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Casino_Guy Canada
Publicado el 16 de mayo de 2014

I read the the terms and agreed, then deposit my money into their casino and played, I got up to $700.00 plus and keep playing, when I got down to $670,00 (around there), I decided to withdraw $600.00 on the 24th of February and played with the rest and lost the $70.00. The next day I tried to deposit and the casino was saying; "you have a pending withdraw and you can't deposit until you cancel your withdraw or when your pending is cleared", I went to live help and asked what's the situation on my withdraw, the agent informed me that you have to send in you documents in order for your withdraw to be cleared, I sent the documents, they were not happy with them, I sent them again and again they were not happy and sent the last on February 27 and did not hear back, the next day the 28th, I logged into the casino and noticed the $600 pending was gone and they put a credit of $21.65 back into my account, I contacted live help and told me I broke bonus policies, I wagered too much, I played excluded game and my withdraw had been canceled. I played different games and no bonus was added to my account and since when does a person only wager a little at atime, I was on their mother site Mega Casino and never won anything, just spent hundreds, lost every game I played and never complained of unfair gaming, but I did uninstall Mega Casino and I guess that pissed them off and now they decided not to issue my winnings or credit the $600.00 I won, just the $21.65 and said no your not getting either. Now I want the $600.00 they own me.


Conrad Douce

Casino_Guy Canada
Publicado el 28 de febrero de 2014

I also recorded pictures of the money I won and the conversation just in case a situation like this was to arise.

Publicado el 3 de marzo de 2014

As you were already informed by out Support you were in breach of our T&C's and that's why your winnings will not be paid

Casino_Guy Canada
Publicado el 3 de marzo de 2014

You need to tell me how I breached the T & C on your site and the other lies your support mentioned in the conversation I had with the agent? I don't see your response from the other lies support mentioned, so please explain, I'm sure everyone would like to know how you cheat players out of their winnings and come up with a lame excuse and if it was about a bonus, I never received any bonus. This is how you cheat honest players trying play a game and win. I just can't wait to post the pic's of the conversations if you decide to lie!

Casino_Guy Canada
Publicado el 17 de marzo de 2014

 From my last posting on Feb/28/2014, Casino Redkings was very unprofessional as they refused to issue my winnings and did not answer any of the lies from the questions I asked and my complaint was closed due to their unprofessional non response. 

I decided not to use Redkings Casino in the future and asked to credit the $21.65 back into my deposit payment method on Mar/7/2014, logged in and Dima (live Help) could not handle my request to deposit back into my payment method, credit card or bank and then transferred to Sanjoki, who advised me to sign up an account at Neteller, send us the details and we can send your money, I spent an hour just talking to these agents that have no idea of what their doing, sent all my info from the Neteller account via e-mail and waited. On Mar/16/2014 no money received, I contacted live help again to get an up-date on when my funds will be sent, the same agent (Sanjoki) informed me that my $21.65 withdrawal will be completed tomorrow, then said "sorry, we can not proceed with your withdraw Neteller account", of course I asked why not? back and forth for another 20 minutes and tells me I have to open a EcoPayz account to withdraw your money, I mentioned from the last conversation, an hour of my time, you said to open a Neteller account and my money will be sent, another lame excuse was, " we can't send it that way", I asked: why didn't someone contact me to inform me of that, he replied; "we sent you an e-mail on the 10th", I advised him that I double checked my spam, inbox and no e-mail was sent, (Sanjoki) we sent it. I decided to post another complaint on here to show everyone this Redkings Casino is the top ten worst casino site and imagine if they will do this for $21.65 what else would they do to you.

So Redkings I'm asking you to send my original deposit back to me and you will not hear from me ever again?

Publicado el 8 de mayo de 2014

Complaint opened upon the submitter request.

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