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Break Away Slot

Become a hockey superstar in Break Away, a high-action five-reel video slot developed by Microgaming. This game offers stacked wild symbols, free spins, and an intense Smashing Wild feature. You can see how it plays for free right here on this page, or play for real money by visiting any of the Microgaming casinos listed below.

To play Break Away, first choose how much you want to wager per spin. The game uses a 243 ways layout, so you don't have to worry about individual paylines. Just use the - and + buttons to change your coin denomination, and then push “Coins” until your desired total wager is shown under “Bet”. Your total wager will be 50x the number of coins you select. Push “Spin” to begin, or use “Bet Max” to play 10 coins at a time.

In the base game, you'll win the amounts shown in the paytable if you get matching symbols from the leftmost reel to the right. Over 40 stacked wild Break Away symbols are on the reels, which greatly increase your odds of getting big symbol payouts. Additionally, hockey players will randomly crash into reels and turn them completely wild in the Smashing Wild feature, guaranteeing a winning combination.

The Break Away free spins feature is triggered with 3 or more scattered Hockey Pucks in any position. During free spins, you can get multiple consecutive wins per spin with Rolling Reels. Get lucky enough and you could get a multiplier of up to 10x.

Game Play

-/+: Adjust your base coin denomination.
Coins: Select how many coins to wager (total bet is 50x coins).
Spin: Play at your chosen bet.
Bet Max: Play with 10 coins enabled.

Break Away Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1412 reviews
The only 'break away' that I have liked so far is the song by Kelly Clarkson. My women that broke away I didn't liked, the women that got away too I didn't liked, now this Microgaming game, if it wants to break away from me, that I like. If it doesn't break away from me, then I will. Well, what do you know, an ending before a beginning, of my review that is, but never mind. Sometimes, I do like to start from the back. Hahaha.

I can't remember now how many of such similar games I have already encountered from the stable of Microgaming games. Seems like a thousand games already! Always with the same game design - 3 reels of Stacked Wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5, with Wilds that don't pay or double wins, with payouts that are almost forever low, and games that usually give me a pain in my-you-know-where! Microgaming, the Master of recloning, the Master of lazy game designing, heck, the Master of not good everything, as far as I am concerned!

If you've played Cashapillar from decades ago, if you've played Cool Wolf some years ago, if you've played Football Star, Rugby Star, Cricket Star, the moon and the star, then consider yourself as having played this Break Away game too! There's nothing different between all of them, just the pictures and the icons, but all performing in about the same way, mediocrely. And of course, none of these games are my favourite. They never will be either.

As I've said, the Wilds don't pay anything, they only come Stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5, and substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. 5 Scatters pay 250x the total bet. 3, 4 or 5 Scatters award 15, 20 or 25 free spins with an increasing multiplier on wins. No retriggering is possible. The symbols themselves pay from 10x down to 1.6x the total bet. Is that any good? Aargh!
40 Extra Wilds on the reels? Yeah, right. I can put 400 Extra Wilds on the reels, but if most winning spins are only paying 25% - 50% of your bet, what's the point?! That random Smashing Wild feature in the base game, well, it has a guaranteed win no doubt, but have you kept a record of all its payouts? No right? Well, most of them pay peanuts! Just to add one extra feature into an otherwise monotonous repetitive game play. The Free Spins game? Hmm. No retriggers possible. 2 Scatters pay nothing. Every first win pays x1 your bet. The x3 or higher multiplier if lucky only you will get. From several Free Spins games, not even one 40x bet win I could get. Break Away is yet another Microgaming game I would rather forget!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I cannot say for myself that I am a big fan of hockey but I do love what Microgaming has done when they created this slot. There are some features in this game that are really great addition to it. All of the symbols are made of ice hockey players, referee and gear. This is yet another 243 ways to win so it is easier to win a prize while playing it. I like that this game has rolling reels. This means that the symbols will crumble and move down allowing you to hit a winning combination. There are wilds on the second, third and the fourth reel. This way you get more chances to land some good symbols with a combination with wilds.

