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iceice82 Vereinigtes Königreich
Veröffentlicht am 23. Juli 2014

I deposited 100 pounds, and received a 100 bonus at the casino. Very early on I received a big win of around 3400 on a 3 pound spin and Jykle and Hyde. Naturally I upped my bet to around 10 pound a spin. My finishing balance was around 3700 and I withdrew my funds. The next day I was told that because my subsequent bets was more the 5% of the initial wagering amount that all my winnings were void!!!...apparently this was bonus abuse! I think this buried t&c is more of a trap in case you do win money and I would suggest it is scam like. Very rare even with a bonus do I win, so this was really upsetting. I suspect far from being in the interests of 'fair play'that this actually quite the opposite. I would hope this casino can reinstate my winnings, and going forward either remove it or highlight this trap upfront as I suspect many will of been caught out with it. My first place was to contact support, to which they casually told me they were not paying me, so my second place is to file a complaint here.

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2013


as per our terms and conditions dully set forth on the website, as per term 27, any bet that is equal to 5% or more of the deposit amount or equal or higher than 6.25 USD/EUR/GBP (whichever is lower - the 5% or the 6.25), while the player has a casino bonus active in his account, is considered a violation of our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to void winnings in such cases. Every casino has a rule like this, customized as per their perception of wrongful betting patterns.

The deposit of the player was refunded to him and the situation was explained. In this case, having his original deposit, the player has 3 choices: to withdraw the money and no longer play; to play without bonus or to reclaim the bonus and place bets that are in accordance with the above explained rule. Essentially, the player hasn't lost a cent in the casino as his deposit was refunded and if he does not wish to comply with our terms and conditions he can play elsewhere.

I am sorry of the disappointment caused by his winnings being removed, however terms and conditions are published on the website to be read and it is player's responsibility to read them and comply. Our t&c are hyper-linked at the footer of the casino section.


Casino Manager

iceice82 Vereinigtes Königreich
Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2013

First I would like to address some of your assertions:

'Essentially, the player hasn't lost a cent in the casino as his deposit was refunded'

- I have lost 3500 pounds of winnings due to what you falsely assert as 'bonus abuse' so to suggest I have not lost anything is utter madness. If winning anything is classified as bonus abuse then Ask Gamblers and other sites who deal with complaints of this nature should highlight this to everyone. This statement also amazes me...such an incredibly worrying attitude towards paying out players.

'as per our terms and conditions dully set forth on the website, as per term 27, any bet that is equal to 5% or more of the deposit amount or equal or higher than 6.25 USD/EUR/GBP (whichever is lower - the 5% or the 6.25), '

- can I ask why this is number 27?, and buried deep within a further hyperlink? surely it should be in the top 9 highlighted when you show/hide t's&c''s along with wagering. In fact this should be number 1, as realistically any player who does get lucky will almost certainly want to up their bet and so will inevitably lose all their winnings. This is a trap, and one I can see another player who recently reviewed your Casino has also fallen victim to it. Unlike wagering this max bet is not enforced in any shape or form on a machine, nor can it be, which is why this is such a horrendous and heinous scheme.

'Every casino has a rule like this, customized as per their perception of wrongful betting patterns'

- No credible and responsible Casino has a rule like this. I suspect, and I have done my research, that this 'customised' rule is unique to your Casino and every other who wish to void players of their rightful winnings. I must note that your post on Ask Gamblers DOES NOT mention it:


Wagering requirements: 40x (deposit+bonus) - 15 days to complete

Minimum Deposit: €20

The bonus is valid on all slot games, except progressives.

I suggest you contact them to inform them of this.

'I am sorry of the disappointment caused by his winnings being removed, '

- I suspect you are not so disappointed. If you were you would work with me to rectify this situation and ensure that no further players fall foul to it. If you were a responsible Casino, and this is yet to be determined depending on whether you retain your harden stance, then you would do the following

1) recognize that infact this is an incredibly unfair and scam-like t&c. You would take steps to rectify this by either 1) removing it entirely 2) putting it in top 9 , as in fact it is not in your mid-long term interest to be perceived as a rogue Casino. Resolving this would be in your interest.

2) recognise because of 1) that you understand why this is unfair and refund me my winnings.

I would far prefer an amicable resolution to this as this is in both of our interests. Of course if we cannot, as you will understand, I will feel it is my duty over the next few months to traul the internet and raise awareness of my plight to other players so that they do not suffer the same fate. This I promise, as I feel utterly wronged.

