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Part of the Crystal Palace Group who have been reported for slow withdrawals and impossible wagering requirements. It is also linked with the notorious rouge Virtual Casino Group who are known for slow payments and have been reported of voiding player winnings.

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winning1234 1 review
United States
Like most people, I enjoy the quality of the slots and graphics. My most recent love is Pirate Isle. I can easily get over $1500 ahead - but just as easily loose it.
Like everyone else, the payout speed has been horrible. They claim it takes 2 days to process your request which means the money sits there for 3 days - an easy target to go back and gamble with. I went through my $1500 winnings this wa (bad me ;-) - then there is 7 days before they send the check - well supposed to be. It's been 12 and they still have not sent mine. 3) It is a bit sketchy when they tell you not to tell the bank that the money is from an online casino.

Once they have your winnings, you can reach out and chat with support, sure -but they say the same thing there's nothing they can do - I reached out to ally who is supposed to be taking care of these delays, but just got a form email saying there are delays. Then they don't offer any incentives for the inconvenience either. Something should be given. I'd be happy with free slot play.
ReneeDragonfly 3 reviews
United States
I love the games.You are able to speak to a VIP Host. Customer service reps are very friendly. If the payouts did not take so long I would play on there more often. Live chat reps respond very fast.
The payouts take way to long. I had to make a complaint on AskGamblers to get my winnings. Received everything I was owed 2 days after my complaint was published.

When you are given a bonus, if you win the bonus is deducted from your winnings. Better to play with your own money.
Raywill84 1 review
United States
I enjoyed playing with planet 7 because of the numerous bonus offers and daily free spins. Also deposit methods are not complicated.
Even Though depositing is easy I can't say the same for withdrawal. I have been attempting to make a withdrawal since 8/8/16. I was denied several times due to "documents", I have sent everything needed multiple times to every email I can get.

I connect with chat everyday not to be a nuisance but to get a insight on the status. If I were given a email on the status or a update I wouldn't even bother.

I am beginning to think that I am not gonna get a payout.

If the payout process was less of a hassle I would recommend and even return.
zingazing 1 review
United States
I love the games at Planet 7. The slots are a kick and they are indeed loose. They also have a fairly good mobile interface for some of the slots.
THE PAYOUTS. Their web site says:

Planet 7 Casino prides itself on providing prompt payouts. All withdrawal requests will be reviewed and approved, or denied, within 3 business days of your request. Your payment will be made within 7 business days after approval. We will notify you by email when your withdrawal is requested, approved and sent.

That is complete BS. My first payout was approved Aug. 3. It is now the 16th. I'm still waiting for my check. Heck, I'm still waiting for my payout "sent" email.

I requested another payout on Aug 6. Still hasn't been approved. Live Chat no help: "We will escalate and it will be approved within 24 hours." That did not happen. Both of my emails to support, which promises to answer you back within one business day, have been ignored for days. Live Chat still no help: "I'm sure it will be approved shortly."

Bottom line: I love playing here, but I'm not going to anymore because of the false info on their website about payouts. I have yet to decide if the process is slow, or if the casino has simply disappeared off the face of the earth. I would not recommend this casino to any U.S. player.
Sabrina3939 3 reviews
United States
I like the games Planet 7 offers, various deposit methods.

The Slots are not Tight at all. You can win money here!! Nobody can "Win" off of every single deposit they make. But my 1st withdrawal was done using No Bonus at all.

Deposited a few more times, didn't win anything and then used a Deposit Bonus, I won off of it and requested a Cashout. Got verified after sending in all documents and it went smoothly. ..

It does take a little while to get paid but they have always paid me. Really think the reason for the long wait on payouts is because it is hard to send checks or wires to players in the USA and to find a Great Processor to do just that.

And I see people on here thinking a Casino is "Fishy " cause they don't want you to tell your Bank it's a Gambling Transaction... Really ??? Folks read the Gambling laws in the United States, yes the law is not specific but the Banks have AGREED with the Goverment NOT to process "Known" Gambling Bank wires, Checks, Etc..Soo NO never tell your Bank that your check is from Gambling winnings !!!

