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$ 650

blainikiara Sur de Australia
Publicado el 7 de marzo de 2022


Unfortunately I have found myself having to seek assistance from AG in order to have 2 pending withdrawal requests totalling approx $650 processed and paid by Universal Slots. The withdrawals were raised via the cashier on 17/2/22 and 18/2/22 respectively, electing for the funds to be paid via my nominated LTC and BTC accounts, and correct cryptoaddresses were also provided to the casino. At last check the two withdrawal requests remained in an "Under Review" status and had not been approved and/or paid.

I would firstly like to acknowledge after multiple years of playing at all Universal Group casinos, I have never experienced any issues with receiving withdrawals from them, in fact these casinos are where I do the majority of my deposits due to positive past experiences and quick multiple payment timeframes. That is why I am simply at a loss to understand why these pending withdrawals remain not processed.

The published casino timeframes for payment are 48 hours, my account is fully verified and have been successfully paid winnings before. Now more than 2 weeks after I first raised the withdrawals and no fewer than 3 different attempts to follow this up with 3 separate Live Chat personnel, I have received no funds and no communication from Universal regarding why the withdrawals have not been paid yet. This is most disappointing and raises genuine concerns about any future deposits, if I can not be assured any potential winnings will be paid in a timely fashion.

I have always previously held the Universal Group casinos in high regard until this particular scenario has unfolded, therefore would hope now with AG assistance my withdrawal requests will be reviewed and payment processed by Universal at the earliest possible opportunity...

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