There is also another feature which is called the Smashing Wild and it appears during the base game. Some players smash into a reel and they turn the symbol into wild. This feature is again available on the second, third and fourth reel.

And, there is also my favourite feature in Break Away and that is the free spins round. As soon as I started playing the game I got 15 free spins. During the free spins round the reels change into blue. I got 31.52 win the first time I triggered the first spins. I won 25.60 next time and this time I also got three scatters during the free spins but unfortunately you cannot retrigger them. I cannot say that I had a huge win during the free spins round but I had some wins from time to time. During the free spins, the rolling reels are possible too, but unfortunately I was not that lucky. What I like about this game is that there are small wins that keep your balance on a decent level and for that reason this is a game that I would gladly play again.
Break Away it is game made by Microgaming. I am not like sports themed slots too much to play such games usually, but of course I tried this game. Also recent rugby star is almost same as break away slot.

I like how this game looks. I did not like hockey and have zero knowledge about it, but I like that symbols here looks great, lot of colors.

I like that there is 243 lines, and stacked wilds on reels 3 4 5. Also wild could appear on reel 2 in special feature.

I like smashing wild feature. It is can trigger any random spin during normal play. During this feature it will make on of reels wild, but not first.

I like that there is avalanche system. Winning symbols pays, and disappear and from top you got new symbols. And since on reels 3 4 5 wilds are stacked a lot, you can get a lot of winning avalanche spins. A bit bad that there is no multiplier in normal play for it.

I like freespins feature. It is can be triggered when 3 or more scatters appear on reels. It awards from 15 freespins with rolling reels (like in immortal romance and thunderstruck II). It means that avalanche system will have multiplier during freespins, up to 10x.

I like this game. It is interesting to play, but I just not ready to play it a lot, very fast it starts to be boring for me. So usually after catching freespins or win more than 50 bets I just leave this game alone. I never had more than 100 bets wins in this game, but it is possible, especially during freespins. Normal play usually pays good with 30-50 bets wins in short amount of spins, but after such lucky streak I am usually just leave game.
I could thumbs down only low payouts and took one star for that.
katemak 1170 reviews
Another 243 winning way with 5 reels video slot from famous Microgaiming software. Not many people like to play this kind of slots as I have read, just because they cant win anything, I in the other hand love to play this kind of slots. I just enjoy playing this kind of games and there are few very similar if not the same, just because they changed the symbols and everything else remains the same, including the Rolling Reels, the wilds even the free spins feature is completely the same.

The theme about this game is Icy Hockey sport,well never been fan of any kind of sports and specially not this one or maybe for the fact, that this game is not well known in my country, who knows .On the screen you will see Hockey players and their equipment, the Hockey Judge the Hockey Puck which is the scatter symbol and must admit playing all their similar games I find it most difficult to trigger the free spins feature in this game.

I like this game, because you find anything here, like Scatter symbols, Stacked Wild symbols, Smashing Wild Feature, Rolling Reels Feature they are all part of this game. Even as I mentioned the free spins can go up to 25 free spins, well that depends how many scatters will be triggered during the base game.

Playing the base game what I liked is the Rolling Reels feature, but they do come along randomly, so you never know what you will hit next, but having all three of them on the second, third and fourth reel, we are talking for some really great win, even with a minimum bet, although I always play this games with 2 euros bet bet, thinking if I trigger the free spins feature, which are awesome, because the winnings goes up to X 10 multiplier.

I am big fan of this game also for Cricket Star, Rugby Star and Cool Wolf game and I know they are completely the same, but having really nice wins of one of them will recommend this game, because it has potential of big wins, good luck!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I really love this game despite the fact it’s never really been very luck for me. I think that just seems to happen sometimes, you come across a slot game that you just find fun and enjoy playing despite the fact that it never seems to give you a huge payday…. I suppose the key to that is somewhere in the variance and the way they design these games to make you think that every next spin could be the one that lands you with that massive win. Kudos to the designers of these games and in particular those who design the mathematics models!

