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Castle Builder Slot Rabcat

Castle Builder is a highly interactive 15-payline video slot, set in 3 medieval kingdoms, which runs on the Rabcat software platform. The game’s symbols feature princesses, princes and kings, while the most important symbol in the game is the wild card in the form of an Architect. Players are welcome to try this entertaining slot here on this page for free or visit any of the Rabcat casinos to play the game for real money.

Before players start building their castle, they should regulate their wager. The “Bet” arrows are used to choose the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 1. Clicking on the “Lines” arrows allows players to select the number of paylines played. The middle button is “Spin”, which initiates the game. Pressing “Max Bet” chooses the highest bet. Clicking on the “A” button prompts the reels to spin multiple times without interruption.

Castle construction is the main attraction of the game and, as players spin the reels, they acquire various building materi­al—­sta­ndard, bronze, silver and gold—which enables them to construct their castle. The more noble metal materials players collect, the higher the value of their castle.

Once the castle is completed, the king’s daughter moves in and chooses between 3 suitors. Each of the worshippers reveals his riches prior to the wedding. The future groom might be poor, which will result in a small win; he might possess average means, which leads to a medium sum; or he can prove to be rich, which secures a large winning amount.

Game Play

Bet: Choose the coin size.
Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Spin: Start spinning the reels.
Max Bet: Select the highest wager.
A: Automatically play for a preset number of times.

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Software Rabcat
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 96.46%
Special feature Wild
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Castle Builder Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on July 18, 2016


Role Playing Games, RPG in short, can be very addictive and enjoyable to play. RPG players have been playing the same game over many years, progressing from one level to the next higher level, from one version of the game to the next available version, and still waiting for the next future version to come out for continuation of their play. Castle Builder is actually such a Role Playing Game, whereby the main aim is to build and complete a castle, as commanded by each King of the region, for the future use of their daughters. Once the castle is completed, the daughter gets married to her chosen Prince, and so ends one chapter. Then you, the castle builder, moves on to the next mission, to build another castle for another daughter. And so the story goes. What is interesting here, is the fact that in building any castle, you need to play a game in order to win cash and building materials to sustain the building work. Without any of these, the castle cannot be completed, and so you become a failure! What? Me, a failure? Oh no...nosirree...not me...never me! By hook or by crook, I'll finish building that castle, and all the other castles too. Hehehe.

The role playing part is straightforward enough to understand, so no need to elaborate on that, but the game part, yes. All wins in the paytable are shown as the actual cash wins, so 5 of the Builder, the Wild symbol, pay 1333x the total bet, or $200 at $0.15 minimum bet size. The highest paying symbol, the Vault, also pays $200 for 5 of them, followed by all other symbols from $10.00 down to $0.10 for 5 of them. What? Just $0.10 for 5-of-a-kind? Yep, it is that blardy low! There aren't any Scatter symbols, Free Spins symbols, nor any Bonus symbols to look out for, not like in any other game, but just symbols of the King's family members, some of their items, and a building materials symbol. So, this Castle Builder game is definitely not the usual slot game that we know of, but a combination of role playing and slot playing, like it or not! Hehehe.

During the slot play, 2 or more building materials symbols appearing consecutively on any payline would build up the castle accordingly. 2 symbols is the Standard, 3 the Bronze, 4 the Silver, and 5 symbols the Gold, each one building up the castle according to its value, and contributing to the final Bonus Reward upon completion of the castle. The more Gold symbols won, the faster the castle build-up and the bigger the Bonus amount. Once the castle is done, 3 suitors would be presented and you pick one of them to be married off to the King's daughter. Each suitor has a hidden low, medium or high win award, but you won't know which is which until you pick one suitor out and see which award you have won. Most of the time, I had ended up with the low and medium win awards, but had also won the high win award a few times too. If you think that choosing the high win suitor would be easy, try playing the game, pick out the Prince, and see what award he would bring. Some of the high win suitors are simply downright ridiculous, but that's for tricking you into NOT picking on them, so you'll get the low and the medium win awards most of the time!

Frankly speaking, I wasn't bothered at all about the slot game itself, because there weren't any Free Spins or Bonus games to look out for, so I just let the game run on autoplay all the time, and watching as each castle gets built up instead. Hmm, watching those castles alone was interesting enough for me, because I've always been fascinated by them, but before I knew it, all my credits had went bust after building just a few castles! Sheesh...I would certainly need lots and lots of credits to complete this game till the end, but I wasn't about to become a failed builder, so I finally finished playing the entire game in the fun mode! I told you I'm never a failure, didn't I? Hahaha.


Playing Castle Builder was indeed fun for me. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed watching the castles get completed, I loved the beauty of each different castle, and that final Shangri-La Castle was simply built on islets in the clouds! A final totally impossible and improbable castle to build, but in a game, everything becomes possible! What I don't like about this Castle Builder game, is that I just cannot win on it, and probably can never win on it either! Simple as that! Hehehe.
Reviewed on May 20, 2016


Castle builder is indeed a strange kind of game. Quite unlike any other one that I have seen until now. By building castles you collect an ever increasing bonus (choice of 3). You KNOW you will receive one of the bonuses. The slot spins more often than not bring small prizes - and occasionally something larger.

