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€ 2500

Veröffentlicht am 11. Juni 2021

I have recently been playing on casino intense and found it to be a good casino at first but soon as it came to withdrawing my winnings which equated to €2500 that's when things started to change I sent all my verification such as I'd bank card utility bill they all got approved then I went to withdraw my funds and found that they randomly added a bank statement so I sent it in and it got accepted.

Within a day so then went to withdraw again and it got declined I missed a terms and conditions part my fault, so I sorted it all out to where I can withdraw the full amount and now stuck at this part there making excuses after excuses about why my withdraw hasn't been processed and even accepted they even canceled me bank statement and made me send it in again to then be approved again.

I'm getting promised that it will be accepted soon they promised within the 48 hour period now blaming it on a technical issue I have tried to call them but it doesn't even ring and the live chat people have got a clue what there doing they just throw out false promises all the time STAY AWAY FROM THE CASINO at all costs its not worth the hassle.

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