A great thing that I remember straight away from my time playing this is that the scatter symbols pay really quite well – you receive five, fifty or 250 times your bet for 3, 4 or 5 scatters respectively, and that’s before the bonus round even begins where all subsequent rolling reels wins have additional multipliers (up to a massive 10x maximum!!) as well. You’d think I should have had a huge win on this by now with these things in mind, but sadly not!
I do think that having to bet £0.50 as a minimum is a little bit prohibitive for some sessions – for me at least anyway – so this game may not suit everybody, especially because it is just a 243 ways game and most of those charge just £0.30 as the minimum. There definitely is a higher chance of hitting big wins in the base game mode though that’s for sure, and in the right circumstances it is actually possible to get all of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 fully wild, although its something of a legend if you ask me – I’ve seen a screenshot though I’m sure the odds are enormous, I’m certainly not banking on seeing this happen in my lifetime!

I can understand that having stacked wilds on all five reels would possibly make it very hard to design an effective “rolling reels” type of game, but I still can’t help but feel it is a bit of a cop out on this game! So often I will get reels 3, 4 and 5 full of the wilds, but because there are no matching symbols on the first two reels they are completely useless and wont even roll a single time. Super, super frustrating!
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
This is a video slot game created in Microgaming and comes with 243 pay-lines. For the theme is selected Hockey sport. As in south-east of Europe, this sport is not as popular as for example in northern Europe or North America, for me this sport is total unknown. But of course, that's no reason not to try a game which has this sport for a theme.

From feature here you have primarily a wild symbol that can cover the entire 2, 3 and 4 reels. Then, there is a feature called Smashing Wild, when over the middle (third) reels appears wild symbol. All this gives you the chance to and during the regular game to have some bigger wins. But of course the biggest wins you can have during the free spins bonus. Depending on the number of scatter symbols you can get 15, 20 or 25 free spins.

Interestingly is the following solution too, that all the symbols that are in the winning line simply blow up and are replaced by new symbols. This is interesting but not original. I saw this in many other slot games. The graphics here are on a high level with excellent animations. The sound is also good, and I suppose realistic. I say I suppose, because I've never watched either live or on a video a hockey game. When it comes to my experience with this game,

I played it only on the Microgaming multi-player tournaments. On the Go Wild and Wild Jackpot casino there are tournaments with this game that are repeated almost every day of the week. These are free roll tournaments where the first 9 players are rewarded with bonus money. At one opportunity I won even the first place in this tournament and 35 euro bonus money.

For the end as I usually do, I'll rate the game. After a short thinking I decided for Break Away to give 7 out of 10 stars...
Break away it is ice hockey theme online slot by microgaming, which also available at quickfire for sure, and this is similar game to cool wolf and soccer star.

Break away slot has 243 lines, and generally this slot is interesting because it is not like immortal romance type of slots, and there is some interesting features.

During base game there is smashing wild feature, it is same one as at cool wolf and soccer star - one of middle reels like 2 3 or 4 can turn to wild. Feature can award good wins, but you for sure need other wilds to have good payout, otherwise you will see something like 5-20 x total bet, but if some other wilds, payout can be higher, but of course nothing huge happens. There is also rolling reels feature of course, nothing interesting about it during base game, because generally it can give someting like 2-4 rollings with wins like 15-20 x total bet. In total not bet, but usually it is just low wins.

Freespins feature can be triggered by 3 or more scatters. By the way, unususal thing here is that for 2 scatters there is no payouts, probably someone will not happy with that, but from me it is big thumbs up, and i like when scatters have such payouts. During freespins rolling reels faeture have multiplier, and can award up to 10x multiplier for wins.

In short , i do not like this theme. Yes, i am from russian and do not like ice hockey, my friends sometimes laugh on this, but really not very interesting for me theme, never watched it, and slot is less played for me from all such slots by microgaming. You can expect same features like cool wolf and football star.
I did not like ice hockey theme, really, small but still thumbs down from me.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
The software that is powering this game is called Microgaming and the theme for this slot is ice hockey. I love the music in the game and the design is pretty good as well. This slot has 5 reels and 243 paylines and the minimum bet that can be placed is 0.50$ while the maximum is 50$.

