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tdgoose Vereinigtes Königreich
Veröffentlicht am 24. Februar 2019

Hi there

So I have an issue which talking on the phone and live chat to is still not being resolved. I have had a Redbet account for a long time now and made plenty of deposits using 3 different cards with never an issue and my account is also verified. so I would consider myself a loyal customer.

Recently I made a deposit with one of my credit cards that has a £1500 limit on it and all of it available to me basically meaning its got no purchases at all on it until I made these recent deposits (2 of £50)

And for once I was lucky and had some nice wins on the slots, so obviously I wanted to withdraw my winnings which currently stands at £2800.

Now I want to withdraw the money into my normal current account as I cannot withdraw it to my credit card because its already at its maximum available credit so there is actually no where the money can go well except for the £100 I deposited.

Much to my dismay they contacted me saying I have to withdraw the money to the same account it was deposited with where the win happened. this to me is totally unfair as that is my money I am trying to withdraw to one of my verified payment methods and they are not letting me. Redbet have told me this is a legislation issue, which I have now found out is not true as there is many examples on this site alone of people getting these decisions overturned.

There is no warning when making a deposit that any winnings made must be withdrawn to the same account.

I would like to add both of these cards are registered in my name and at the same address.

I am hoping this can get resolved and I get my money into my account

Many thanks


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