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20 Million Returned to Players Through AGCCS

AskGamblers Returns an Incredible 20 Million Dollars to Its Plаyers

It’s not every day that we reach a milestone of these proportions, so we cannot be prouder to share our latest accomplishment with you. Namely, the total sum of all unfairly confiscated money returned to players through our AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has just exceeded an incredible $20 million! It’s a perfectly valid reason for celebration, wouldn’t you say?

8,700 Satisfied Players - And Counting!

The AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and the AskGamblers support team work tirelessly to answer the demands of dozens of disgruntled players who are having trouble with online casinos and the numbers speak louder than the words.

More than 8,700 players have managed to retrieve their unfairly confiscated money through the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service so far!

You’ll be pleased to hear we have thus far made over 8,700 players happy with their returned money - and counting! 

Feedback Received from Satisfied AGCCS Users

As we’d reached and, by now, surpassed $20,050,947 of all returned money, allow us to share with you several quotes and feedback given to us by the satisfied AGCCS users. After all, the Complaint Service does it all for players and it’s your opinion that matters the most!

A player recently stated: “I just have to say that I am very impressed. An online casino was refusing to even have a dialogue with me when the support team took on my complaint. Ten minutes later the casino responded and was forced to put the cards on the table. I am sincerely grateful. It isn’t just about my money; for me it’s a fight for those who aren’t sure if they’ve done something wrong. Thank you so much!”

Another player commented on the promptness of the AGCCS service:

I got my winnings the same day my complaint here was published. Thank you, AskGamblers!

Another customer stated: “Only the highest praise for all AskGamblers. It's like having a higher authority that you can rely on for help and support when dealing with tricky situations. Thanks all, please never change!”

“I just wanted to reiterate my appreciation for AskGamblers’ ongoing support in assisting me in the process,” “I’m very happy AskGamblers exists. Thanks so very much! You are very important in this business. Keep up the good work!” and “I don't know what I would do without you and AskGamblers. It is a good feeling to know there is someone to turn to when a resolution is needed,” are just some of the other much appreciated feedback we’ve received lately.

Feel Free to Use the AGCCS to Have Your Casino Issues Resolved

As we celebrate the fantastic milestone, we just want to take this opportunity to thank you for using our AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and to invite you to use our channel whenever you feel wronged by an online casino, while naturally following our submission guidelines and rules.

Remember that our customer support is here for you and ready to help you solve your particular problem, so don’t hesitate to submit your complaint - the other 8,700 players surely don’t regret their decision!