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Person to Person is a general term for a payment service that allows users to transfer cash directly from one person to another. Person to Person services vary widely: some are large international companies, while others deal in local transactions only. For a list Person to Person casinos that use these services for deposits and/or withdrawals, see this page.

Depositing with Person to Person

To conduct a deposit with a Person to Person transfer, you'll want to get the necessary details from the casino. These are often listed in the cashier next to the Person to Person option (e.g. MoneyGram, Western Union, or other money transfer service), but some casinos require you to contact support for this information.


Once you have determined which Person to Person service the casino uses and you have the necessary information, visit your local branch for that service with the necessary amount of cash in hand. Follow the instructions the Person to Person agent gives you to complete the transfer. You will likely need to include your username or some other identification information with the transfer to let the casino know whose account to credit. A fee will be assessed for the service.

Withdrawing with Person to Person

To receive your withdrawal from a casino via Person to Person, you will need to give the casino some information. They may be able to get this from your casino profile, or a representative may need to have a chat with you to get it. After your withdrawal is processed, the casino should notify you and provide you with a receipt of some sort so that you may get your money. The casino may charge a fee in addition to that charged by the Person to Person transfer service.

Advantages of Person to Person

Person to Person is one of the few ways in which online casino players can deposit without providing any financial information to a third party. This is because Person to Person transfers use cash only. As long as you remember to bring enough to cover the deposit and fee, you can have your deposit sent to the casino for manual processing in just a few minutes.

Person to Person is one of the most widely available banking options for online casino players. Although servicers vary by region, many are totally international. Some countries also have local Person to Person agents that may be supported by some online casinos.

Disadvantages of Person to Person

Unfortunately, Person to Person transfers cannot be processed automatically. When you deposit via Person to Person, the online casino must wait for your money to arrive, then verify that you were the one who sent it. This process can take several business days to complete. To prevent unnecessary delays, let the casino know when you are planning to make a Person to Person transfer beforehand.

Person to Person transfers also tend to be one of the most expensive deposit options in a casino cashier. Fees do vary by region and by servicer, however. Check with your local Person to Person branch to see what fees will apply for your deposit.

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