The game is pretty interesting and fun to play but bear in mind that you need some good money to start with the actual play unless you are really lucky. In the game we have the symbol Break away which represents a wild and will substitute for all symbols but of course not the scatter. The cool thing about this wild is that it can appear stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4 which can of course mean some pretty good wins if everything aligns perfectly.

We also have the smashing wild feature where hockey players will crash into reels 2, 3, 4 and basically that will result in a guaranteed win, although rolling reels feature cannot appear with this one. Also there is the scatter in a shape of a hockey pack of course and 3 or more are needed to trigger the free spins. In free spins you can be awarded with 15, 20 or 25 FS depends on how many scatters you hit; also in free spin rolling reels is featured. So basically rolling reels will award consecutive win and a change to win up to 10x multiplier during those free spins which is pretty awesome to me.

Overall this is a really good and well thought game, where the hockey spirit is really captured and felt through the game in both ways that is depending if you are losing or winning. 7/10
valentin68 535 reviews
To me the slot “Break Away” sometimes gave and sometimes took. It is true that, in general when it gave this happened while I was playing for 1 Euro spin (by chance) and the most rewarding win was when I had about 64 Euro. Equally true is that when I started to play the game at 1 cent/payline (50 cents /spin) I won frequently 5-7 euro from quite a few lucky spins, so I found myself always in advantage. I had also an unpleasant moment when I had a minus of more than 15 Euro, because after all, this slot has a minimum bet of 50 cents/243 ways to win that is somewhat a big bet. But here the game is pleasant and in my opinion, sometimes you can win enough to be happy and stop playing, and in other conditions the losses may sum up (as I said) to more than 15 Euro.

Briefly said, “Break Away” slot from Microgaming is kind of a “Football Star” (also found in Microgaming). Although several months have passed since I played last time at “Football Star”, in my opinion these two games are made about on the same template, which at the time when they were released was a great success. Just as in “Football Star” there is a random feature when two players (that collide on the ice) transform an entire reel into wild with a guaranteed win. It is possible that this win to be minimal (only 30 cents) but rarely one can win also up to 10 Euros. Much the same happens with Free Spins, because quite often you finish this round with about 10-15 Euro (even if there are present Trailing Wilds and increasing multipliers unfortunately about half the spins are losers). But after all, “all is well when ends well” and “Break Away” is really a slot where you will lose or win too much only if you do not know when to stop and the play frequently brings you with the money at the starting amount.

Because I am not a big fan of this sport (Hockey) I avoided long time to play here, but now after I tried it I can say that the slot is nice and welcoming. The rating it receives is slightly bigger than the average, equal to the rating I gave to the “Football Star” slot.
The slot is a bit too much like “Football Star”. I understand that Microgaming wants to provide more slots alike, but some variations are always welcome.
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
I've always been a big fan of the "Rolling Reels" feature in games such as Thunderstruck2 and Immortal Romance, but I didn't often choose that particular feature unless my bankroll was running low, because the variance is much lower than the other features on offer - rolling reels was usually the "safe bet", if I really needed to be certain of some kind of win as opposed to the possibility of nothing.

As a result, I didn't get to play this type of game nearly as often as I would like at Microgaming casinos, so I was thrilled when I first saw BreakAway - it was offered as a tournament game at the time - and I saw that it featured the rolling reels mechanic in the base game!

I made a small deposit of £40 and fired up the game at my favourite MG 32red - I was instantly disappointed to see that the minimum bet was 0.50 rather than the more usual 0.30 for a 243 ways game - I assume this is because of the rolling reels, but nevertheless, its a concern if you like to low roll much of the time like myself.

