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Retro Reels Extreme Heat is currently available only in free play mode in your country.
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Retro Reels Extreme Heat Games Global

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Retro Reels Extreme Heat Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 2061 reviews
Reviewed on November 21, 2016


Okay, so here's the third and final version of Retro Reels game from Microgaming. No other game provider likes to do this several same game cloning thing except Microgaming. In a way, that increases their total number of games available, to give an impression that Microgaming has got a lot of games for players to play, when in truth, most of the games in the list are really nothing more than clones. Nonetheless, a quick recap of the 3 games, for comparison. Retro Reels, 20-paylines, No Wilds, 2 Scatters to trigger Free Spins game, up to 25 free spins, all wins are doubled. Retro Reels Diamond Glitz, 25-paylines, No Wilds, 3 Scatters to trigger Free Spins game, up to 25 free spins, all wins are doubled. Retro Reels Extreme Heat, 30-paylines, has got Wilds, 3 Scatters to trigger Free Spins game, up to 20 free spins, all wins are doubled. See the slight differences between each game?

As for the paytable, the Wild symbol pay 10,000x the line bet for 5 of them, substitutes for all except for the Scatter symbol, but doesn't do anything else. A typical dumb Wild symbol. The Bonus Scatter pays only 50x the total bet for 5 of them, half of the usual payout amount, why, don't ask me! 3, 4 or 5 Bonus Scatter symbols trigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins with all wins doubled, and more free spins can be retriggered. Again a reduction in value and winning chances. All the other symbols pay the same, from 500x down to 50x (mixed combinations), all per line bet for 5 of each kind. The Wild symbol gets added in, but all other values get reduced. Still a low paytable.

Instead of seeing lots of Diamond symbols, there's now plenty of '7' symbols, in threes, twos and ones. The 'Bar' symbol follows the same, with threes, twos and ones, and the whole play area gets cramped up with so many '7' and 'Bar' symbols at a time! Sheesh! Most players may not mind this at all, but not me. I hate messy situations!

Game wise, it plays about the same way as the Diamond Glitz version, but the presence of the Wild '$' symbol does make a slight difference in the payout patterns. The mixed combination wins are probably the easiest to get on the reels, 5 of which paying only 50x the line bet amount, which isn't much at all, but it keeps the game going for longer periods of time. This bit I quite like, as compared to the other two games that doesn't have any Wild symbols at all. In the end, winning or losing is a matter of individual luck. No two player can get the same results all the time. Not even most of the time. But as for me, my luck with Microgaming games remain unchanged! No luck at all on 99% of Microgaming games! Maybe I'm 'allergic' to cloned games, who knows! Hahaha.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on August 18, 2016


I like this kind of game, the kind of "old meets new" slot games that combine elements of fruit machines and slots from the bygone era of gaming with high resolution graphics, exciting features and lots of paylines. It's a definite recipe for success in my view, and Microgaming obviously thinks so too as they have created several slots in this "Retro Reels" series using this formula.

The games RTP is amongst the highest you will find on-line at a massive 97.5% - it's surprising you don't see this game prohibited from bonus play considering that Blood Suckers is almost universally barred thanks to its 98% RTP. Most of the wins on the paytable are fairly good, the maximum being 10,000 coins for a line of five wilds but five scatters is set quite low at 50x stake.

It's all the more surprising you can play this with a bonus when you realize this game also offers the ability to re-spin individual reels similar to Hot Ink - another game that is often banned from bonus play. This isn't a clone of that game though, the paytable is stacked very differently and this is a 30 line game whereas Hot Ink had a larger visible play area and 1024 pay ways. Unsurprisingly though the cost of respinning a single reel is calculated based on the probability of that reel awarding you a large win, and if you have two scatters on the screen it will cost you plenty to respin for a shot at the third - you have to decide if that cost is worth it rather than just spinning the reels from scratch once again.

You can win up to 20 free spins when all five scatters land but most of the time you'll have to make do with the standard ten - free spins wins receive a 2x multiplier, and you cannot use the respin feature for the duration of the bonus.

This isn't my favourite Retro Reels game but it's a good contender, and the re-spin feature is something that I think will satisfy the dreams of many slot players. I do think it can be prohibitively expensive to use this feature a lot but just occasionally it can be a lot of fun to give it a try.
hajnrih 1379 reviews
Reviewed on May 31, 2016


Retro Reels Extreme Heat is probably my favourite slot from the Retro Reels series. I play this game anytime I can and it never fails to surprise me. I never win a lot, but small amounts that come on regular basis. I always make a deposit, sometimes 20 sometimes 30 and I always make a withdrawal. This is 5 reels and 30 pay lines video slot game. I have to say that I do not prefer the design and I would say that the one of the Retro Reels Diamond Glitz is better. But in the end, who cares about the design of a game, we are all in for the cash.