Educate yourselves before you Deposit & Gamble in your Country of residence ... Lord and I don't even work for Planet7 .
Long payouts need correcting, and I didn't like the fact that I no longer am eligible for the Free Daily spins as a depositing player ( that was Cut off the day I requested my 2nd withdrawal) and since that 2nd withdrawal I can no longer use ANY No Rules/No Max Cash out Bonuses. I never abused them, as my 1st payout was from a deposit using NO Bonus of any kind. I made more deposits using Bonuses, then I got a Win with 1 and Cashed out.

Then Poof, no daily spins from then on. Now I can only use Bonus Codes with wagering 30 times and a Max of 10 times my Deposit to Cashout.Basically I can NEVER hit a jackpot and expect to be paid.

Manager stated: I didn't need Daily Spins or No Rules / No Max bonuses to Win anymore.Doesn't make sense to me. I do give credit where credit is deserved and "Tawni" that handles complaints on here is Top Notch. She gets things moving and things done and gets people PAID!! She deserves a huge pay raise for the stuff she puts up with on here.

This is my review, I will raise it up more stars once payout times improve and the "Bonus thing" is straighten out. For Depositing players.
I really like the layout of planet 7 casino.. and the RTG software

Friendly staff have had several withdrawals, first one was slow but since they have been taken care of in a timely manner.

I am waiting on 4 current withdrawals.. they will be taken care of soon I'mean sure only been 5 days....
Slow payouts.. .my only problem. I would recommend this casino...
Nice games, no deposit bonuses between deposits, friendly chat support
Very, very slow payout. I tested a small payout ($100) and it took 6 weeks to get it, ONLY after filing a complaint here. Then the only withdrawal method for US is by foreign check, so had to physically go to my bank branch which is 45 minutes away. Then got asked all kinds of questions about the check by the teller, and it's not clear when my bank will release the funds to me.

I don't even want to play here any more because I feel like dealing with the winnings is not worth the stress. Can't recommend to anyone in the US. Look for ones that do wire transfer withdrawals.
Tonguitas D. 2 reviews
Some games; but avoid to play on this casino they change rules as you get any wining to not giving you this.
I register onto Planet 7 Casino; after I played my welcome bonus and reach the minimum for taking out my wining and after no response, contact chat support and they block my account and told me that I am not eligible for bonuses but NEVER let me know this; even while I was playing from my Tablet or PC not get any information about this.... PLEASE AVOID PLAYING IN THIS CASINO AT ALL!!
Its kind of hard to like something when its not doing there part (like paying there payouts). The free spin are nice, but they take all your winnings back too (more a dislike)!
Nothing but excuses about payouts, and I'm not the only person that is having this issue.. so its a 1 star tell I receive my pay put winnings. But more then likely I will not be playing on this site along with there sister sites as well... STAY CLEAR unless you want to WAIT ages for your MONEY AND GET JERKED AROUND!
ponzlaw 1 review
United States
They make up reasons for not paying and keep requiring you to jump through hoops trying to avoid paying. They tell me they cant send a check because of massive delays and to do a wire transfer into my bank. They will not send to intermediary bank and there are only 2 banks I found that allows direct foreign wire transfers so I had to open a checking account at one of those banks. Still waiting.
I have been patient as possible with planet 7 about my APPROVED WITHDRAWALS; one for $1900, another for $365 and another for $1455. Now I have contacted the casino via live chat and they explained to me that the issue is no longer in their department, that it's in escalations. Now I contacted escalations and payout but no one has yet to inform me of anything. I'm one that is a very patient person but when I feel like you are giving me the run around, then that's when I have a problem.

In case planet 7 casino wants to reply and explain to me why I'm not being treated like the same person I was when I played with this casino; my user name is alligator 61.....
Tyler P. 1 review
United States

I legitimately won $1,000 but they gave me every excuse that does not make sense and now my widthdraw is $600...but that was 4 months ago. I have contacted them countless times and they just will not give me my money. They find out every excuse as well to not pay me. Its usually a waiting game. They say it will be there by a certain date then when its not and you call, they start the process over again. BEWARE
Hi, I recently started using Planet 7 Casino, and have been very satisfied with pretty much everything. I personally do not understand people complaining because through live chat, it is possible to talk with representative right away. Representatives are very kind and willing to help. The games seem to be pretty fair (software games, if you don't think ), and I like the fact that they also offer live games. I recently asked for withdrawal and it has been approved. I was given a call about when and how the checks will be delivered. I think people should definitely read company policies that are easy to find in the internet before complaining.

