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MaChance Casino - Cannot withdraw my winnings

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Casino en conflicto MaChance Casino
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psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 18 de noviembre de 2019

I Cannot Withdraw my winnings and casino support stalling withdrawal
I applied to be a member of this casino and I have won from sign up bonus (20FS)
In order to be able to withdraw money from my winnings, I made a deposit using EcoPayz 20euro without wanting to receive any bonus. and uploaded documents from casino website.
After that, I waited until my documents were confirmed, so I requested to withdraw my money, but I was unable to withdraw money because there was no payment method where I could withdraw money,
There is only Wire transfer in my account.
I also tried to withdrawal With wire transfer method but I cant send my request to process withdrawal I have to put IBAN but as my region bank system there have not using IBAN so
It is not possible to withdraw money by any means, although I have already made a deposit.
So I contacted support via email and Livechat, but support didn't try to find various reasons not related to my withdrawal.
And I received an email response from the casino customer care manager that I was able to withdraw money using EcoPayz
and I reported back that I tried to withdraw the money but there was no way that I could withdraw the money at all and then support replied to me that I cannot withdraw money with EcoPayz only Japan can using EcoPayz for withdrawal. * (the same support that responded to my email saying that I can use EcoPayz to withdraw money)
so I think that each time Support tells me every answer Trying not to let me withdraw money,
It's not just this that I contacted with support regarding I was unable to withdraw money. I contacted me every day asking about withdrawals. Which every time the support tells me to find various reasons which are not related to my withdrawal, I just want to withdraw the money in any way. I also kept everything about my contact with the casino. Now I do not know what to do with this I come to this complaint to ask to Please help me solve the problem .

Publicado el 18 de noviembre de 2019

Dear @psl88fwin,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 18 de noviembre de 2019

Dear @AskGamblers,
The total amount that I want to withdraw is 170 euros.
Thank you,

Publicado el 19 de noviembre de 2019

Dear customer

The customer support already answered you yesterday , you can’t withdraw by Ecopayz so you need to try another way to withdraw.
Please contact the casino support they will help you.

Thank you .
Best Regards
The Machance Casino support.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 19 de noviembre de 2019

Dear @The Machance Casino support.
Yesterday I wasn't logged in to my account. I haven't talked to support since 4 days ago.
I Also attached evidence of what support has informed me and support Reply to my email only 2 times, even though I sent an email asking about my withdrawal many times. And I have asked to go livechat many times but not yesterday for sure or 2-3 days ago for sure Because I have given up since I have not received an answer related to my withdrawal.You should already know why I am here. Because you make me helpless And you lie to everything

As far as you may already know about me because I contacted you for help until I was helpless. I made a deposit using ecoPayz. I just need to withdrawal my money At this time I am not interested in what payment method I can withdraw my money. Since there is no way I can withdraw There is only Wire transfer, but my country does not have an IBAN. There is only swift code. If I do not add IBAN, I cannot send a withdrawal request. Correct? Which you should know well about your system.

Thank you for understanding

Publicado el 20 de noviembre de 2019

Dear customer

When I say yesterday the support answered you, that can be two or three days ago that is not so important.
What is sure is that you can't make a withdrawal via Ecopayz so you have to provide your bank details.
Ask your bank please to provide you with your bank details for international wire to receive money, and please send it to the support.
And they will send you your payment. .
There is no place here for any dispute, we informed you from the start how to get your money and what is the process.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards
The Machance casino team.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 20 de noviembre de 2019

I have sent documents about my bank account details and documents about my deposit (EcoPayz account details) by email about 3times and also upload the documents in my account already.
I want to ask you why you want me to send again since I have sent you many times already?....But you don't do anything at all. Like this, how do I get my money? And would like to ask question: I deposit money using ecopayz. "I should withdraw money in the same payment method as my deposit" is a safeguard that the casino already knows. Then why do I have to send documents regarding my bank account as well? Since what is state on your website says there are various payment methods that I can use
Also, you have responded by email that I can withdraw using Ecopayz.
Now you will come claiming for my documents again. Despite all I sent to you Both by email And upload the documents in my account And if you want me to send you the documents again, I can send it, and how do I get my money? When I've done everything you've said But it didn't get a solution from you at all