Being a UK citizen, I don't really know or understand much about hockey, but thankfully you don't need to in order to play this game! The symbols are well drawn, the animation is smooth, and the speed of play - especially with quick spin activated - is excellent. Typical Microgaming quality as usual!

It wasn't long before I hit my first free spin feature - this is identical to the base game except there is an incrementing multiplier up to 10x for each subsequent win that occurs on the same spin as a result of the rolling reels. There are stacked wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5, and if you should be lucky enough to catch these during the free spins, along with a decent placement of the first reels, you can really hit super big in this game.

Those stacked wilds are also available in the base game though - and there is also a random feature that can occur after a winning spin where 2 players will appear on screen and turn a random reel into a stacked wild.It is possible for this to happen on the 2nd reel, and I have seen a screenshot of somebody who got this in combination with the stacked wilds on reels 3/4/5 for an enormous payout of over 2000x bet!

It's not my favourite MG game, but I have won a decent amount from it - as well as several "Power Play" tournaments at the Fortune Lounge group of casinos - so I certainly have a soft spot for this game. Note that "Football Star" is, I believe, very similar to this game as well, if that theme suits you better.
Irine 232 reviews
Whenever I'm playing a sort of sport theme slot I always seek for their nice graphics and also the gaming experience that the specific slot will give including bonus features. This slot was indeed what I'm referring to play and also it's like the famous slot "break away slot". I don't know if they copied it, the first time I play this and test I observe at first that their payout ratio was higher and didn't disappoints me!

I remember when I spent my whole deposit to play this slot around $100 then I bet 0.02 per line maximum of 3 coins because this was like (if we compare to non -243 ways) 50 line slot! If we do some math the total will be $1 to $3 and the rest were outrageous spins!

Foot Ball was very creative slot and it's a new idea, a new taste for me, I love the way the rolling reels (feature bonus) will excite the players when you strike the combination then and it will disappear, then another batch of symbols will replace them and there's a probability that you'll win again!

Another genius work was their Striking Wild that's a feature bonus but it's for their base game and you don't need to get 3 symbols to be rewarded when you strike it then it's yours! I love this feature because of the possible huge winning, this feature was the greatest contributor to me huge winnings here!
The biggest winnings were not on their free spin but on base game feature worth $56!
If there was an advantage there is a disadvantage. Okay, I considered some "dark side" of this slot that I didn't like some were there bonus, gaming experience and winnings.

Bonus the chances that I won from there bonus were so low and I think you can count it using your fingers. I don't know why does the probability of getting this bonuses decreased, I think it's because of the base game feature bonus.
The low paying symbols of referee was the common combination when I got some wilds and that's favorable but questionable. These things degrade my gaming experience as a player the payout ratio was unsatisfactory for me not all first impression last.

Free spin was the greatest feature that one will love to get cause of the great multipliers and free spin of course. Because of these reasons I didn't often play it.
I rate this slot 7/10 overall for these reasons.
yapro 790 reviews
break away video slot was created by microgaming, i remember that it was winter when the game was released, so i can say something like just in time guys! Also some interesting fact that this year world championship of ice hockey was hosted in Belarus, and i was able to visit few games, really great and interesting experience, so i like ice hockey :D
Game has 243 lines, but it is unusual 243 liner. Here we did not have wilds on all reels, except this wild appear only on reels 3 4 5, but they appear stacked. Great feature here is that after win awarded, all winning symbols destroying, and on reels appear new symbols. Generally it is not so useful in base game, i can even say useless, but in freespins this thing can award win more than 1000 x bet easy. Also at random one reel can become wild in base game, from 2 to 5, and it is also guaranteed win, but symbols will not destroy unfortunately. Best possible win during base game if wilds appear in full on 3 4 5 reel, and wild reel become 2, and good paying symbol on reel 1 will be really great win, i think more than 1000 x total bet. Freespins pay great, 250 x total bet for 5 scatters, + up to 10 x multiplier for consecutive win. Game is really have nothing boring and it is always interesting to play it, both base game and freespins, freespins is more interesting of course but still. Also take note that minimum bet here is high 0.5, so not very good game for lowrollers.
I like this game, it has high variance, but it is designed and made perfectly, so it is no boring, and in my boringmetr this game shows zero. I will play again of course. Just a bit high min bet not allow me sometimes to even open this game.
Break Away game powered by microgaming. Pretty cool game, something different and very entertaining. This game has become very popular and I have seen some wins online that will shock you.This is the only 50 line game with rolling reels on microgaming so the minimum bet is €0.50. I would recommend having a good amount of money in your bank before playing this game. For me personally it takes a little while to start paying.

