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Veröffentlicht am 10. Juni 2022

I opened an account about 1 week ago. Deposited 100 Euros and my current balance is now 2829,74 Euros.

I tried 2 verify my account but when I uploaded the required documents, I was told that there was a technical issue and I should contact the support line. I reached the live chat and was here asked to attach the documents to them and they would forward it to the financial department.

The day after I was unable to reach the live chat. It seems to have been shut down, and I cannot reach it from device or computer, logged in or not. The support mail registered on the site is [email protected], but it is not possible to write to this address as it does not exist. I also tried to send a mail to the support group when I was logged on the site, but it now say that I have been “restricted fro creating a ticket”.

It seems very suspicious that I am able to reach the live chat one day and the all of a sudden all contact is impossible.

I hope you can help me

Veröffentlicht am 14. Juni 2022

Support is still not accessible on the site. The support mail [email protected] is not working and neither is the livechat. When trying to acces livechat on a computer I am just forwarded to FAQ site where the not-working support mail is figuring.

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