The last time I played this game I got 10 free spins as soon as I started playing and I won 28.20 euros. I was playing with 0.60 bet and I continued to do so. I did not raise my bet even though the game was paying on a regular basis. This can be sometimes tempting. But I know that most of the times when you raise your bet the game can hit a big win or eat your money. It is more probably that the second one will happen so I did not change anything. Next bonus I won 20.40. I cannot say that I won more than 30 x bet during the free spins, but still it was not bad. I made a deposit of just 20 euros and in a very short time I made a withdrawal of 120 euros.

You can also get more spins during this game too. If you get 3 scatters, which is the free spins bonus symbol you get 10 free spins. For 4 scatters you get 15 free spins and for 5 scatters you get 20 free spins. Ironically, like in every other game I never get more than the smallest amount of free spins.

What else can I say about this game, I just love it.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Reviewed on July 29, 2014


All these games with retro themes actually transported me to my childhood, where slots mechanics were placed in public places like bakeries, shops and cafes, and then I think my attraction to this kind of games should be something that I have inside my veins.

“Retro Reels Extreme Heat” is classified in many casinos on Top games section, and that is because despite it looks genuinely old thanks to its classic symbols, such as cherry, lemon, numbers 7 and bells, it is a thoroughly modern game, with excellent sound effects and an interesting table of payments, which also includes special features such as wild symbols and rounds of 10 (15, 20) free spins, and one great improvement in this version "Extreme Heat" is the inclusion of the option of re-spinning that can be individually bought by pressing button at the bottom of each column enabled after each spin.

For me, this opportunity to buy re-spins in individual columns is the magic of this game, and it must be because experiences with similar slots, both 3 x 5 and 4 x 5 reels, have been totally rewarding for me to create a taste for slots with such feature. Having never played this game from Microgaming, I decided to try it in fun mode and started with 1,000 credits, and at this point I think it would have been great to have done it with real credits.

Initially, I wanted to use re-spin feature to trigger a free spins round, and to achieve this I chose to wait until two scatters appear and then pay on re-spins on the cheapest reel to get my third scatter. During my playtime, I tried and succeeded on three occasions, and the results were, financially speaking, twice slightly negative and one acceptably positive rounds. With these, my final balance was almost equal to my initial balance, so I decided betterto try getting a longer possible wild symbols line, and to achieve this I set alert myself awaiting any opportunity to start, and I was looking for my first wild symbols, preferably (or perhaps necessarily) located on payline number 1 and preferably on reels number 1, 2, or 3, since it is important to get small profits to help finance the purchase of re-spins , that increase in value as more substantial profits are enhanced. The opportunity came quickly when there was a wild symbol on reel 3 payline 1 (great!) then re-started with the re-spins on reel 1 to get my second wild and I did so on, always trying to maintain close high paid symbols that will help me finance the value of re-spins, in this way, I used to keep triple bars or triple sevens near then I usually changed to another column to try finding another wild symbol. The truth is my balance was never below $ 960 before getting my fifth wild symbol on payline 1 that in my case was for the reel 5. I could say it was hard work to achieve the highest award offered by this game (10,000 X) but the truth is I usually got enough average earnings to pay the next spins; in addition, to make it took me less than one hour. I attached some screenshot to this comment as evidence. Earnings were $ 223 obtained by betting 2 coins to $ 0.01 each one x 30 lines and my ending balance was $ 1.197. Now I would like to try it again but now in real, not for fun, but I wish I could do it with a minimum opening balance of $ 1,000, just to be relaxed.

Anyway, this is one of the games developed by Microgaming which will be one of the highest rated from me. Good luck with this game ;)
bigdk88 86 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on July 19, 2014


I did not used to like Retro Reels extreme heat and favoured the original Retro Reels over it but this is now not the case! Retro Reels: Extreme Heat is a fantastic 30 lines 5 reel video slot with nice graphics clear symbols and a great payout to player!
Retro Reels: Extreme heat is the 3rd and final installment of Microgamings Retro Reels Trilogy after Retro Reels and Retro Reels Diamond Glitz.

