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Aliaksei Ptukha, Game Designer at BGaming, Discusses Aztec Clusters

Aliaksei Ptukha, Game Designer at BGaming, Introduces Aztec Clusters

Aztec Clusters was released on 1 February, and we would like to tell our readers more about it, as it’s the first data-driven slot game in the industry. BGaming worked with Casinolytics to analyse player streaming data and create a slot based on insights they got from the players’ games. Aliaksei Ptukha from BGaming is here to tell us more about Aztec Clusters.

1. Hi Aliaksei! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today and introduce the latest BGaming title, Aztec Clusters, to the AskGamblers readers. Could you please start by introducing yourself and telling us more about your role at BGaming?

Hi! I'm Aliaksei Ptukha, Game Designer at BGaming. I oversee the game development process from the initial idea to the release, ensuring that the game aligns with the original vision and ultimately becomes a high-quality product.

I closely collaborated with Casinolytics on the Aztec Clusters project. We worked together on the game concept, elements, polishing, and improvements. I brought all the nuances to our team and helped shape the project. It's been a fun ride discussing changes and ideas with the crew to make it all come together.

2. The Aztec Clusters slot was out on 1 February 2024. What can you tell us about this new cluster-pay game?

Alright, let me spill the beans on the new Aztec Clusters slot. First off, this game is a brainchild of our collaboration with Casinolytics, and it's totally data-driven. BGaming and Casinolytics went all out, watching 10,000 hours of streams (yeah, that's dedication), digging into player and streamer preferences, and whatnot.

But what makes this collab super unique is that two big industry players coming together to create something epic.

Aztec Clusters isn't just an average slot – it's a unique blend of experience from two powerhouse companies.

Now, let's talk details. We crafted this game with streamers in mind, using both hard numbers and feel-good vibes. It's got mechanics and features that streamers and players have loved over the years, plus a fresh twist with Sticky Wilds in a cluster-pay game, bringing in multipliers up to x100.

When it comes to making a killer slot, it's all about understanding what players and streamers want. BGaming did some serious qualitative research and fine-tuned everything from the music to the timing of features to make players delighted and keep their frustration levels at bay. So, Aztec Clusters is not just an online slot; it's a game based entirely on expertise.

3. We can also see that there is plenty of multiplier action happening in the game. What kind of multipliers can players expect in Aztec Clusters?

Aztec Clusters is all about those thrilling multiplier moments that keep the excitement levels off the charts.

The game's core mechanics revolve around the chance to score some seriously high multipliers, giving players that awesome sense of potential and progression as they dive into the gameplay.

Now, we didn't just pull this out of thin air – our data tells us that streamers go nuts for games with high multipliers. And BGaming’s Aztec Clusters is packing cool features that streamers and players will certainly love.

Just look at this: Sticky Wilds, the chance to hit those big multiplier wins, and some surprise elements like random wilds, multiplying boosters, and a feature that kicks low-paying symbols off the board – talk about unexpected excitement!

When it comes to winning clusters, the multipliers on those winning cells can shoot up to x10. Combining all these unique features with a touch of very high volatility, Aztec Clusters is crafted to be a streamer magnet and a player favourite worldwide.

4. The random Dig-up feature sounds like quite a thrill! What does it do for the gameplay?

The Dig-up feature adds a whole bunch of excitement to the gameplay. So, here's the lowdown on what it does. After scoring a win by connecting 5+ symbols and unlocking those sweet x10 Cells Multipliers, the Dig-up feature enters the scene. It randomly pulls off one of four moves.

First up, we've got the Sticky Wild. It sticks around until there are no more winning clusters in the base game. And if you hit it during the bonus game, it stays put for the entire bonus round.

Then comes the Booster, adding +2 to the activated multiplier cells and +10 to any Wild on the board.

Now, the Destroyer – the feature that wipes out all those low-paying symbols cluttering the board, and voila, you've got a fresh canvas with new symbols.

Last but not least, the Scatter randomly pops up, adding that extra pinch of luck to the mix.

The Dig-up feature is like the game's mystery box – you never quite know what's coming your way, but one thing's for sure: it's guaranteed to amp up the thrill of the gameplay.

5. The fun simply wouldn’t be complete without the Wild Spin feature and the Free Spins round. How do players trigger these?

Actually, Aztec Clusters is packed with tons of awesome surprises – no doubt about it!

As for the Wild Spin feature, it's a power move for 20x bet size, that guarantees Sticky Wilds on every spin, available only in the base game. It's like turning on the turbo mode for extra anticipation.

When it comes to Free Spins, I’d say it’s the beloved feature among players. Landing 3 or more Scatters triggers 10 to 20 free spins. But it gets better – during this round, those Scatters transform into either Sticky Wilds or Cell Multipliers, cranking it up to x10 for the bonus game. If you're lucky enough to spot 3 or more Scatters showing up again during the Free Spins round, the feature gets retriggered for even more free spins. 

Now that you know the game's details, it's time to dive in and see if luck is on your side to hit a massive x10,000 max win (to be honest, I’ve personally hit it several times already). Check out the BGaming’s demo!

Thank you for sharing all this information with our readers. We can’t wait to see how our players like Aztec Clusters when they get to try the game!

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