Thank you for understanding.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 20 de noviembre de 2019

And what did you say that you told me how to withdraw money from the outset? If you give the right advice, now I can withdraw money, but it's not. Let me tell you more about the same issues that have been reported many times.
How many days? When I was not able to send a request to withdraw money, I put all my bank details, but in the final part of the IBAN box, Notice that I entered the IBAN incorrectly.(Desktop website view ) There was a red message saying like this.
How do I send a withdrawal request?
I have notified and explained my problem many times with Supports and you still haven't solved anything. I don't understand why my account only has Wire transfer, although I use ecoPayz. There should be several methods to choose from. Right, even if there is only wire transfer. I can't send a request to withdraw money. What should I do?
You haven't given any details usefully
You only talk about Browser Or use a mobile phone, use a desktop computer, ask me to find new computer or android bra bra....somedays told me about your technical not responding your request cant contact with technical yet etc...bra bra....claiming to change,
regarding unrelated matters Slacking isn't about withdrawing money at all. And now still talking like this again Why don't you feel bad about deliberately lying to other people? I wonder if this is normal that you do regularly.

Publicado el 21 de noviembre de 2019

Dear customer, please find here the print screen of the support agent answer to your question at the date of the 13 November 2019

Please use one of the payment methods the support agent told you and you will get your money.
As you know you are not based in Japan, Ecopayz is available for withdraw in Japan not in your country.
Thank you for your understanding

Best Regards
The Machance converting team.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 22 de noviembre de 2019

Dear Machance Casino
Don't you understand what I told you? I have told you many times that in my account in the withdrawal section there is no another payment method There is only wire transfer in my account.
I cannot send withdrawal requests as in the screenshot. . And how to withdraw?
All the details have been told You do not come to do innocent. Or trying to persuade and claim that it doesn't exist for nothing. With 170 euros, I don't have free time to talk or tell you the same things about my problems. You should make withdrawals for me WHATEVER of the method of withdrawal. You should send me the amount of money that I want to withdraw. Understanding??
And how would you explain to me when the person who responded to my email answered that I was able to withdraw ecopayz with the person who told me that I cannot withdraw? Only Japan can withdraw it as the SAME person. Can you answer me about this In which, when the truth ecopayz is one fact because I make deposits using ecopayz. But the most important fact about this problem is I am not even able to request wire transfer withdrawals and there is no alternative payment method in my account.
I will tell you again that you should do what tou have to do is your duty , You should make withdrawals for me WHATEVER of the method of withdrawal. You should send me the amount of money that I want to withdraw.

Publicado el 25 de noviembre de 2019

Dear customer,

Please contact the support , they will allow you to withdraw via Ecopayz.

When you will get the confirmation that the withdrawal is in process, please inform Askgamblers

and please close this case.

Thank you
Best Regards
The Machance Casino team.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 26 de noviembre de 2019

My account has ecoPayz already provided for withdrawals. I have requested to withdraw money since yesterday and I received an email confirming the withdrawal of my money. The withdrawal will be made within 24 hours, since I have informed the withdrawal up to 24 hours I haven't received that amount yet. And state on Casino website, that withdrawing money using ewallet will takes 24 hours but until now I has not received my withdrawal money yet. The casino hasn't sent me money yet.

Publicado el 27 de noviembre de 2019

Dear customer

You was paid yesterday via Ecopayz.

please inform Askgamblers, and close this case.

Best Regards.

The Machance casino team.

Publicado el 27 de noviembre de 2019

Dear @psl88fwin,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly. Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS terms providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

psl88fwin Tailandia
Publicado el 28 de noviembre de 2019

I have received 170 euro already. Thank you very much.

Publicado el 28 de noviembre de 2019

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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