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VideoSlots - Misleading Loss Limit Feature

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Betrag € 1050
Inaktiver Benutzer
Veröffentlicht am 12. April 2016

I lost last week €1000. So I set a limit loss of €200. Today I played again and luckily went up to €1250. But then the losing sets in. I thought the game will stop because of my limit at €1050, but it didn't! So i lost everything. I asked the casino on live chat how this is possible. The person told me that a loss limit is al your wager in a certain time minus your gamewins. So I am only on €40 losses...
No person would understand this when setting a loss limit. If you ask 10000 people they will say the game should stop when your balance is €200 less from the highest point.
Videoslots should explain this at their site if they make their own definition. It is a rule which doesnt protect players, when players think they are protected. It is misleading.
What is the difference when i cashed the €1250 out and then again make a deposit of €200 and loose that straight ahead???
This doesnt seem ok to me. I think videoslots should pay me the €1050
If you take their method of calculating you will never win anything and even could end up losing more than the limit of loss you set yourself.
In their calculations it depends on what the starting point is. If i withdraw the money and start over again a new starting point is there. I would have kept my winnings.
This method is misleading. There is nobody who knows the definition of set loss limit by videoslots definition. Nor is it in their terms or conditions.
What is set loss limit? In my opion and i think an average intelligent person will say so too is: starting point highest value minus the limit. There is where a game should end.
Videoslots.com is misleading persons and they act like they take gambling redponsibility serious, but in their definition, which is nowhere explained, you always lose more and never win money with a loss limit. If i went to a real casino and would have won €1250, a normal person sets a loss limit in his head. For example: i play untill €1000. So the loss limit is €250 This person will never calculate all his wagers minus his winnings...
Its misleading and not taking gambling responsibility seriously.
It says on their site: you are able to choose how much you can lose during a chosen period... Misleading... You think it is when you reached your highest balance and then lowering the loss limit.. It says you are able to choose a period, so i choose when i am at €1250 as starting point.
The chat person says this limit is per 24 hours. If i reached 1250 at 23:59 then i would have reached their definition of loss limit within €1000 after 0:00 and would have had the money still. Not fair!!

Tell me videoslots: how can you ever win money when the loss limit is reached by your definition?????

Veröffentlicht am 12. April 2016

Dear W*********** ****************,

It appears that the limit you are referring to is “Wager limit”. As a matter of fact, you did apply a daily loss limit on your game play capped to €200 Euro.

You deposited on 11 April 2016 the amount of €10, 00 Euro and I turned out that the difference between your wagering and your winnings has not reached the pre-set limit of €200, 00 Euro.

The total amount that has been lost so far is €40.04 Euro.

Therefore, we believe that there is no breach in regards to the loss limit you set up in your profile. We strongly invite you to place a wager limit in order to avoid any further inconvenience.

Should you disagree with our outcome, you may file a complaint to the Malta Gaming Authority.

Address: Suite 1, Level 3, TG Complex Brewery Street, Mriehel Birkirkara BKR3000, Malta
Telephone Number: +356 21316590/1/3/4; +356 2546900

Email: suppor­t.m­[email protected]­mga.or­g.mt.
Website: http:/­/ww­w.m­ga.o­rg.mt.

Kind Regards,

Inaktiver Benutzer
Veröffentlicht am 13. April 2016


If I understand you correctly a loss limit is: the difference between wagering & winnings.
This definition is nowhere in your terms & conditions.

Like I said, everybody thinks when you limit your losses by 200, it is dropping down from your highest minus 200.
When you visit a real casino and you set yourself a loss limit of 200 you think you take the money when you lost 200 from your highest... You never count all the wagers you have made minus your winnings over every gaminground...It the bigger result what counts.
You simply ignore that fact. You violate your terms and conditions by not explaining clearly what a loss limit means in your casino's opinion. A normal person will think it is like what I think it is. Simply by comparing your top winning and then 200 off in a real casino. A person never calculates all of his bets minus his winnings, but he will count his total winning minus his loss limit. How you explain a loss limit will never protect a gambler on videoslots!! My gaming prooves it, cause I went down to zero from €1250.

