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dwarfqueen13 Kanada
Veröffentlicht am 23. Dezember 2021

Hi there. I been playing ruby fortune for a bit now. And I won 12500 from the slots. Now long story short I was told many many times that my withdrawl is in operations. Then it was in processing then back to operations again. Told someone would call 3 times no one has called. Especially even today I was supposed to have a call at 11am then told again it will be for later at 4pm. They keep Changing when someone will talk to me on tht phone. And keep coming up with different reasons why my payment hasn't been released yet.

Also they stated since I was an amazing customer they were going to take whatever was owed to the casino (becsuse there was a issue with my bank) from my winnings and release me the remaining. Well that was last week and still nothing.

Getting really really fusterated and worried. Never had an issue with any casino before until this one.

I do not like being told the runaround it's very unprofessional and rude. I spoke to many of the chat workers and they say the same thing within 24-48 hours you should hear something. Or it should be processed to you by then.

Its been 21 days. And I havnt heard or seen anything change since the first day.

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