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pubblicato il 5 luglio 2018

I received a text message to log in, opt in and wager £50 on Frankie Detorri's Jackpot slot for £5 cash. Initially I did this on the wrong version so rewagered the £50 on the correct slot. No cash was given. I have screenshot evidence of my opting in and can provide proof of my history if necessary.

Prior to this I had another issue which Live Chat did not understand and refused to resolve. When I logged in to do the above promotion, I had 4p of an old bonus still on my account. This amount could not be used up or cancelled anywhere. I then had an offer pop up for Mask of Zorro free spins. After I finished wagering my free spin winnings I had £23.12 yet it had placed £5 of that into the stuck bonus that I started out with 4p from. I tried to explain this to LC support member Tea and he was extremely rude and kept parroting that "The bonus cannot be redeemed until wagered" which wasn't the issue. The issue was that £5 of my winnings from the Mask of Zorro spins had moved into an unrelated bonus. He was insistent that the £5 bonus was there before and I only won £18 and when showing transaction IDs proving otherwise he just repeated that it can't be redeemed, basically fobbing me off.

I would like the £5 cash from the wagering of £50 given to me as per the promotion, and I want the £5 from the Mask of Zorro spins that was transferred into an unrelated bonus given back to me. So £10 total. I will consider this resolved. I am not asking much, I already lost £18 wagering on the incorrect slot and consider that my own loss. I'm not being unreasonable in asking for the Casino to honour fair play and abide by their promotions terms.

I did email but no one bothered to respond, and Live Chat are clueless as they do not understand English very well.

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pubblicato il 5 luglio 2018

I did get the £5 cash but I had to wager 25p more than I was meant to. Was emailed back with a response that the cash is in my bonus history and I can withdraw, when I logged in it said I had to wager 25p more and the cash wasn't released yet. I had counted my history and I had done 200 25p spins before this so I had to wager £50.25. I suspect they saw the evidence and had to add it manually but made it so I had to wager one more min spin. Frustrating.

I do still want the £5 back from my Mask of Zorro spins. I will provide evidence of my bonus balance before and after and how much I won from the spins after wagering if necessary. I don't think I'm asking for much.

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pubblicato il 6 luglio 2018

They are attempting to phone but, but due to mistrust I do not wish to discuss this matter in a way that I cannot provide evidence and wish for them to contact me here in writing.

Also noting that they are keeping the withdrawal of mine pending which they never did before. I'm starting to believe this is in retaliation for me submitting a complaint here and are trying to make things difficult for me (basically holding my money to ransom). If they wanted ID they could have simply requested it and I'm happy to provide it.

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pubblicato il 7 luglio 2018 have emailed me and issued the £5 cash as an apology of sorts.

They still claim that I started with a £5 bonus before wagering my Mask of Zorro spins (if I did I would have played it first before anything else or asked for it to be cancelled) and asked me to contact their Live Chat, Email support or Phone support before going here, which I did the former two and got no where so I came here.

I did not feel comfortable talking via the phone after the exchange I got with the Live Chat representative who was extremely rude and condescending to me. Plus I like to keep everything in writing in case issues come up like this later down the line. I've been burnt before.

I consider this resolved, but I will be hesitant to use in the future only because immediate support is lacking and very abrasive and rude. They should improve their Live Chat support reps as they give a bad impression.

pubblicato il 7 luglio 2018

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

pubblicato il 10 luglio 2018

This complaint has been reopened as per request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give a chance to respond, even though complaint has already been closed as Resolved. 

pubblicato il 10 luglio 2018

Dear customer,

We would like to thank you for escalating this matter to us as we place great emphasis on customer experience at Mansion and we welcome customer feedback as we strive to improve our services.

Having said that, after reviewing your account activity and the communication you have had with our Customer Support team, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience or uncertainty you might have had experienced.

Furthermore, the feedback you have given has already been implemented and we hope this will limit the instances of miscommunications in the future.

We are glad to see that your concerns were addressed and that the issue has been amicably resolved.

Kind regards,

pubblicato il 10 luglio 2018

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Complaint is now officialy closed. Reclami

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