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Horus Casino Affiliates - No payment and empty promises

posted on November 17, 2023


I am writing to express my concerns and experiences regarding Moonshine Partners, a company overseeing several online casino brands including Haz Casino, Horus Casino, Vegaz Casino, and Kryptosino. This complaint aims to shed light on the significant payment delays I have encountered as their affiliate and more specifically on Horus Casino (due to the programs being split on Ask Gamblers).

**The Global Issue**

As an affiliate marketer, I have been promoting Moonshine Partners' brands for a considerable period (more than 2 years) during which I generated commissions totaling 63k€ accross all brands.

However, since April 2023, I have faced recurring issues with delayed payments.

These delays have persisted for several months and are still continuing, thus severely impacting my operations and financial planning...

**Details per Brand : Horus Casino**

Currently, the outstanding amount owed to me on Horus Casino affiliate program totals : 20,516.60€
• Invoice #1 sent on April : 7.908,09€
• Invoice #2 sent on June : 3.045,54€
• Invoice #3 sent on July : 510,00€
• Invoice #4 sent on August : 2.959,72€
• Invoice #5 sent on September : 3.128,84€
• Invoice #6 sent on October : 1.530,00€
• Invoice #7 sent on November : 1.434,41€

**Attempts to Resolve**

Despite numerous attempts to resolve this through direct communication with two Moonshine Partners managers through Skype, LinkedIn, etc, the delays continue without any explanation or a definitive timeline for payment. This lack of transparency and reliability is concerning, not only for me but potentially for other affiliates and partners.

**Impact on Business**

These payment delays have caused significant strain on my business operations. As an affiliate marketer, timely payments are crucial for maintaining cash flow and trust in business relationships.


I am bringing this issue to public attention in the hope of a swift resolution and to inform potential affiliates and partners of my experience with Moonshine Partners and their brands. It is crucial for businesses in the online casino industry to uphold their commitments and maintain trust with their partners.

I also hopes that AskGamblers will edit the review of this affiliate program to reflect the payment issue in their score and pro/cons list.

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posted on November 20, 2023

Dear Horus Casino Affiliates,

Please let us know if there are any updates regarding this ongoing complaint. Please note that, in case you fail to respond within the given timeframe, we will consider your case unresolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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