Titanbet Casino - Absolutely furious at the way I have been treated!!


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devildart Regno Unito
pubblicato il 16 settembre 2014

I have been left feeling very angry and upset after having no other choice but to close my account at Titanbet due to the way I have been treated by customer support.

My account was merged from Europa Casino onto Titanbet and a week ago I went onto the Titanbet site but as my account number was one that was generated automatically when registering with Europa i could not remember my username, This took me some 8 hours plus to get from Titanbet support after being told I would receive an email within 1 hour.

Follwoing this I made several deposits onto the casino and had cause to contact the casino support and each time found that i was being spoken to as if I was a child and with very little respect shown to me at all.

Things finally got way beyond the realms of reasonable yesterday when i noticed on their promotions they offer a weekly loyalty bonus which is paid at 18.00 hours each Sunday and to find out how to claim this to contact support.

So yesterday (Sunday) I contacted support only to end up having my time wasted all day yesterday being told that if I did not receive an email by 1800 hours to contact support so that it could be looked into and also claims that back office staff were looking into my issue and an email sent to me confirming that I had made the required number of deposits in order to receive the bonus, After contacting Titanbet support several times since yesterday I had a supervisor phone me back today and tell me that I had not met the required playthrough in order to receive the Sunday loyalty bonus and I had wagered over £1100 but needed to wager over £1500 as well as make a minimum of 4 deposits...I made 9 deposits during the qualifying period.

The information about the required playthrough is not on the site anywhere and was not given to me until after I had wasted all of this time with support and the excuse given to me was that they had only just been told what the criteria was for the bonus, I tried to argue that this was not acceptable or fair to me as a customer and that i would like something to be done...What happened next was beyond belief....

I was told that the issue would have to be escalated and was asked to wait another 24-48 hours!! I was shocked that they find this acceptable and continue to use the same excuses with the main one being 'We have to pass this on to our relevant department'

I tried to reason and stated on 3 occasions that I was not prepared to wait a further 24-48 hours and if nothing was offered to resolve this then I had no choice but to close my account....

I just got the same load of rubbish repeated to me and had heard enough so requested that my account be closed.

I think that I have been delt with in a very bad way by Titanbet's customer support staff and unfairly with regards to this bonus, All we are talking about here is a £25 bonus, Its not as if I have not already lost at least 4 times that in order to earn it and I feel even more unfairly treated because the playthrough requirement of the deposits made to qualify for this was not available and even the support staff did not know...i was made to believe that my deposits made qualified me for this bonus.

pubblicato il 17 settembre 2014

This complaint is against www.titanbet.co.uk, unfortunately we don't have this casino on our list. We will reject this complaint. We are apologizing to both parties.