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helpmeplz Schweden
Veröffentlicht am 18. April 2018

So I just recently started to play roulette online on Evolution Gaming's games and the experience has been terrible. In just one week, I had 3 of my winning bets rejected.

Let me start with the first rejected bet which happened on another Casino, Bethard. I'll keep it short since it's not what my complaint is about. My bet got rejected and after searching for similar issues I saw that it's possible to get the game provider (Evolution Gaming) to provide you with the details regarding the bet. I contacted them and managed to get the potential win of the rejected bet via Live Support. I then contacted the casino as well with the information, and they me my potential winning.

A few days later on another Casino (Redbet) but the same Roulette game, it happened again, two times (SD-53931 + SD-53018), but I'll just describe one of them here.

I had just won a spin on my favorite number, 23, and decided to bet even more money on the same number. The ball landed on that number again, but what happened was that I saw the "Bet rejected" again. I contacted live support immediately and as usual they say "there were some irregularities in that game". They were going to contact me when they know the reason, so I waited. A couple of days later I contacted the live support on the casino and asked if they had heard anything from the game provider, but the live support told me to wait because he/she couldn't handle such support, I waited 20min but still no one could help me. I said they can email me instead. I waited again, but no email.

The next day I contacted the game provider's live chat and asked what happened to my issue, and according to them, they had already provided all the information to the Casino. So I emailed the Casino again, and what they wrote was that "The issue SD-xxxxx asked us to check that no money was taking from your account for that bet. We have checked that money wasn't taken from your account". I didn't quite understand the meaning of "The issue SD-xxxx asked us to check...". Was it the game provider or was it just what they thought the issue was about? I thought the game provider was going to tell the casino my potential winning? I went to the game provider's live chat again and asked, specifically for what information they gave the casino. They said that they had given all information to the casino and that I need to ask them. I asked what my potential winning was, but this time they refused to say. They just said I need to ask the casino. I got really upset and asked why they are keeping it secret from me, and that I'll ask communities for help... and now, they said, they will forward my potential winning(s) to the casino.

So I emailed the casino again and it did turn out that they didn't have the potential winning before after they quoted what they got from the game provider the first time, which was:
"Dear Casino Team,

"The player contacted us in Live Chat claiming that his bets were rejected during the roulette round on 2018-04-05 at 19:32:43 UTC and that he would have won the round.

The examination of the game server logs shows that the player attempted to participate in the round in question with a total bet amount of 370.00 SEK; however, his bet got rejected since we received Invalid Response (INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS) from your casino end on the withdrawal call sent by our system. Since the player's balance is held on casino side, please check if any funds were taken for this failed bet attempt and refund the player when needed."

So the game provider didn't give all information to the casino even if they said they did. But now, they should have given my potential winning to the casino, so I thought, I'll get my winning just like on the first rejected bet I had on Bethard?

Later, I got an email from the casino where they explained why my bet was rejected. What happened was the following:
First, I won a bet, and after that, I could see that I had 1260 SEK and could do the next bet.
The next bet won again, but I didn't have enough money. Why? Because the casino held my winning from the previous round and it took about 1 minute for me to get my winning.

So the decision was that since they didn't take anything from my account, they will not refund refund anything.

I emailed the casino again and said it's unfair and asked what information they got from the game provider, specically for my potential winning. They replied and said that that's the final decision, Bbt they avoided my question about what information they got from the game provider. I replied and asked once more, and why my potential winning is kept secret, and finally they wrote:

2150 SEK and 450 SEK

It can't take 1 minute to get paid, especially not when you're playing roulette. And even if it takes 1 minute, it shouldn't show that you have money if you don't have. This is obviously a problem on their side. I, as a player, should not need to care if the game provider thinks I have money or if the casino thinks I have money. If I see I have got paid from a bet and have money there, I should be able to assume that I can make a bet.

Also, the fact that they (the game provier and casino) keep trying to hide information from me makes me feel like this is a scam. I wonder how much people are suffering from this, and how much money they are making by doing this.

You lose - they take your money.
You win - they take your winning.

I searched around on the forum and find similar cases, for example on mr green and novibet


where both players got their potential winning. Even I, got my potential winning back from Bethard. Therefore, I think Redbet is resolving this very badly.

Veröffentlicht am 18. April 2018


I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this issue with both the provider and our casino.

Let me investigate into this to get all the cards on the table and also see the reasoning behind the final decision that was made.
If there's anything else you want to add to the case please feel free to post again and I will take the information further as well.

Best regards,

Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2018

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that Redbet Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

helpmeplz Schweden
Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2018

It was a waste of time to contact the casino and game provider time and time again. Thanks to Askgamblers, I have finally received my winning.

Still very unsatisfied with how the casino and provider handled it. If this could happen me 3 times in a week, this must happen a lot of people too. If this is the way the casino handles this kind of issues, I can only say I feel bad for those people. Not all people would waste hours contacting them and not many people know they can get help from here.

Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2018

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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