Retro Reels name is very appropriate not only because of its flaming 7s / bars but also for its RTP! It pays out lots when it is hot I prefer to play this with 5 lines or less as I normally play it when my back is against the wall. The unique aspect of The Retro Reels series is because you can re-spin individual reels at a price based on bet size/ possible win to make winning line combinations! This is rather awesome if you are just looking to have fun and not serious about making money but I find the game wins better if you don't re-spin them! Yes that's right do not re-spin and you will see many re-triggers and even possibly a 4 or 5 scatter (have had a 4 scatter a few times recently).

The highest win possible is 20,000 x line bet inside of the free spins and 10,000 outwith them this is gained by getting 5 dollar wild symbols (which also substitutes for everything except scatter), Next up is the sevens ranging from three 7s to one 7 these all pay 500 x line bet for 5(really generous)!, Bars are next best thing ranging from 1-3 on the symbols pays 250 x line bet for 5, Lastly the easiest symbols to gain 5 of are lemons, cherries and bells which pay between 75 x - 150 x line bet, mixed 7s or bars pay 50 x for 5. Believe me if it is running cold you will never be more relieved to see 5 of these!

Lastly I will talk about the free spins round this can re-trigger infinitely! Get 3 free spin scatters for 10 free spins, 4 for 15 free spins and 5 for 20 free spins and 50 x the full bet placed and with all of these routes to free spins your wins are doubled during the free spins. As I said above this game and retro reels originals free spins can go crazy! I have had as many as 30 free spins on Extreme Heat and 55 free spins on Retro Reels original! The only reason some may argue Original is best is the fact 2 scatters give you the free spins this is a valid point but I just find my less lines strategy works better on Extreme Heat and scatters are hard to get anyway so what difference does it even make?

In summary Retro Reels:Extreme Heat is a game I will certainly be playing regularly and it got me out of the red earlier on today a few times it seems to play out well anywhere!!

Here is my Pros of Retro Reels:Extreme Heat

Amazing payout and brilliant paytable
Re-spin the reels if you want to I personally rarely will
Fairly easy to trigger free spins compared to games like BDBA, Thunderstruck,Tomb Raider.
All wins in free spins doubled and can be infinite!
Dollar sign substitutes for everything except scatter.
Looks nice very well designed.
Player receives bet back if 2 scatters appear(always a nice addition).
The fact that my mind has been changed just ran bad first time I tried it from what I remember.

I give Retro Reels:Extreme Heat a well deserved 8 out of 10 a fun game to play and when it goes hot it will burn your retinas!



It can run badly at times (hence why I play it safe).
Sometimes frustrating when you think about re-spinning and don't then the win would have come!
Shame that you can't win free spins with only 2 scatters like in original slot.
valentin68 535 reviews
Reviewed on July 17, 2014


Ah, how do I love the slots with individual respin of the each reel.With just a little luck you can fill your pockets so quickly. I mean in no time. So far I have played only at “Hot Ink” which offered individual respins of each reel, and now at “Retro Reels Extreme Heat” I knew very quick how to play to add money fast in the balance. But first things need to come first.

Retro Reels Extreme Heat slot is a classic slot with 5 reels, 30 paylines (30 cents minimum bet), which is found in the Microgaming casinos. Being classic and of course as its name says its symbols are “Seven”s in flames, burning “Bar”s, Cherries, Lemons and Bells. Not much but enough to have 500 x wins when 5 Sevens of the same kind align, or 250 x for 5 Bars of the same type.

As I said, because of the previous experience playing a similar slot in less than 50 spins I managed to win here over 10 Euro extra (30 cents bet/spin). In general in my game I spin all the reels until a winning combination of 4 symbols (4 bars for example) happens. Then it is enough to respin the 5th reel to have the wins coming one after another. If I want more, I wait until I have one or two "Free Spins" symbols on screen.Then I respin the cheapest reel for 3rd “Free Spins” symbol to come. It is amazing how quickly I get this 3rd “Free Spins” symbol. This way in less than 10 spins + respins I enter at least once in the Free Spins round. In the 10 Free Spins I won almost each time between 4 and 10 Euro and thus almost always I was into win with something.