There are three things I like about this game: the feature that is activated randomly, the free spins and the stacked wilds. You could get a huge win on any spin. To get the free spins you have to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. The more scatters you get the more free spins you will have. I never got four scatters so maximum amount of spins I had where 15. You can get up to 10x in free spins and max I won on a €0.50 was around €70. To be honest I don’t play this game a lot and I think that it is a good win for a minimal bet.

The Smashing Wild feature is activated randomly and turns the whole reel wild with a guaranteed win. I won big on this feature it was around €90 on a smallest bet. I tried playing it on bigger bet but didn’t get anything and was out of money very quickly.

This game also has a lot of wilds that can continuously burn away and pay big. Over all the game is great and has a huge potential. I would recommend it to everyone and also I would recommend double tapping on it. If i was to rate it I would give it 8 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
paquito76 867 reviews
When I first saw Break Away in the early stage of my casino career, as being a die-hard hockey fan I promptly associated it with my favourite sport. Of course I had to open it and to my surprise this slot was indeed dedicated to hockey. It was almost natural for me to play at least some spins with it when I went to see a Microgaming casino. That was then but nowadays I don’t spend too much time with Break Away. By now, somehow the spell was broken and the starting excitement a little bit slipped away. Not if I don’t think it’s still a good slot but despite the hockey theme I’ve found other games that give more enjoyment and curiosity.

I haven’t got any problems with its visual appearance though I’ve never found it outstanding, but I like its symbols like Zamboni, goalie mask, referee, blazing puck just to name some. The best is they’re like snapshots and when forming a winning line we can see the whole animations. My favourite is the ‘two players at the dot’, when after it lands on a good line in a company with several others they’re actually involved in a face off situation and battle for the puck. Very cool!

The Break Away symbol is a stacked wild and can be seen only on the last reels. Those 3 reels have more than 40 such symbols so there’s a good chance at every spin to get something.

Free spins can be won in 15, 20, 25 numbers by scatter (scatter have a great x250 of total bet potential, if five of them arrive on an active line), and sometimes it’s very profitable thanks to the Rolling Reels and multipliers. Normally, no multiplier is attached to free games but if there’s a winning line, the winning symbols are disappearing and every icon above them fall a position to fill up the empty space and give a chance for new figures to enter the table. If the rearranged positions result a new winning line its value are immediately doubled, the next same win is tripled and so on up to 5 times and x10 multipliers. Ergo, four consecutive wins with Rolling Reels feature create an opportunity for the 5th win to be multiplied by 10. In the very lucky and rare occasions that mean a serious amount of money. Unfortunately, I didn’t get through the x4 multiplier and that was only just 3 same symbols.

There’s one more feature that’s randomly awarded when hockey player(s) are skating into screen and got a body check on one of the middle reels that becoming expanded wild and guarantee a win for the next spin. I’ve seen it only very rare occasions

As I’ve said I’ve got nothing against Break Away, even I could recommend it for a try and I’m sure it has something to offer if someone like good slot games mixing with manly sports.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Break away is another 243 ways video slot from microgaming software.It is themed on ice hockey sport and very nicely designed.You wont be disappointed with features that this slot has to offer if you have enough luck to trigger them.

I played this slot in many casinos and had only one successful session. That one time i had profit on breakaway happened in first few spins.I got stacked wild symbols on 3 reels and bagged a fair amount of money. The other sessions were basically the same.To longer i try to win something the more i loose.

