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$ 800

alba555 Neuseeland
Veröffentlicht am 14. Februar 2022

On the 14th January 2022, I made a deposit at Konung Casino and took a 'Birthday deposit Bonus', which they offered me via email.

I have used the casino in the past and always deposited either via my Credit card or Via Skrill. I have never had an issue depositing

After successfully completing the wagering requirement, I sent all my verification paperwork to the casino & on Sunday 16th January I received the email back telling me my account is fully verified. No issues & No problems at all.

On the same day Sunday 16th January I noticed that despite being able to both deposit using a credit card & also having previously deposited using Skrill on the website, both these options are not available to me here in New Zealand for a withdrawal

Strangely there was no option offering even for an international bank transfer, which is a method I have used on many other casinos, including many casinos within the DAMA N.V group.

Please find a photo taken on my withdrawal TAB on Sunday 16th January when attempting a withdrawal. you can see I am only offered two options here in New Zealand. 'Bitcoin' & 'Mcfinity'

Bitcoin is a currency I do not own or use & Mcfinity after researching does not payout into New Zealand bank accounts. so this option is not viable.

I spoke with the casino Live chat for the first time on Sunday 16th January, mentioning my issue & they told me not to worry, my issue will be passed onto the financial/payment team and they will find a solution. I was advised to check back on Monday by Live chat, as the finance team did not work on the weekend. Screenshot attached.

At this point, I should mention that the casino accepts New Zealand players as does most casinos within the DAMA N.V umbrella. the one difference is for some reason this casino does not offer the New Zealand dollar as a currency. So as I think most New Zealanders would have done, I decided to play in AUD, it's very similar in value to NZD.

On Monday 17th January I returned to live chat & was told they needed more time to find a solution and fix the issue.

On Thursday 20th January my account was disabled and I was no longer able to log in. Despite having some concerns about this, especially as no one had emailed me to update me on this. I was told in live chat it was so the issue could be fixed by the management/financial team, and they could find a withdrawal method for me.

As of Sunday, February 13th, 2022, 29 days since I brought up a withdrawal issue with Live chat, my account is still disabled and no solution has been found.

I have not received a single email from the casino's support team, not one update.

I have returned to the support Live chat on seven occasions, and each time I am given the exact same answer - 'Dear Sean your issue was referred to the relevant department, we are looking for the most convenient way to withdraw your winnings. we kindly ask you to wait a bit longer. screenshots attached

This is the same copy/pasted response I have received since Thursday 20th January all the way through to Sunday 13th Feb, each time I enter Live chat.

My concern is that in nearly a month, no one is able to give me any further updates & it seems that no one can tell what they plan to do to help me withdraw. There have been no developments and no progress made in one month.

I would like to know if the casino has a masterplan, and what has been achieved over the past month to help me withdraw. I would just like an update, even just a courteous email keeping me updated would be nice.

To have received nothing in almost a month is disappointing as the casino is fantastic, and one of my favorites to play on.

Thank You