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Hot as Hades Slot Games Global

Hot as Hades is Microgaming software powered video slot that has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. This cartoonized slot’s theme revolves around the Greek Gods, and their mythological underworld with boiling lava, fireballs and, of course, the inevitable ruler of the underworld, Hades. The symbols include Poseidon, Medusa, Zeus, Cerberus, Hot as Hades logo, and high card symbols, all of which are followed by a stunning animation. Give it a go here for free or visit Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you visit the mysterious underworld of Hades make sure that your bets are adjusted properly. The coins size ranges from 0.20 to 50.00 and it can be set by clicking on +/- buttons. You are obliged to play all 20 lines with each spin. "Spin" button starts the reels, and you can either let them stop on their own or click "Stop" to bring them to a halt. With "Auto-play" option you set the reels in motion without interruption for a desired number of times or until you stop them by clicking on "Stop auto-play”.

Hot as Hades slot has awesome game-play which will keep you riveted to the screen for many hours. It has a wild multiplier symbol, a scatter symbol, a Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus game, and Super Mode Free Spins bonus game.

The logo of the game is a wild, multiplier symbol. It both substitutes for other symbols, except the scatter, and multiplies the pay-out. Any winning combo that this symbol completes as the Wild will be doubled. Also, it creates its own winning combos when multiple symbols appear on an active pay-line. However, these pay-outs are not multiplied.

The Crystal Skull is the Scatter. When two or more appear on the reels it forms a winning scatter combo, and the pay-outs depend on your total bet. When you land 3 or more of them it will activate the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus game.

Once you activate the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus feature, you will be taken to another screen with great animation, and you will have to choose objects to reveal random bonus amounts. This bonus game has 5 levels and you progress through all of them. Each level has 5 objects and behind them you have a bonus win, a Win All and a Block symbol.  If you run into the Block symbol, the bonus feature will end. Each level has a different number of awards and Block symbols.

Level 1 takes you to the Pillars of Awesomeness where you pick a pot. This level has 3 random bonus wins, and one Win All symbol. Level 2 is the Medusa’s Gaze where you choose a path behind the doors. Here you have 3 random bonus amounts, a Win All and a Block symbol. Level 3 is set in the Poseidon’s Ocean where you pick a shell. You have two bonus amounts, a Win All, and 2 Block symbols. Level 4 will take you to Zeus’ Stairway where you need to select a cloud. Here you have 2 bonus amounts, a Winn All and 2 Block symbols. Level 5 has a "Discard" option so you can discard your first choice.

Super Mode Free Spins bonus round is randomly activated after any spin is complete. When it does get activated you will be awarded 5 free spins. Here, 3 wild symbol positions are randomly activated and are fixed for the rest of free spins. Only one wild is activated per spin. This bonus feature cannot be re-activated during free spins nor can it be activated during the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus game.

Game Play

Bet +/-: Adjust your bet
Spin: Starts the reels.
Stop: Stops the reels.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for as long as you wish.
Stop Auto Play: Stop the auto-play.

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Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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Hot as Hades Slot Reviews by Players


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Inactive user
Reviewed on September 13, 2016


I finally got the chance to review a super video slot by Microgaming. I think it was released last year and I liked its theme and cartoonish symbols. I played it last summer and l simply loved this game. If you wonder what 'Hades' means, let me tell you, I didn't know it myself too. 'Hades’ was the ancient Greek God of the underworld, of the dead and its riches, and in this video slot, he is the one who might boost your balance and possibly make you rich. This time, I wanna say that Microgaming did an awesome job.

This is a 5-reels 20-paylines video slot, playable from as low as 0.20 cents bet per spin. The last time I played it, I triggered the 'Quest For The Crystal Helm' bonus game. 3 Scatters appeared, just for me to enjoy its multi-level bonus game. Firstly, I was taken to the 'Pick a Pot' screen, and I chosed smartly and got the 'Win All' pot, which gave me a nice 7.60 Euros win on my 0.40 bet. Then, to the next level, 'Choose Your Path', I picked one of five doors, which gave me a small win of 1.60 Euros. Then it was 'Pick a Shell', and it was my pleasure to have chosen the shell which hides the biggest prize. Then, 'Select a Cloud', and my cloud made me a 6 Euros win. Finally, the last level, 'Choose a Chest', and after you get the prize, you may keep that prize or pick again. In this level, all chests hide a prize, with the Crystal Helm hidden in one of them. I didn't get it, so I was back to the base game with a nice 25 Euros win. That was good enough for me.