I always chase the free spins feature which is very nice but hard to get.You need three or more puck scatters which awards you with 15,20 or 25 free spins with rolling reels feature and up to 10x multipliers.I only had the fortune to trigger free spins few times but the amounts i won were not very big because i played it mostly without any multipliers.

The other nice feature this slot has is the smashing wilds feature.It triggers randomly when hockey players crash in to reels 2,3 or 4 and turn reel wild with a guarantied win. Sometimes it pays nice depending on the symbols you get on other reels. My opinion based on play so far on break away slot is that is nice but not a real money maker. There is not enough small wins and if you keep pushing this slot too much you will most likely run out of money. That makes it very terrible slot for wagering bonuses or low budget sessions but if you have a big pile of money and want to have fun and try to win something huge in the process then break away slot is definitely for you.In my next attempts on breaking break away i will use 25 spins rule, if 25 spins does not bring me some nice win i move to the next slot game.

For conclusion three grades.First payouts not very common grade is 6/10,second fun i had playing slot i rate 8/10 and the last win big with small bet possibility 7/10
From the new wave microgaming video slots my favorite sports themed game is the break away. The casinos are often forgotten the ice hockey themed video slots but I think they have a big fan base.

The break away has 243 winning lines combination with lot of wilds and some of it is stacked. I always like the 243 ways video slots because I don’t have to watch the winning combination because if five same symbols appears anywhere on the reels it will be winner but those 243 lined games are often pays low amounts without wilds. In the break away video slot the wilds are the best way to get a valuable profit.

The rolling reels are makes the game play more enjoyable because if you hit a winning combination the winning symbols are blow up and new symbols falls down and if you hit a stacked wild in the winning combination it falls back on the next spin. It doesn’t have many features but it has a free spin game. When you trigger at least three of the free spins scatters you can start the free rounds. Three from the scatter symbols are gave 10 free rounds with multiplier but to be successful on the free games you have to get wilds. The rolling reels works here too and give better pay outs. I played with the break away slot many times but the free spins are didn’t came out many times only when I had luck and stopped the game right time I get the free spins feature. From the 243 way video slots not the best because it has the biggest minimum bet which is a half euro.

Anyway I like this video slot because when I found it in a good mood I won many nice prizes from it.
Break away is microgaming slot machine, that appeared probably a year ago, or a bit older. When it is just appear, i watch few videos about gameplay of this slot and i quite like it, so i decide to give it a go, but actually right now i am always scary to play new microgaming slot machines with 243 lines.

My first feelings about this break away slot machine was really good , i like graphics, i like features, i like sounds. And come on, i love ice hockey. :D One thing that i did not like, that i think they payouts for 5 of a kinds can be a bit greater, because it is not so interesting to play with such low paying symbol, when you get 5 of a kind of them you not happy, you just think why i get them if they pay so low.

But this slow obviously has some potential, especially if you managed to get nice series of spins, and last of it will be with many wilds and good symbols, i am personally never see such spin, but probably i should play this slot a bit more, to see some more result, because honestly i did not give it a many time to go, just play few times, lost probably 200$ in total and decide to myself that it is enough to play this machine, if it not lucky to me, or i do not like it, what the point to continue spin on it?
To get free spins on this slot you need to hit 3 scatters , which give you 10 free spins, 4 scatters awards you 15 free spins, and 5 scatters 20 free spins.

I really do not know what else i can say about this slot machine, just did not like it, and did not play it anymore, not my type of the slot machine.
Break Away is a 5 reels and 243 paylines online casino slot game that has been developed by Microgaming. The slot has afull range of features including a wild symbol, scatter symbols and free spins feature with betting rangewithin 0.50 to 50.00.andcoin size is within 0.01 to 0.10.There are severalsymbols who will pay attention: the hockey players, the referee, the scates and the puck it is a scatter symbol.The puck can bring you from 15 to 25 free spins when you get three,four or five pucks.Scatter symbol may be detached anyplace on the five reels. Furthermore, your winnings can be increased by the multiplier trail up to x10 times.

