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Casinos Accepting Indian Rupees

The rupee has been the official currency of India for hundreds of years, and it has been a major influence in the area for quite some time. As such, the rapid growth of online industries has prompted many international merchants to accept rupees for payments. Unfortunately, most online casinos that accept players from India do not support rupees, and instead, require exchange into a different currency.

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Casinos Accepting Indian Rupees

The India rupee is the official currency of India. Its official international abbreviation is INR. Because its official symbol is still not supported on many computers, the rupee is often listed as “Rs” on many websites. Rupees are occasionally used by residents of Bhutan and Nepal in addition to their own local currencies. For a list of India rupee online casinos, see this page.

Exchanging the India Rupee

If you use the rupee in day-to-day life but want to play at a casino that doesn’t accept it, check to make sure players from your country are accepted first. Then look for a list of currencies accepted by the casino and choose the one that will be easiest for you to obtain. Generally, this will be a major currency like the US dollar or UK pound. The casino may be able to exchange your rupees for you, or refer you to a merchant who can.

Want to play at an online casino that uses the India rupee but don’t live in India? Check the casino’s website to see if it accepts your local currency as well. If not, consider exchanging your currency into one that the casino accepts. A support representative at the casino may be able to help you with this process or refer you to a service that can do the exchange for you.

Banking with the India Rupee

Deposits in India rupees can be made through a number of different methods. Many online casinos allow you to deposit your rupees with credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and money transfer services. Look at the cashier in your casino of choice for a full listing.

If you want to withdraw India rupees, check out what options are available to you in the casino’s cashier. Most places allow you to withdraw through a direct bank transfer or an e-wallet withdrawal. Some casinos also feature paper checks, money orders, and local payment options. If you’re unsure about a particular method that you would like to use, contact support first.