There is a Super Mode feature which activates randomly in the base game and awards 5 free spins with random Wilds. The Wilds are held in place during this 'Super Mode' which increases your winning chances. Unfortunately, the paytable isn't so generous, just like its creators too. Collecting 5-of-a-kind Wild symbols would make you only 100x your total bet, which is quite poor. However, the feature games seem easy to trigger and it means you can boost your balance quite easily, but don't expect anything so big. I would strongly recommend to take a look at this amazing, funny and entertaining video slot.
Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on May 8, 2016


It is not usual for me to actually like any Microgaming games, but this hair-on-fire hotty guy certainly got my balls for some time, I must admit! Strange as it may be, but this nice cartoonish guy caught my interest from the first time I played it with some free spins given to me. Why? Because I had a good time with those free spins, even though I didn't win anything in the end. But, as entertainment goes, this Hades guy is maybe a lot like me! Adventurous, dangerous, and best of all, funny! Hahaha. What? I'm not like that? Oh gees, sorry! Hehehe.

The first thing I like about 'Hot as Hades', is the Quest bonus game, entitled Quest for the Crystal Helm. An adventurous trail, without a doubt, meeting up with some Godly beings and a strange creature too, a 3-headed doggie, or whatever, called Cerberus. Not only that, Hades also got some sneering looks from that Medusa ssexy thing, but also some cheers from her too. Aah, isn't that nice? There are 5 levels to complete in this bonus game, the final level taking Hades into Zeus's Chamber, to find that Crystal Helm. Did I get to this level? Yep, you bet! Hehehe. Not once, but two or three times, and finally finding that Crystal Helm, awarding me with a nice surprise Extra Award! Just look and drool at my screenshot above. What? Not a lot? Well, what do you expect from MG? Stingy! Hahaha.

The second thing that I like, is the Super Mode. Nope, Hades doesn't turn into a Superman and start flying across the rows and the reels, nosirree, he doesn't do that at all. The Super Mode is activated randomly, when you don't expect it, but at times when you do actually asked for it, if you're lucky enough, and awards 5 free spins. What's so super about getting only 5 free spins right? Yeah, agreed. Would have been so much more fun with 10 free spins, but then again, you know how it is with MG right? What's super about these spins are the sticky Wilds, up to 3 Wilds at the start, 1 extra Wild for every spin, all randomly distributed onto the reels, so getting 5 Wilds is not really a big problem here! Except that 5 Wilds only pay 100x the total bet! What the aargh! But Wilds double all wins, so that's a little bit okay, pheew! The same thing goes for 5 scatters too, 100x the total bet amount. Another what the aargh! And what about that hot hair-on-fire guy? Well, he pays only 50x the total bet, yet another big WHAT THE AARGH!


Nope, I don't want to spoil this hot hair-on-fire friend of mine with my dislikes! If you know me well enough, then you'll know what my dislikes are too! Why only seven green stars? Blame MG for that! Hehehe.
stars_cream 161 reviews
Reviewed on April 1, 2016


Hot as Hades is slot from Microgaming which is Greek themed from the ancient Mythology as it has Hades, Zeus, Poseidon ,Cerberus and Medusa as stars and paying symbols. The graphics of this slot reminds me of cartoons and in general there is a funny mood on this slot.

It has 20 pay lines and minimum bet of 0.20 and I believe it has a rather good pay table for a medium variance slot since you can get many 20 to 30 times the bet win on the base game. I play this slot when I am low on balance hopefully to have a small boost to it, which happens very often. Also the wild doubles the win.

During the game play there are funny animations of Hades and the other heroes happening beside the slot, but unfortunately they lag the slot a little. When you get 3 crystal skulls, you win the bonus round and the journey can begin the quest for the crystal helm. It is a funny ride with beautiful animations where you get to correct pick an object in order to advance to the next step. The Cerberus symbol awards you all the prizes of the level. When you pass the first 4 steps you enter to Zeus helmet to claim the crystal helm. I usually do not win much on the bonus round unless I reach the final and there are not also very big winning potentials, probably up to 150 times your bet if you are very lucky.

Also there is a random triggered feature called super mode where you have 5 free spins and during them Hades comes and adds up to 3 wilds, one per free spin, which are sticky and remain for the rest of the super mode.

Hot as Hades is a very entertaining slot but on the other hand it does not have the ability produce huge wins.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on October 28, 2015


Hot as Hades is one of the newest video slot which I played from Microgaming software company. The game has great design so as sounds, music and symbol icons.
It has 20 paylines and minimum bet 0,20€.

