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Smart Live Gaming is the UK’s leading live casino, sports betting, and overall online gambling operator. This online casino offers players the thrill of playing in their live casino as well as to enjoy a large number of video slots from some of the world’s best providers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft. The casino is licensed and regulated by the government of Malta and the UK Gambling Commission. 

Virtual Games

Smart Live Gaming offers a huge array of standard casino games as well as some of the best jackpots and bonuses around from NetEnt, Microgaming, and Betsoft. There are also scratch cards and bingo for players to opt for. All games are offered in English and Japanese.

The most popular casino games are definitely the state-of-the-art video slots such as Dracula slot, The Invisible Man slot, Mr. Vegas slot, Avalon slot, Football Star slot, and many others. 

In addition to thrilling slot games, this online casino also provides a good selection of table games including a number of Blackjack and Roulette variants such as Roulette Pro, European Roulette, Blackjack Pontoon, Double Exposure Blackjack, European Blackjack etc. There’s also High Limit Baccarat, Punto Banco, Red Dog and similar games.

As far as video poker fans are concerned, there are also enough games to suit their taste such as Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Poker Pursuit, Caribbean Stud, Deuces Wild, All American Poker, and a number of other games.

Live Casino

What makes Smart Live Gaming unique is that they offer players live versions of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, giving then an exhilarating and authentic casino experience. Live games are available between 09:00 -06:00 GTM. And it’s also important to note that all live dealer games are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Mobile Gaming

Players can get the Smart Live Gaming Casino mobile app on AppStore or Google Play depending on the device they are using and enjoy the latest casino games on the go, anytime and anywhere. And if you’re by your desktop, players can simply scan the barcode and receive the download link imediatelly.


Smart Live have a friendly customer service team who endeavour to resolve players’ queries as quickly as possible. They can be contacted via the free phone telephone number between 8am and 6pm or by email. The most convenient way, however is through the live chat option available which is available 24/7

Security and Fairness

The casino’s gaming software employs the most modern encryption and security techniques to ensure safe and secure money transfers. All transactional data is SSL encrypted.

Furthermore, their games are provided regularly audited and tested for fairness by third party authority.


  • Variety of games from well-known software providers
  • Number of deposit methods available
  • Available in Instant Play and Mobile versions
  • Customer support 24/7 via live chat, e-mail and phone
  • Audited by the third party regularly
  • SSL encryption


  • Restricted to US players

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Gonna be away for a few days guys, but keep up the pressure and try and contact companies house to object to the Smart TV UK Ltd's application to be stricken off if you haven't already, on the email below. Please message me if anything significant happens, will be checking mails sporadically, back on Friday eve.

Stoneley12 1 review
United Kingdom
Absolute disgrace! That's all I'm saying about this mess of a company! Plated with them for a while and all was fine, made a withdrawal of 1705 2 months ago and nothing! Been monitoring a couple of forums etc. And taken the relevant steps as everyone here has, ukgc mailed, withdrawal request form, action fraud and company house. Hopefully something gets done about it but looking unlikely in my opinion.

I know gambling is not something which you should rely on but the money which I "won" was supposed to be spent on everyday things and it has left me In a mess! I'm more than happy to track this horrible excuse for a man who's probably driving a supercar and living in a massive house and get my money back from him! Hopefully something can be done but if not I'm all up for getting the little weasel/weasels! Seriously!!!
dogshead 5 reviews
United Kingdom
Looking at his Linkedin profile he took a strange career path to become CEO of Smartlive and has taken steps to hide the link to the company by not even mentioning it on his profile however after this latest info Ram he clearly has planned this fraud and theft on a massive scale and is doing a runner. I happen to work in the Security Industry at the highest level and have lots of resources available to me. I'm owed £2300 but seen some guys are owed £30,000 onwards.

If Action Fraud and companies house come up blank I'd be willing to give recommendations for private hire to track him down and attempt to get payments honored. Even expose him and his operations and ruin his future operations.
ActionFraud have been updated with his details and the other CEO previously, but wont act via the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau for 28 days and that will only start the prosecuting process, which will be too late!

I suggest EVERYONE contacts Company House to stop this guy liquidating the company asap, have just rung them. You can email to - include as much info as possible as to why you are objecting to them being stricken off..
Lets make this guys life as difficult as possible..
Ram G. 2 reviews
United Kingdom
Nothing, this company has stolen money off so many gamers and has given us the run around for months while they have been planning to shut the business down, while taking our funds.
So I posted a message on here previously and I have had a few people message me directly but i was unable to respond via my phone therefore I'd post details here for anybody having issues with smart live casino. Apologies to anybody that has messaged me directly.