This really is a good casino (Please see the dislike section for my rebuttals about what people complain). What people should be aware of is that normally websites like this have statistical bias, meaning that it is mostly the ones with very strong opinions who leaves reviews (and that is mostly dissatisfied customers, because satisfied customers do not spare time to write reviews).

So far, my personal experience with Planet 7 has been awesome. I do mean it. I was really scared about playing online casino in the beginning, and thus did tons of research before I did. I compared a lot of casinos, and I tried tiny bit of money in each website to see any signs of red flag. Now, I am sticking with Planet 7.

Based on my observations, it seems to me that most of the disputes uploaded here have been resolved, and Planet 7 casino seems to comment very quickly to people's disputes. If they were scam and they do not care about customers at all, they would not even bother spending time to leave comments for open disputes. This is a long review, but I just wanted to leave this because I personally felt bad about this casino, which I enjoy using, being depicted badly.

The average rating of Planet 7 is pretty high in some websites, but here there seems to be a higher concentration of bad reviews. I just wanted to balance that out by adding my opinion.
The following may be the things that people may complain about:
* This is more like my counterargument: But I do not think you will complain about the following once you know these before you play (When you are about to use a company's service please study the terms and conditions, and please do not complain about publicly notified policies).

1) Slow payment - Yes, it takes about ~5 business days until approval, ~7 business days until processing + additional shipping period. It may take up to 3 wks for you to get the money. HOWEVER, it does not mean that it will not be paid. [Also, there is a certain amount of processing fee (FedEx etc.) $20/$40 depending on the amount.

2) Slow representative response - Use live chat instead of email. Live chat is available 24/7 and it connects you with representatives in a few seconds. Email response takes some time. Based on my experience, it may take about ~3 days to get a response.

3) Withdrawal restrictions - Most casinos do have some sort of restrictions. Casino does not exist to give away free money. By getting some bonuses, one should expect to have some strings attached to it. Please read the terms and conditions of bonuses before redeeming coupon! Please do not complain about this fact, because some playthrough rules exist in every casino, and based on my experience, their requirements are not too different from other casinos.
Russell M. 1 review
United States
Too bad I couldn't give it zero stars cause that is what they deserve.
Absolutely horrible customer service, doesn't follow their own withdrawal guidelines. Chat talk gives you the runaround, and overall a site you want to absolutely stay away from unless you like waiting 2-5 months to get your money.
Gamblers you should avoid Planet 7.
chimal 2 reviews
United States
I was approved three withdrawals and they were all processed and paid. The dates for the approved withdrawals were Jan. 18, Jan. 27th and Feb.2. The check I received was dated Feb. 18. The check reached me by FED EX Feb, 22. The three withdrawals were combined as one check which was great as I only had to pay a processing fee of $25.00 once and it was deducted from the withdrawals. USA players must never tell the bank that a check is from an online casino.

Planet 7 does pay but read the rules for any bonus. Some do require a deposit. Some do require specific playthrough. Others do not.

They are not quick to pay but they do pay. Live chat is great. Your complaints and questions will be answered. Pay out dept is only open specific hours. Ask when. You can call and they will answer if your call is not too late. A nice, helpful staff.
The casino will take 3 to 4 weeks to pay. Weekends are not considered workdays so factor that in as well.
Tiffanyd 1 review
United States
So I had 2 bonus codes for planet 7. I used them and won $600. After a month it still said processing. So I had a live chat with someone on the site. They said after the first code I have to make a deposit.. And it was in the terms that I agreed to which is understandable.

Then he went on to tell me if I ever receive a check from them to NOT tell the bank where it comes from.. Very fishy.. I AM NOT getting in trouble for cashing a fake check. And I will not play any planet 7 games or any online gaming sites that are affiliated with it (Royalacecasino, dream casino, ect.) no way in hell.

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