When I played it, I raised my bet to 0,6€. The main game is ok, sometimes there are a few dead spins but sometimes there are many high payout symbols on the reels. Hot as Hades has a bonus. It is a quest for the crystal helm and it is trigger by at least 3 scatters. I was not waiting long for this bonus game when I played it.

When the bonus starts you will see some great video presentations, animations. Sometimes it would be also funny. The bonus is set in this way that you need to pick the right things. After that you get prize and you are going into next level. There are 4 of them but I never came till the end. I am not good at picking or maybe I don't have luck at it. The prizes were funny low when I played it. This bonus did not convince me.

Better part from this game is to wait for super mode feature which is triggered randomly and awards you with 5 free spins. During feature 3 wild positions are randomly awarded. One wild position can be awarded per spin. I like this feature because wilds are held in place for the time of super mode feature. I like this kind of games, it remained me on Dead or Alive game. But I don't think here you can get such a huge winnings because you will receive only 5 free spins.

The payouts are still good enough to play this game. I think I should play this game more often because it is really nice game. It could provide great wins if you have luck at super mode feature but you never know when the feature will start.
katemak 1265 reviews
Reviewed on September 27, 2015


Greek themed video slot called Hot as Hades is another newly added game from Microgaming software. Talking about its graphics which is superb one, well that's from my point of view, with mixed tales of Gods such as Zeus, Medusa and Poseidon. Poseidon’s ocean, Medusa’s snakes, Zeus’ lightning bolts, female choir, the Hades' three headed dog and some of the low paying symbols such as letters and numbers this are all symbols which you we came across playing this game.

It’s a cartoonish video slot with Mythology theme where the Hades God of underworld plays the main roll, helping player to make some winning combination. This game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines which can be played with lowest bet from 0.20 cents. The game has wilds, sticky wilds, bonus feature and of course the bonus round called Quest for the Crystal Helm which contains 5 levels.

The free spins are random which the player will be rewarded with 5 free spins, which the reels will become in super mode and then seeing Hades himself flying on the reels and shooting some of the symbols making them sticky wilds, so helping the player getting some winning combination.

The bonus feature as I mentioned above called Quest for the Crystal Helm is really entertaining one with 5 levels. The first level will give opportunity to choose from 4 cash prizes, the second one is again to win 3 cash prizes; the third level is to pick a shell, so might bring you some cash prizes or end the game.

The fourth level is where you will enter in the Zeus stairway and here is another 2 cash prizes to be won and the last the fifth level is called Chamber of the Crystal Skull, so the player will have a chance to pick from 5 chest where again are with cash prizes, but if the player reveals the Crystal Skull then the cash prize can go up to X 260 players bet. I would definitely play this game, it has potential of big wins and I think Microgaming guys have put a bit effort on this game. Good Luck!
winningfly 283 reviews
Reviewed on September 24, 2015


Hot as hades was released couple months ago by Microgaming. This game is very similar to Hellboy slot, but with some differences.

I like how this game looks. Awesome theme, awesome animations and great sounds. Also hades is great itself when doing animations, so I could only give best possible mark for overall look of the game to Microgaming. Usually I did not like how their games look, but this one is great.

I like payouts here. It is not very huge, but I think 5 of a kinds land more often than in Hellboy for example. Wilds also have x 2 multiplier, once I got 5 of a kind of good symbol and one a bit more than 100 bets during normal play.

I like that there is two awesome features. First feature is super mode (same name as in Hellboy) and it is a bit worse than in Hellboy. Here you get only 5 spins but with guaranteed placing of wilds. Got it about 5 times, and once won more than 150 bets, not so bad for only 5 played features. And also I love that it triggers by random, it really make me happy, when you spinning and then boom by random feature when you did not expect it.

I like bonus game here. First of all it looks absolutely impressive and great, no words comparing with Hellboy feature. Outstanding animations, great pictures. I want to see all bonus games like this one. Typical and similar to Hellboy but I do like it.

I never had wins than more 100 bets during normal play, and only once more than 100 bets during super mode. But I did not played this slot too much, so I think my overall results are good. I like this game and rate it with 10 stars, because I am trying to remember my playing and could not say anything bad.


Seems to be most interesting or one of the most interesting microgaming releases this year.
hajnrih 1379 reviews
Reviewed on August 31, 2015


Hot As Hades is one of the latest slot games launched by Microgaming. I had a chance to try out this game only a few days ago. What was really weird is that I didn’t get one single free spins promo about this game while for the new Bridesmaids slot I got 6-7 promos. Anyway I liked the slot at first look. The game has interesting cartoon like symbols and some great animations in base play and in the bonus features so in general it’s a really interesting game to play.