It is a solid game where you can more or less calculate worst and best scenarios based on the size of the bonuses which you can see at all times. Sometimes the castle takes frustratingly long to build, and spins whittle away your cash despite wins - this being offset by the bonus which is waiting for you. Not a game to win a fortune on, but nice to play, very nice graphics and storyline - and good clean fun.


I played through the whole game and was slightly disappointed that after finished the last castle - the game just takes you right back to the beginning to "try again". No bonus round, just a minimal cash bonus.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on December 22, 2015


Castle Builder is 15 payline video slot game which I played only once. I do not like this game very much, because most of the time I had only small winnings.

The game is quite different than other video slots, this one offer building symbols which are most important elements in game. They come in standards, bronze, silver and gold. To progress the construction of a castle, you need to collect building elements on active payline from left to right.

When I played this game I never completed the castle. I don't know why, maybe because the base game was boring for me. I had only small winnings, and building elements never show up on the reels. I had bad feeling when I played it, most of the time I had small winnings, and by that I mean really small. I never got more than x20 bet size. I receiving only J, Q symbols. Sometimes a few combinations of wilds, but it paid poor to me.

I don't know maybe the game is more interesting after you complete the castle. But for me base game is not interesting and I do not like this game. The graphics are ok, but I will not play it more in the future.


The bad thing is that while I was playing it, I had only small winnings during base game. I never got any big win which could attractive me to play it more. The base game is quite boring for me, so as the payouts. I expected higher winnings when wild symbols are on the reels, not only some pennies.

The paytable should be set higher, most of time I received only x2 to x5 bet size back. And this is not interesting at all, this game just eats balance while you are trying to build the castle. I will rate it with 5 stars, I do not like it.
valentin68 535 reviews
Reviewed on January 23, 2015


Yes, one thing remains as we settled.:) Rabcat makes some marvelous slots, and not for the slot where the game play itself is attractive or not, but for their adjacent action. A few days ago I played the “Penguin Splash” and that was the first slot where I never could be attentive to the play because on the edge of the slot some penguins were making a lot of somersaults and different figures exactly to distract you from following the winnings and to take you away from the game.

Well here at Castle builder it is exactly the same. The slot is on the right and at the left side is built a castle. A real castle with princes and princesses because here this is the game about. In the game itself more noble figures together with castle building elements are among the symbols. The minor symbols pay as the bet, but if you have for example 3 Chests you will win 100x bet (10 Euro). From some elements (symbols) on the reels will start the construction of the castle from the left of the slot. This is a real castle, a marvel!

The slot is very nice made up so that until you build a castle (from the items on the reels), you will not win or lose much (about 1.3 Euro). When the Castle is built one of the 3 jackpots under the castle is given. For 1 cent/line (15 cents/bet) until the castle is finished there are raised a few Euros in each jackpot. When you have finished building the castle a royal wedding will happen where you must choose the groom of the princess and here it is, you will be awarded one of the jackpots depending on your first choice. Now it can follow another bonus: depending on the building experience (or on the beauty of the castle, yet I am not fully cleared) there is given another sum of money.

This is a terribly exciting game, where if you catch a nice bonus you get to have about 10 Euros extra. Of course most of the time you follow here how the castle is built and not the game wins. Excellent!


Maybe just sometimes the castle is finished with some difficulty and you have to play enough, but always it is worth to finish building a castle.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
Reviewed on September 21, 2014


Castle builder is kinda strange video slot but it's not bad at all, only the paytable is a little bit disappointing but the story line is fantastic, this game is just right for you if you like to read medieval stories.
I have played this game for about a half an hour with the lowest stake.
At first I thought this game is look a lot like (again, the legends of Olympus) and during playtime I haven't got the bonus round but I did manage to completed a few castles thou.

As far as I know Castle builder is enjoyable and could be fun but to be honest I have seen enough in that half an hour.
I have completed 3 castles during my playing time and that's 1 castle per 10 minutes and I wonder how much castle can you build in this game? I probably could find it out by playing this game more or probably by reading the paytable.

I noticed that the woods are crucial for building the castles so getting the woods is very important to get to the end of the story and claim your prize by matching the princess with a prince.
Personally I think this game is more for our female players, there's nothing wrong with that absolutely nothing but there's a reason why I played this game for just half an hour.

I started with 30 euro when I played this game and I end up with 23 euro after half an hour.
All the time I played this game I won little prizes and won the 2 out of 3 the biggest prize which is not bad at all.

The stories in this game could be addictive to some of us (not apply for me) and it would kept you playing till the castle is completely 100 percent build and claimed the prize (because it's a waste to let the prize unclaimed).

Long story short: Castle builder is a romance game that all female players will love.

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