The Break Away logos is a wilds symbols and it may be replaced by any other symbol except the puck (scatter). Break Away Logo can be stacked on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. If you are lucky, you can get a solid win from Smashing Wild feature as well.

Only once i had a really big profit from this slot , a year ago i played with one dollar per spin and from free spins I've won more then 400$. With that limited the winnings of this slot, but i continue to think that a very interesting game to play.

This slot has great graphics and amazing animation that will keep your attention on the game for a long time, at least with me it was so. Most players would say that too expensive slot and it's just not worth it, but i don't agree with this.Whenever my bank allows it i'm going to play on this slot just to check whether it is hot. I'm starting with 1$ or 2$ depends of my bank and played just for a free spins.Sometimes they come earlier sometimes they doesn't at all.But at most times give's me enough to keep playing,and i am still waiting my big shot there.
One of the Microgaming slots I always liked playing is the Ice hockey themed game Break Away. Although I don't really follow the sport and I'm not a fan of Ice Hockey at all, I do think Microgaming did a terrific job when they created this game.

I find it very exciting thanks to the several features, and of course the background melodies which are partially influenced with what you would hear during an Ice hockey game. The symbols are made up from Ice hockey players, referee, gear, skates and the scatter symbol is the almighty puck.

Although the look of the game appears to be quite simple, there are many features to look forward to while playing Break Away. It's a 243-ways-to-win slot, so you don't need the symbols to line up nicely to win a prize.

The game has rolling reels, which means when you hit a prize the symbols will crumble and move down a position until there is no winning combination. Basically these are free spins, so it's an outstanding slot for extra playtime. The minimum bet is 50 cents though, but I usually play higher.

What I also like about this game is that reels 2, 3 and 4 are full of wilds. Each reel consist of more than 40 wilds, so it's really easy to see them appear. There is also a random element called the Smashing Wild Feature.

This feature can appear during the base game, and gets followed by some ice hockey players which smash into a reel to turn it into a wild. Only reels 2, 3 and 4 are possible though, but this feature does offer a guaranteed win. Rolling reels are also out of the question when this feature awards you a prize.

Break Away gives free spins when 3 or more scatters appear with a minimum of 15. Could be more if you get 4 or 5 scatters. Rolling reels are possible during the free spins mode. I've had several successful sessions during free spins mode, where I found the rolling reels to be very effective.

I only had a huge hit like once, but many smaller wins add up as well of course. My biggest win to this day during free spins on Break Away is 390x my bet size and 100x my bet size during the base game.

My final rating for Break Away is 7/10
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My experience and opinions on Break Away are like two people fighting over something of value, a trophy or a small chest of valuables (preferably money or jewelry inside). On one side things will be looking up for me to make useful combinations, on the other hand some spins on this video slot draw dead. It gets worse when I can't make even a three symbol combination or combinations that involved stacked Break Away wilds! That's right folks most of the time symbols don't line up on Reel 2 or 3 just to yank my chain.

Don't bother with the free spins because they are really hard to trigger. As this is a Way wins Hockey themed video slot I only placed $0.50...this being the lowest minimum bet! I don't think I will find this slot worth the value of my dollars. For all it's worth, it's really the stacked wilds that make the combinations worth while and not the normal combinations.

Normal wins were just as bad as the wins found in Alaskan Fishing! The only thing I can positively agree on were the very long Stacked wilds found on the third, forth and last reel. It's long enough to make a combination but again...if only there is a good connector to my symbols! I would honestly prefer another way wins slot that would benefit me more for the cost of lesser coins, such as Burning Desire! So, for the good news....longer stacked wilds, way wins, and a nice rolling feature that destroys winning combinations to make room for more possible wins and unfortunately the bad news are.....bets costs slightly more for the average player, low win payouts and free spins are more "smoke and mirrors" to trigger. By that I mean getting 3 scatters are a waste of time.

To sum up, this slot is a 4.4 out of 10 for me!

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