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pubblicato il 16 maggio 2014

I dont usually write a review about anything but I felt very frustrated and disappointed with 32red that made me look for some sites to write reviews! I have played at this casino for almost 5 years now. I'm a VIP player at 32red. I liked the casino for their customer service and their generosity. If I had a bad run, they would help. If I deposited too much, they would help. It was a matter of just asking for a little help! Support was great! Emails responded to almost momentarily! Live chat 24/7 and phones almost always answered quickly.

In August of last year I noticed things getting tighter and support declining. I decided to close my account and stopped playing for 4 months. I then decided maybe things have changed so I decided to reopen my account.

That was back in Dec and have now decided to close my account again.

Amounts deposited to date: $289,442.84

Reason: Huge delays in emails response time. The explanation is Friday nights are their busy time but getting a response the next day or sending an email in the morning and receiving response on afternoon time after time just shows the support is declining.

I made a withdrawal request of about over $3000 last month which took too long to process and after a long time getting response from the payments team that their not able to withdraw to the credit card I registered. Took so long I was tempted to reverse it all.

Rejecting free chips as a goodwill gesture is non existent with 32red lately. They can come up with almost any reason not to offer you one. If you had a bad day their response but you had a good moth. If you had a bad month, their response but you had a good 2 months and so forth.

If you complain about your bonuses versus deposit ratio, they will say yes you have deposited quiet a bit but we have matched your deposits 50% in the past 6 months!!! Whichever figures is more attractive to tell you sorry you dont deserve a bonus!

Account closure requests take 48-72 hours as only a pit boss or a team leader is able to do this (scrolling down to the title of the rep sending the email says pit boss).

There are many more complains but this is all I'm going to say right now.

Again, I have never complained to any casinos but felt a bit frustrated after being treated as a VIP player depositing well over $289000 and treated poorly lately.

pubblicato il 12 febbraio 2014

Our Player Support Manager Jonathan has contacted the player directly with a view to resolve this issue.

pubblicato il 13 febbraio 2014

Management was nice enough to send me an email explaining the situation. However Im still having issues with the level of service. This is not resolved yet.

pubblicato il 19 febbraio 2014

On Thursday Feb 13th there was a promotion of 20% match deposit at 32red. I went ahead and made a deposit just like everyday. I only play on my iPhone and all of the customer reps at 32red know this by now. After the deposit I went to the promotional page to claim my bonus as usual but everytime I clicked on "Claim" it would say sorry your balance is not sufficient for a bonus. Now the claim button only comes up once you have deposited otherwise it would only have one button "Deposit here". So after 5 or 6 tries logging off and logging back on to a phone (which on an iPhone takes 3 min just to log on), i decided to send an email instead to get my bonus. Btw, you can't use live chat on 32red mobile. After waiting impatienly to receive my bonus, logging on and off the app I started playing with my deposit. As a VIP players you are allowed to do this. After about an hour or so I lost my deposit and still haven't received my bonus so I send another email asking where my bonus is? I get a response later that "Today's bonus is 20% and to inform them once I make my deposit". I am quiet frustrated at this point since the rep knows Im asking for my bonus how could he not check to see if I had deposited yet or not before sending an email informing me of todays bonus?

So I send a response asking for my bonus again! No response.

I send a 4th email.... I get a response that daytimes are the busiest times so if its urgent I need to use Live chat. Reason for not adding the bonus: i had a cash balance and he/she did not want to add unnecessary playthrough!

I log on 32 App---> still no bonus!

I send 5th email questioning what is going on??? Why am I not getting my bonus?

No response!

Send another email letting them know how frustrated I am right now!

I get a response that management has now authorized 20% match as a goodwill gesture!

I forwarded all the email correspondents to the player support manager who earlier said they are taking measures to solve these issues. I didnt hear back from the manager but after following up with them again I got a response from a team leader informing me that the manager has been in back to back meetings so the team leader will look into the events and get back to me.

I got a response from the team leader that reviewing the events, he didnt see any issue so there would be no further actions!

I sent a reply explaining the situation again.

No response!

I send another email asking for feedback 5 AM london time. They said its early in the AM but when management gets in they will contact me!

7:00 PM London time no response so i follow up! Management has left for the day now but you need to wait 72 hours!

This started feb 13th, it is Feb 19! 144 hours!

pubblicato il 19 febbraio 2014

This issue is now resolved. Ask gamblers please close this.

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