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Veröffentlicht am 23. Januar 2023

Hello. I attach a screenshot of the bid. The office calculated my winning bet as a losing one, arguing that I was betting on the score 0-1. But even in my "losing" coupon, it is clear that the bet was made with the score 0-0. How is this possible?

The office does not go to any constructive dialogues, refers to its "rules". That is, how? Even if it's a mistake on your part, do I have to lose money now? I bet what was beneficial to me.

It's the first time I've ever encountered this, in other normal offices they make at least a refund of the bet if it didn't match the outcome and so on, and then they brazenly tell me in the chat that "you bet on the 0-1 account), although I bet on the 0-0 account and it's clearly visible in the coupon.

In general, I do not recommend this office to anyone. I want them to calculate my winning bet and give me the opportunity to withdraw my money. Thanks

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Veröffentlicht am 25. Januar 2023

Dear Casino,

Please let us know if there are any updates regarding this ongoing complaint.

Please note that, in case you fail to respond within the given timeframe, we will consider your case unresolved and it will be closed accordingly. As a direct consequence of such closure, the operator's ranking score on AskGamblers will be decreased accordingly.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2023

Dear all,

This complaint has been reopened as per Casino request and the AskGamblers Complaint Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reach a satisfactory resolution.

Veröffentlicht am 31. Januar 2023

Hello Askgamblers team,

We have reviewed bet ID 63cd6c­636­9ee­a00­001­986509 for the user, which was made on the match Sharjah FC v Al-Nasr Dubai SC. The bet was made on January 22nd 2023, 17:03:31 GMT.

The bet was a In-Play Asian Handicap Bet for Al-Nasr Dubai SC to win with a +0.5 selection. The betslip was submitted at 17:03:31 GMT when the match score was 0-1 in favour of Al-Nasr Dubai SC. Please note the following betting rule for Soccer and eSoccer matches:

“When bets are placed on In-Play Asian Handicap, match Scoreline is treated as 0:0 at the time of the placement. This applies only for soccer and eSoccer.”

Per this rule, when the bet was placed the score was “reset” to 0:0 for purposes of the In-Play Asian Handicap market. For the remainder of the match, Sharjah FC scored a goal making the In-Play Asian Handicap score 1:0, and thus the bet was correctly settled as lost.

Regarding any sort of error in the display of the betslip, refers to point 13.5 in its Terms & Conditions:

“13.5. Live video streaming, statistics, live scores, live betting or editorial text published on the site is added information, and does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if the information is incorrect.”

If any further information is needed, feel free to contact us again.

Kind Regards, Team

Veröffentlicht am 31. Januar 2023

It's your problem that you offer a bet after the event has already been completed. You should make at least a refund of the bet, and not count the loss if it is your mistake. If there is an error, make a refund, what is the problem? My bet on the score 0:0 won, it is clearly visible in the coupon. YOU offer such bids, it is your problem that they are erroneous. Turn on common sense. You can write anything in the rules.
Normal offices make a refund if they made a mistake, but not a loss, on what basis is a loss? If I bet on the score 0:0, which you also suggested?

Veröffentlicht am 31. Januar 2023

At the same time, when the 2nd half began, you already changed the painting to the score 0-1, as it should be. But, as I said, it is clearly visible in the coupon that the score was set to a handicap of +0.5 with a score of 0:0, this is clearly visible in the coupon. The fact that you made a mistake is your problem, why should I be responsible for it? And why the fright of losing a bet, if she actually won, under the conditions of 0:0, which you offered? Scammers

Veröffentlicht am 3. Februar 2023

Dear all,

Following a careful review and consideration of all the information, details and/or proof presented by the parties during the complaint process, the AskGamblers Complaint Team reached the conclusion that Casino management acted in accordance with their Terms and Conditions.

Based on the abovementioned information, the AskGamblers Complaint Team considers this case resolved and it is now officially closed. While we understand this might not be the outcome expected by the complainant, we would like to remind you that, in case of a disagreement with our decision, further assistance on the matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body and/or appointed ADR entity. Spielothek Beschwerden

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