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€ 8000

Publicado el 1 de agosto de 2020

Deposited eur6200 with Mastercard one night on several deposits total. Deposited with Mastercard becuse they stated they pay winnings to Mastercard from my country, Sweden.

Won back on last deposit. Ended up 7-8000k. First I had to wait several days pending on my cashout. Then after complaining they say they cant pay out or refund to Mastercard.

They say I should use bank transfer.

Did this on wednesday 23 eur4000 max as they told me on wednesday. Accepted on thursday. Then another eur4000. They told me 5 business days wait. (its IBAN and EUR so never takes more than a day if they pay (eu regulations))

I had a feeling right from the beginning this will be stalling.

So now Im here on day 6 for bank transfer. Plus the stalling on mastercard. No money and live chat cant connect me with payout department. Not even give me a mail to them. They dont communicate with players. And no timetrame.

Bob, refund my eur6200 mastercard deposits. You can do that.

Then wire the rest.

You are not helpful at all.

Publicado el 3 de agosto de 2020


We have started an investigation regarding your missing cashouts.
We will get back to you once we have an update.

We are sorry for keeping you wait.

Kind regards,

Publicado el 3 de agosto de 2020

Hi Bobcasino,

any timeframe? Within a few days? Week/s? Longer?

Can you just refund my Mastercard once you see I did not get my payout?

Its stressfull to not know anything or have any way to contact you.


Publicado el 4 de agosto de 2020

Hello again,

We have received a reply regarding your case.
The delay is caused by the bank. We have contacted them and waiting for the reply regarding your case.
We will keep you posted.

Kind regards,

Publicado el 4 de agosto de 2020

Hello. Ok. I'll wait again. Is it my bank or your bank causing the delay? I can use other bank if needed. (But not if I have to go through all the waiting and max per day cashout etc.)

Publicado el 5 de agosto de 2020

Money in bank now. Around eur200 to low, but maybe fees. Not happy about that.

But the eur8000 is now paid and I no longer have a case. So thanks Askgamblers for your service.

Bob, thanks for paying the win. Wish you could be easier to solve this problems directly instead of here.

I will try play with you again later on if Im welcome. Hope it works better then.

Publicado el 5 de agosto de 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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