I think you do me €1050 wrong and you try to not take this complaint seriously simply by doing it off by going to MGA, but you should change your terms & conditions by explaining what you mean with this term!!!! Act like your company takes this responsibility seriously and don't just write down you act responsible!

Then in respond of your second mail, which is included. My balance was 0,04. I had won €30 on the casino race and deposited after de loss of €1250 €10,-. Is it a big coincidence that by your calculating wagering minus winning, the result is exactly a loss of €40,04?????!!!! (10+30+0,04) I didn't lose SOME of the money, like you said, but the WHOLE €1250, while I thought I was protected by the loss limit, which I obviously wasn't.

You talk about a wagering limit. Another term which isn't clear what it means...Why would I be protected better than with a loss limit when I already set a deposit limit?
As you said: I ONLY lose €40,04. That's nonsens as well, I lost a lot of hundreds more at your casino, before this debacle. Thats why I set a deposit limit and after going down from €1000 to zero the week before, i thought i protected myself with the loss limit. A wager limit wouldnt protect me from that... Like your stange 'rule' makes its right, cause its only about €40,04. When I banked the €1250 at 23:59 and play again at 00:01, I wouln't have lost €1250 as well, since your chatperson told me the loss limit is per day. Has somebody ever reached the loss limit, according to your definition???? I guess not since you apply it according to your own definition.

So, take your responsibility seriously and pay me back the €1050 and explain the terms properly in your terms & conditions. If you look at this matter in a legal way: the definition is not what you say it is, when there is no explanation in the terms & conditions. It is what most of the people think it is, especially when you say you take responsibility seriously and have this option for you customers, so the customer can protect hisself.

Thanking you in advance for responding seriously to my complaint and not by just simply saying: go to MGA if you disagree. Try to act responsible here in a serious matter for customers who like to protect themselves!!!

Veröffentlicht am 14. April 2016

Dear W*********** ****************,

We do understand your concern about the loss that occurred on your player’s account and we always strive to accommodate and facilitate our players with gaming limits in order to keep control of their gambling activity.

We provided you with our outcome in regards to your current situation, which we believe that no wrongdoing occurred on our end.

Furthermore, our terms and conditions as well as our gaming limits have been duly approved by the MGA during the licensing process, meaning than those gaming limits are fully compliant.

In order to take that up through the right channel, you must as previously stated file a complaint to the MGA which also acts as an “Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Kind Regards,

Inaktiver Benutzer
Veröffentlicht am 16. April 2016

Hello Daniel,

You don't listen! You don't give a proper answer to my questions by simply saying go to MGA for the second time. That you are licensend doesn't mean you act responsible at all. I am
Completely dissatisfied by this answer and so will the readers of this complaint think. You do not take any responsibility about my complaint. Nobody knows what the limit means obviously. Who does???? This limit says nothing at all, just taking your money, when you think you protected yourself. When you as a casino with license take this complaint seriously you would explain on your site what these limits mean. If you have gambling problems and you think to set a limit which should be helpfull, but afterwards doesnt seem to work properly, cause it means something else than a regular intelligent person would think, you as a casino, should take responsibility and explain it on your site what is means and how it can protect you.

< The remaining content of that post has been removed due to an objection raised on behalf VideoSlots management which AskGamblers Complaints Team accepted.>

Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2016

Unfortunately, both sides involved into this dispute did not manage to reach to a satisfactory resolution. As a matter of fact, AskGamblers Complaints Team have been in a direct communication with the VideoSlots Casino management over the last couple of days trying to find a solution. We are afraid we did not manage to achieve such and therefore, we recommend player to forward this issue in front of the Maltese Gaming Authority directly. AskGamblers Complaints Team will comply with the decision taken from MGA. Until then this complaints is closed and considered as Unresolved.

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