this.

As i told scatter on this slot is a ball, and to get free spins you need 3 + scatters, by the way, payout for scatters is pretty great - 3 scatters 3 x total bet, 4 scatters 30 x total bet, and finally, 5 scatters will pay absolutely super win of 500 x total bet. I never get 5 scatters on this slot, even 4, i play a lot this slot because i love 9 liners, but i think it is hard to get this balls. For at least 3 scatters you will get 18 free spins with dynamic multiplier, from 2 x to 5 x, every spin multiplier changes. Also amazing thing about free spins that in every free spin round wilds are stacked on the reels, and in theory it is possible to get full screen of wilds, i like such slots and such free spins bonuses. Max win on this slot is around 4.500 x total bet, and i think if i see such big win, i will be one of the happiest gambler on the world.

This is one of my favorite microgaming slot, but this days i play it rare, because i am addicted to 243 liners.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I love all of Microgamings 9 line slots, and even though this is my least favourite 9 line slot I still play it and enjoy it. The thing with this 9 liner is its such a slow running and slow paying slot compared to the other 9 liners like Ladies Night, Tally Ho and Adventure Palace. I believe the pay tables are pretty much the same but its a lot harder to get five of a kind of the highest paying symbol on this slot to the others. On the other hand what's different about Centre Court to the other 9 line slots is this one has stacked wilds during your free spins and also a random multiplier (like Kathmandu...for those who are familiar with that slot)

I don't play Centre Court at more than 18p a spin because I just don't get the returns from it. The wins during your normal spins are very low. The most I've won in a single spin, whilst playing at 0.01p / 9 p a spin is about £15 but I believe this to only have happened about once.

There's no bonus game on Centre a Court just your free spins. You get 15 of them providing you get your three scatters, and yes, these can get re triggered and usually they do. I quite often get three or four sets of free spins in one. During the free spins you get stacked trophies and they come in quite regular, but with those you really need to the x4 or x5 multiplier. More often or not for me I end up getting x2. But don't let that dishearten you because big wins are very possible on this slot.

When it comes to rating this slot I could only give it maybe a five or six out of ten, which isn't great, but I do like playing it.
If you're a sports fanatic and have a keen interest for tennis in particular, then I would definitely recommend to check out the slot Centre Court. This game is clearly inspired by the biggest Grand Slam tournament in the world, Wimbledon. The green layout and background of this slot makes this pretty obvious in my opinion.

Centre Court is a tennis themed slot from Microgaming, and offers 9 paylines and 5 reels. So basically it's possible to play for just 0.09 per spin just like Dead or Alive and many other 9-liners. I'm not sure when this slot has been released, but judging from the used symbols - I think it's a while back. They don't use the actual images from known tennis players.

However, the images do resemble some of the biggest tennis players. There are two male and two female tennis players. I'd say they resemble Lleyton Hewitt, Roger Federer, Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova. But when I looked at the paytable I saw the Lleyton Hewitt look-a-like ranking higher than Federer? How is that even possible, considering Federer is basically the best player of all time.

Anyway maybe I'm wrong since I couldn't find the logic there lol. I was fortunate enough to play this game for real money at 0.45 euro bets during a couple of sessions. The best paying symbol is that of the wild (golden trophy) and after that the match point symbol.

I don't know what it is about 9-paylines slots, but they always are able to produce monster hits. I experienced some real good sessions with this game hitting a 5oak of the match point symbol in base game where I won 800 coins. I also hit several other 5oak with lower payouts such as the card symbols.

The scatter symbol in this game is that of the tennis ball. I also like how the sound effects reflect the ball hitting the floor. If you collect 3 or more scatters, then you win 18 free spins with a mystery multiplier during each spin ranging from 2x all the way up to 5x.

My biggest win during the free spins session of this game has been 350x bet size. I got extremely lucky hitting multiple stacked wild symbols. YES you read that right, in free spins the wilds are STACKED which is brilliant! I would love to see Microgaming making more slots like this, but then actually with real images from our tennis legends.

My final rating for Centre Court is 8,5/10
Icymod 758 reviews
Centre Court, an impressive and classic 5 Reel video slot that swept my foot away when I first took this baby for a spin.

I don't mind this video slot having 9 paylines because everything as it is shows a lot of value, from the free spins to stacked wilds to the amazing random multipliers. In this slot they give out generously for the free spins. They would offer out 18 free spins with up to 5x multiplier for 3 tennis ball scatters :) . This interesting factor as well as the stacked wilds inside the feature are what make this one of the best 9 Payline slots around.

The music during the feature adds more impressive action on the reels giving the player such as myself more interest in the game. So, I would have 18 free spins, random multipliers, stacked trophy wilds and music to enjoy while continuing to make winning combinations. This is a sight just worth going through every time.

Regardless of how much funds I start with I never miss playing on Centre Court. I even won and lost a few times over my experiences betting max $0.90 only for the reason that free spins are addictive over time, just like doubling up in video pokers! My common bets on this slot are $0.54 or $0.90 (MAX). It would be better however if they made stacked wilds all around, inside and outside of free spins. There are differences between the music in the base game and in the free spins. The base game is a more quiet and slow tune while the free spins has a fast and exciting tune accompanying the free spins. I know all of you who appreciate 9 Paylines slots would love Centre Court! Again just a word of caution that the high paying "Match Point" symbols don't come out very often but I think we all know that.

This classic slot reigns for a 10 out of 10! I just can't get enough of the 18 free spins!

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