I hope you understand my concerns, and that we can come to some form of acceptable resolution.

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2013

Dear player,

the bonus relating to which we've identified bonus abuse is the Monthly Reload that you claimed with code 150DEC. In the terms and conditions published on the promo page of that offer it is clearly written:

9. These terms are subject to the General Betrally T&Cs and Betrally Casino Bonus Rules.

The latter includes a hyperlink to said terms and conditions of the casino that feature the explained rule about bet size.

The casino's decision is final.


iceice82 Vereinigtes Königreich
Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2013

I would appreciate if you address the issues raised above and provide a satisfactory response. Deliberately ignoring the points I have raised

1) Looks terrible for you as a Casino as one can then only conclude that actually these dishonest and deceptive business practice are endemic and culturally part of the your Casino.

2) You are effectively admitting deliberately burying this t and c, for the sole purpose of scamming any player who wins anything substantial. If it was a bonus condition that you really wanted to emphasis to a player you could do this but you underhandedly chose not to.

I ask you one more time, please answer my perfectly reasonable questions on how you are going to improve transparency at this Casino and right the wrong you have done to me. This is purely about you not wanting to pay me what I am due so I ask you to please reconsider your position.

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2013

Dear Player,

I have answered your questions. Our terms are not "buried". Every promo page in casino has a hyperlink to the general casino terms in addition to the specific terms of the offer. It is also dully stated in any offer on the site that the general casino terms and general terms of the site apply in addition to any specific terms of the offer itself.

"These terms are subject to the General Betrally T&Cs and Betrally Casino Bonus Rules."

The casino main page has a hyperlink to terms and conditions in the footer of the page as so does any sub-page in casino section so you cannot hold anyone responsible for your failure to read our terms and conditions in advance and to comply with them.

We will not enter into any further discussion on the matter as I consider all your questions answered.

I wish you good luck with your game play.


iceice82 Vereinigtes Königreich
Veröffentlicht am 19. Dezember 2013

None of my questions have been answered and you know that, as will anybody reading this thread . I can only hope players see this thread though and do not fall foul of this underhand, scam term you have hidden in your t''s and c''s. I suspect you profit heavily from it which is why you are not in favour of transparency, and which is why you are also unwilling to come to an amicable agreement.

Thus as far as I am concerned this issue is unresolved and I ask ASK GAMBLERS to update the status to such. I also ask ASKGAMBLERS to highlight to players this term so that any player who wishes to risk their luck at you Casino. both in terms of bets but also in terms of getting a payout, that they are well aware of what they are getting in to before they sign up.

iceice82 Vereinigtes Königreich
Veröffentlicht am 20. Dezember 2013

After being robbed of my winnings (as per other complaint ''Fair Play...I think noe') I have attempted to withdraw my original deposit in disgust and have been advised that the period the withdrawl is pending i.e. reverse withdrawable, is 3-5 days. Typically every other Casino I have played at is 24-48 hours, and from the AskGamblers website Betrally is quoted as being the same although I have been advise otherwise. I have the chat transcript or this as well as a screenshot of it. Thus I ask

1) ASKGAMBLERS please update the pending period for the Casino from 1-2 days to 3-5 days

2) BETRALLY be advised that your website is misleading and needs to be updated.

Veröffentlicht am 20. Dezember 2013

The pending period timeframe has been updated.

Veröffentlicht am 20. Dezember 2013

Unfortunately, this complaint is a perfect example of a typical bonus related issue between a player and a casino. And it just confirms that a lot of players do not like to read and pay too much attention to ALL bonus terms and conditions, while the casinos do exactly the opposite - examining and searching for the smallest possible breach of even a word of the terms.

@iceice82  It is obvious that you have breached one of the terms associated with the bonus used at BetRally casino. It does not matter if that term is fair or not, neither if it is on top or bottom position of all other terms. What matters is that you have accepted the bonus and all terms associated with this bonus, which is a reason, fair enough to follow these terms. Also,you have been offered a very generous and fair resolution by the casino manager, who was ready to reinstate the initial deposit and bonus and to give you the opportunity to play and win again, while most of the rest casino operators would simply void all your winnings, lock the account and refund the initial deposit.

@BetRally Casino  Maybe it would be a good idea to add all general bonus terms to the terms, associated with a specific bonus or promotion and thus to avoid cases like this one in the future.

This case is considered successfully resolved and the complaint is now closed!

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