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Publicado el 31 de marzo de 2019


I hope will help me to solve the problem with N1 casinos group: Bobcasino,,, and They all set self-exclusions on my account without my permission. Or maybe their system is not safe for players and someone else operated on my accounts.

I will start from saying that last year (2018) I set limits on bobcasino till November. When my self-exclusion ended I asked to reopen my account. After a few e-mails with requests I got info that my account was active now (Nov 28, 2018). When I tried to log in a pop-up info jumped with message: "You have set self-exclusion limit etc.." and I could not log in. After a few emails they told me I had probably self-exclusons in other casinos and could not log in until they end. I denied I had no limits anymore in any of the MGA licence casinos. The bob team told me to write an official email with request to open my account. So I did. I got info back that they could not reopen my account - see attached files nr 1 and 2 with the emails with bob casino support.

What is more funny I was trying to register at other N1 casinos: N1casino (Oct 31, 2018), (Jan 31, 2019) and (March 20, 2019).

Each time after registration my account was blocked with information that I set self-exclusion limits which is not true. I asked for explanaitions but either got no response or short info that I have self-exclusion.

The most annoying thing is that I could play without any problems in (N1 casinos licence) untill today (March 29, 2019). I made many deposits and withdrawals without any problem. But today I coud not log in, just saw info: "You have set self-exclusion limits..." Are they serious? Who makes self-exclusions on my account? Do they have errors in their system?

I emphasise that I HAVE NO self-exclusions at any of the MGA casinos (like,, and many more) and would like to know why N1 casinos blocked all my accounts?

Have a look at my last e-mail sent to bobcasino support (file nr 3) on March 21, 2019 and still without any response.

Please askgamblers help me to resolve this case with N1 casinos.

Best regards,


Publicado el 1 de abril de 2019

Dear Askgamblers,
If player set up the self-exclusion at any of casinos which work under MGA (Malta Gambling Authority), then it is mandatory for the self-exclusion to expand to all other player's accounts which the player have with other MGA casinos with the same license.

The player have active limits such as "self-exclusion" and those been set by the player himself. We are unable to remove the limits by player's request due to MGA regulations.

Betchan has recently changed the license to MGA, and it is when the limits has appeared on player's account.

Best regards!
Bob's team

Publicado el 1 de abril de 2019

Once again I would like to emphasize that I did not set any self-exclusion limits on my accounts at n1casino,, and I have no active self-exclusion at any of the MGA licensed casinos except for the mentioned above N1 Casinos group, which did set limits on my accounts without my permission. The only limit had been on bobcasino last year and terminated in Novemver 2018.
After an investigation I noticed that the problem looks like this:
Last year I set self-exclusion on from May 14, 2018 till November 15th, 2018. In the meantime I registered at on October 31st, 2018. The system automatically detected that I had active self-exclusion on and blocked automatically my account at n1casino for 6 months (till April 31st, 2019). When self-exclusion in bobcasino ended in November and I wanted to log in – the system automatically detected that I had active limit on n1casino and blocked automatically my account for the next 6 monts (till May 28, 2019) without my permission. Then I registered at (I didn’t know it’s the same licence as bobcasino) on January 31st,2019. The system automatically blocked my account with information that I had set self-exclusion (on live chat I got info till July 31st, 2019). The same problem was with – registered on March 20th, 2019, and probably self-exclusion automatically set for the next six montns without my permission.
It looks quite clear that the N1 Casinos system is defective and blocks all my accounts unjustifiedly. The limits should had ended in November 2018 (both bobcasino and N1casino) and not prolonged for the next 6 months because it is logical that the self-exclusion limit will never end on my accounts as there will be always at least one casino at any time with active self-exclusion.
The only proper solution is to unblock all my N1 casinos accounts (bobcasino, n1casino, spinia, euslot, betchan) at the same time and there will be no limit active at any of them.
If you say that I have active self-exclusion limits at other MGA casinos which is not true, please give me the names of the casinos.
I would like to play at N1 casinos because they have still Skrill available to deposit and withdraw at my region. This is why it is so important for me.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Publicado el 3 de abril de 2019

Dear XMAN07,

We are currently investigating the case, we are sorry for the delay.
We will inform under this complaint and via email as soon as we finish the investigation.

Best regards!
Bob's team

Publicado el 4 de abril de 2019

Dear XMAN07,

Since all projects you mentioned have same license, it is mandatory for them to appear on all other projects with the same license as well.

Unfortunately, it is not turning off automatically, but you need to contact support to disable it via email.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused and we are happy to inform you that we have removed all expired limits from your account on all our projects.

We will be happy to see you back!

Best regards!
Bob's team

Publicado el 5 de abril de 2019

Thank you Askgamblers for help and N1 casinos group for detailed investigation. Finally my accounts on bobcasino, n1casino, spinia, euslot and betchan are active and I can easily play. It turned out that all self-exclusion limits had expired last year.

My case is resolved.

Best regards,

Publicado el 5 de abril de 2019

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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