The slot has 20 paylines and 5 reels so the minimum bet to play it is only 20 cents which is great for low rolling and when you’re down on your balance. The paytable is descent and I like the fact that the wild symbol has a doubling function. The game also offers 2 bonus features.

The first bonus feature is triggered randomly and is called Super Mode free spins. Here you are awarded with 5 free spins and you get 3 sticky wilds on the reels plus you can get an extra wild during every spin. The feature can be very profitable as I saw if you are lucky to get the wilds on the right positions. The second bonus feature is triggered when you get 3 scatter symbols on the reels and you activate the quest bonus. Here you have to make picks which award cash prizes and if you make the wrong choice the bonus ends.

This game is a clone of Hell Boy but I have to say visually it’s way better and I think it has a lower variance. I played 200 spins overall and I was satisfied. Base play wins are small to medium, you often get 10 x bet wins. I triggered the Super Mode free spins and had a win of 103 x bet thanks to 5 of a kind Poseidon symbols. I also triggered the Quest bonus but Poseidon was not generous to me this time, he kicked my butt out of the bonus and I only had a 10 x bet win.
blondie 1632 reviews
Reviewed on August 1, 2015


Hot as Hades is the newest game from Microgaming software. It has 5 reels 20 paylines and free spins bonus round. Lately Microgaming has been very busy with lots of new game releases and to be honest, with most of them I am not very pleased with because they all look very similar and like something we have already seen dozens of times.

Hot As Hades is a very interesting looking slot, it reminds me something about superheroes. This game has 2 types of free spins, one is triggered randomly and the other one by scatters, this seemed like an interesting change.

Last week I made a deposit of 60€ to try this game in one of MG casinos. Since the minimum bet was 0.20€ per spin, I played with 0.40€ bets. I played 200 pins with these bets and once I hit 5oak winning that paid me 50 x bet size. Other than that, the payouts were bet size and nothing spectacular. Within those 200 spins I couldn't trigger any of the free spins rounds but at least my balance hadn't gone down, it was few euros up the initial amount.

It took me almost 400 spins to get the Super Mode spins feature. It gives you 5 free spins on which you get 3 random wilds and they stay there. I won 4.10€ from this feature which isn't very small but at the same time it is only 10 x bet size.
I continued with the same bets for 300 more spins. I have to say my favorite feature is the 5oak combinations because I got the green character 5oak and it paid 20€ and I got this feature in my session 3 times which is awesome. I also managed to get another Super Mode spins and this time the payout was much better- 16.60€. In my session I didn't get any Quest bonus round so I won't speak about that.

For me Hot as Hades still is a mysterious game because I haven't got the luck to get the Quest bonus round but I hope I will soon. The payouts are quite decent, the first free spins round paid little but the next one was 4 x bigger so it's quite alright. Overall I think this game is an interesting addition to MG slots and it's worth trying.
Adebisi213 447 reviews
Reviewed on July 31, 2015


The most recent addition from Microgaming is the video slot Hot as Hades which can be played at Unibet and 32Red amongst others. Like many experienced players I too immediately recognized a similar format when I started playing this new game. Those that have played Microgaming’s branded slot Hellboy, will undoubtedly be thinking the same while giving this new game a try.

In fact, it’s safe to say that Hot as Hades is a Hellboy clone. Although the word clone sounds kind of degrading and negative, I must honestly confess that Microgaming actually did a very good job with developing this game as the theme really carries itself and is appealing enough to attract and entertain players.

The concept and gameplay remain the same though. Just like Hellboy this slot has 5-reels, 20-paylines and 5-rows with minimum bet being just 20 cents. There are two main features to look forward to, which are similar in style compared to Hellboy. I do find one of the features of Hot as Hades a bit more adventurous though.

I played this game at 40 cent bets for around 500 spins last week. It didn’t take long for me to activate the Quest Bonus after receiving 3 helmet symbols (scatters). During the Quest Bonus u have to keep making choices by picking doors, clouds and chests to win prizes until you reach the end or if u pick the wrong one the bonus game stops.

To my surprise I managed to reach the end of the bonus game awarding me around 140 x bet. I was quite happy for this to happen as it’s usually quite difficult to reach the end of a bonus game. The other feature that can be highlighted is the Supermode feature which triggers randomly. You then win 5 free spins with extra wilds and wilds that are held.

Unfortunately my 500 spins were too short for me to experience Supermode on this game. So I decided to hop on to the next slot while I was still on a profit. Overall a decent experience and I will most likely try to play Hot as Hades again when I’m in an adventurous mood.

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