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The AskGamblers team wishes you the most amazing New Year and holiday time!

Happy New Year from the AskGamblers Crew!

The year's beginning is a time filled with love, self-reflection and hopes for a change where change is due, but - more importantly - it's filled with enthusiasm for everything new that's coming. 

As Christmas tree twinkles in the back, and everyone is re-reading their New Year's resolutions and wishes (you can always wish for a little more, truly!), we're here to wish you the happiest new beginnings, a clear path to love, acceptance, success, and so many winnings your pockets overflow!

A Challenging, Yet Loving Year

The year 2020 has been overwhelming for all of us, but it is only due to togetherness and mutual support that we've managed to power through it. 

You, our players, have been an incredible motivation and support, one we couldn't do without. In turn, we've given our all to treat you to the best of our product, and make the year we all hope to forget (but never will) a little bit lighter, and a little more playful. Did we succeed?

In bridging this very testing 2020, we've had a website design update, multiple awards and promotions, plenty giveaways and some fantastic new casinos join our family - all of which (and more) you'll read about in our 2020 review. We're so ecstatic to share it with you (who better, right?)!

Out With the Old, in With the New

Not all that's old is wrong, as not all that's new is good - still, you'll know what to keep and what to toss, won’t you? One thing is sure - we know you'll keep us close with the same allegiance we'll be keeping you! 

Out of everything that's happened, we are most grateful for having you, the players, being part of this journey. And, you know what? In 2021, we vow to keep surprising you with the best deals in hope to keep you cheerful all year round!

Cheers to this new year ahead, and another chance for us to get it right! Yours, AskGamblers