After 100 spins I got bored from piling money and started to play “normal”. Even in this game mode the slot is generous. When 4 different “Seven”sor “Bar”s bring you 20 cents (for 30 cents bet) there is not much to lose. The slot is almost perfect. The background music entertains the player and fits very well with how alert this slot is played. This is a game better than the average, where I will return for sure.
yapro 790 reviews
Reviewed on June 28, 2014


Retro Reels Extreme Heat is very old microgaming game, and they even had a series of such slots, all similar and have same features, and i am not very happy with this game. Retro Reels Extreme Heat has 30 paylines, and therefore minimal bet here is 0.30, same as at immortal romance, and this is already good reason to choose immortal romance.

Here we have wilds on all reels, and 5 wilds pay here good, x 300 total bet, scatters unfortunately paid not so good, only 50 x total bet for 5 of it. This game has feature in base game, it is possible to respin any reel after you make spin, you can respin absolutely any reel, and so many times, as you want, but it cost some money, and to be honest i really did not any reason to use this feature, and i really did not like it. here is possible to trigger free spins, from 10 to 20, depends on how much scatters you get(from 3 to 5 scatters i mean here). Free spins wins are doubled. Payouts are good here, but i played this game only one time at 32red casino ,and i trigger free spins feature around 4 times with my deposit, and all features pay me less than 50 x total bet, and on base game i also never have more than 50 x total bet. Game is boring for me, and to be honest even this useless respin feature did not help here. I am sorry microgaming, but all this series of games is too boring for me, i will not play any such slot again, i try only once, but this is enough for me and no reason to download and open this game for me.

Medium variance game, it has some potential to pay big, but i did not like it, i really can't see reasons to even download this one.
cocopop3011 265 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on March 31, 2014
Retro Reels actually have a few slots in its series, this is my 2nd favourite of the Retro series, the first being Retro Reels Diamond Glitz. They are both very very similar, the difference being the symbols. There is another difference with this slot, that is it is 30 lines as opposed to 25. So its a minimum of 30p a spin. I will occasionally play it at a 0.02p denominator but very rarely.

It's hit and miss with this slot. I've played and done really well but other times I can't even get the free spins. One of the first times I played it at a Microgaming Casino I done extremely well which is why I fell in love with it. As with Diamond Glitz you have the re spin feature on every wheel, but I never take advantage of this feature. It's far too expensive and it rinses your money quicker than I can rinse my boyfriends money and that is QUICK!! If you are a bit of a dare devil gambler I expect you will use this feature.

The free spins are by far the best thing about this slot. There isn't a bonus game so I suppose that's a bit obvious really. It's not a massive multiplier during the free spins - just a x2, but every time I get free spins they generally get re-triggered a few times.

On the normal spins, I don't ever remember winning a huge amount off a single spin, maybe £20 being the most at 30p a spin. And generally this is the amount I'll get off a single set of free spins. I've never had five scatters on Extreme Heat but I suspect it would pay quite well if you did. In terms of wagering, I would really recommend playing this slot too much. It's ok in small doses.
Adebisi213 447 reviews
Reviewed on February 23, 2014
After having reviewed the original version of this game (Retro Reels), and the bling-bling version (Retro Reels Diamond Glitz), it's now time for the hellish, devilish version: Retro Reels Extreme Heat! If you're a fan of advanced classic slots, then this one might suit your needs as well. It slightly differs from the just mentioned versions though.

Just like Retro Reels and Retro Reels Diamond Glitz, the maximum prize that can be won is 440,000 coins. Retro Reels Extreme Heat also offers the re-spin feature, where you can choose to re-spin a specific reel to win a bigger prize.

However, of course the re-spins costs money because nothing in this world comes for free really. The slot is nicely decorated I must say, since the symbols have a fiery background as if they are set on fire. Symbols include cherries, lemons, bells, bars, sevens and the almighty $ sign which acts like the wild in this game.

Five wilds guarantee a payout of 10,000 coins btw. Another notable difference is that this version has 30 paylines, which is more than the original (20 paylines) and Diamond Glitz (25 paylines). The minimum bet therefore is 0.30 euro. I played this game on 90 cents bets, but was quite annoyed how the re-spins hardly ever seemed to work out.

Perhaps showing the odds of actually hitting the symbol would be nice, or the layout of the reel so players can make a decent decision. Base game wins were limited for me with 40x bet size as my best score for now. Retro Reels Extreme Heat also offers free spins, 10, 15 or 20 with a 2x multiplier if you hit 3, 4 or 5 free spins symbols.

In that aspect the original version is still better since you only need 2 free spins symbols to trigger free spins. I've won more than 100x bet size though when I played the free spins, which means I got pretty lucky since good hits are rare on this game IMO.

My final rating for Retro Reels Extreme Heat is 7/10.

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