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Money Order Casinos 2019

A money order is a paper payment method offered by hundreds of organizations throughout the world, such as post offices, financial institutions, and even grocery or department stores. For online casino players, a money order is a safe way to add and withdraw funds to and from and online casino account. Any of the casinos listed on this page are money order casinos.

Depositing with Money Order

To add funds to an online casino account with a money order, you need to get an address from your casino of choice. This address should be listed in the cashier next to the money order section: if it is not, inquire with customer support. Do not send a money order until you know for sure what the proper address is.

Next, make sure you get a money order from an institution your casino supports. Once you've found one, go to that business or organization and pay for the money order in person. A small flat fee will likely be charged for the service, and you will almost certainly need to pay in cash. Then, fill out the money order with instructions provided by the casino. You may need to include your username and other information.

Finally, place the money order in an envelope labeled with the casino's address, pay the necessary postage, and send the payment on its way. After the casino receives your payment, your account should be credited with your money.

Withdrawing via Money Order

To get a withdrawal from a casino with a money order, all you need to do is make sure your address on file is correct. Then go into the cashier, request the withdrawal, and wait. The payment should be in your mailbox in the timeframe specified by the casino. Please note that the casino may charge a fee for this service, so inquire with your casino's customer service team before you put in for the withdrawal if you'd like more details.

Advantages of Money Order

Money orders are easily one of the safest methods of online casino banking around. Using them requires absolutely no sharing of banking or credit card details since they are paid for with cash. If you are using a money order to deposit, the only thing you may be required to do is to show identification when purchasing the money order.

Money orders are also widely available. Virtually every country has at least one organization that provides money orders for almost any purpose. In fact, it is likely the single most accessible banking option around.

Disadvantages of Money Order

Unfortunately, money orders are by no means the fastest method of banking at an online casino. If you are using one to deposit, you can easily expect it to take a week or more before it will be credited to your account. Money order withdrawals also take time to be delivered to your home or post office box.

Money orders are not all equal. When you receive a money order withdrawal, you will need to either deposit it at a bank that supports the money order's brand, or find a local carrier of the money order to cash it in. For this reason, you should ask the casino beforehand about what service they use to purchase money orders for withdrawals.

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