So I decided to start legal proceeding against smart live gaming via the small claim court. I was only owed £220 but that's not the point, I was still owed that money and I'm aware that loads of other are owed much much more. They had 14 days to respond but Monday 22nd was the deadline and I received nothing back. Therefore I instructed court to take action. They will basically send a letter telling smart live to make payment ASAP.

I happen to work in Holborn so I decided to visit their office yesterday, and it's not good news. They have left the office in High Holborn and absconded. I contacted the letting agent who is responsible for the building management called Lawson & Partners. My contact there was Tim B***** M**** (020 ************). He's told me that they have left the building and they too are owed rent money but have no forwarding contact details. I've also search company house record and LinkedIn and the director of the company is attempting to shut the business down to stop anyone claiming any money back.

I would strongly recommend that people contact Action Fraud or company house to inform that you want to stop the company from being wound-down. If the compnay is wound down, none of us will get our money back. But stopping the business being wound down, Alex Leese (the director) will still be accountable for paying all of the winnings, and could personally held accountable even if the company is liquidated.

Personally I'd rather get my money back, but if I can't, then the next best thing is seeing him being made personally responsible and hopefully being made bankrupt for the amount of money he owes gamers.

Please contact action fraud online and company house. I will post another contact number here soon for my contact at company house, if enough people phone them, they will stop the company being closed and will investigate further. I would not recommend anybody to start legal action via the small claims count as mail is not being picked up from the address and it's unlikely they will return to the address.

This man and his company need to held accountable. I'm sure he'll try to open another company sooner or later. when he does, we'll be able to track him down.
dogshead 5 reviews
United Kingdom
Also I'm convinced A***** E***** L***** does not exist as he has clearly given false information to companies house given his appointment at Smart TV Broadcasting Limited he was born 1977

And his 4 other appointments he was born 1988

Action Fraud now aware of this
DaveKumar 5 reviews
United Kingdom
Sorry to hear no one has had any luck with the withdrawal form.

Just to note, in response to the reviewer below, it is A****** L***** (not Lease).

From what I have seen online the relevant companies have indeed mainly been owned by Turkish shareholders and have had Turkish directors. But the recent lack of payment occurred with A*** L**** at the helm so he is surely accountable to some extent. I was recently informed that the shareholding company (Eagle Internet Investments Ltd) is connected to K**** G***** - the same person who owned the previous shareholding company. I cannot be 100% sure though as this one is registered in the Virgin Islands and I do not know how to search for company details held there.
dogshead 5 reviews
United Kingdom
Same goes for myself. Submitted the withdrawal request form with bank details on monday afternoon and it's now friday with no response. Even emailed the finance email address in the automated email you receive for clarification as to why they failed to respond or even communicated in any other form with 48 hours and got no reply.

One thing to note!!!! With the update of their UK landing page we are now no longer to access our accounts so I hope everyone with money outstanding to be paid out managed to get evidence of their withdrawal request or pending withdrawals. I did luckily used my noggin and screenshotted everything the day I found out about the UKGC suspension.

Very annoyed I work in the security industry and could easily track the CEO to his home address and very temped but will hold off because I'd give the thieving ***** more than a stern talking too!

Another factor I picked up on was the appointment and resignations of 2 Turkish directors between 2007 and 2015 within the time span the payment problems started to arise. Another point to note any other search on A******** l**** comes up dead. There is also two separate appointments by Neptune Secutaries Limited based in Gloucestershire and a French, Indian and Kyrgyzystanian previous directorships.

My guess is we have probably been financing terrorism for over a decade without even knowing lol (This statement is just banter and not to be taking as gospel)

Now submitting complaint to action fraud.
What a let down, was thinking more in hope than reality that smartlive were taking owing loads of money to customers seriously, the withdrawal form was filled in over 48 hours ago and no response!

I will be contacting action fraud tomorrow with details of the withdrawal form, as its very wrong to be getting customers to fill in bank details with no intention to pay!

Great work from blackjack and Dave! Cheers lads if there is Anything I can do direct message me!

It's time to pull together now and get our money paid!
Action Fraud now have the financial details of the company and the current CEO's details, with thanks from Dave Kumar.

I have heard nothing further from smartlive myself since the withdrawal page was posted and original email saying they would be in touch within 48 hours, which has obviously passed, so this could be worthless I'm afraid..

Anyone else got anything new?
colwol 3 reviews
United Kingdom
Thanks for everyones input over the past weeks.

I have now filled out a withdrawal form and received an email back from saying:

Thank you for contacting us.We have received your message and will respond to you within 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

At least I feel that there might be some hope after all.

I may of course be disappointed once more but at least I can look forward over the next few days to just a glimmer of a resolution and hopefully the return of my money.

I'll let you know if there are any developments.

colwol 3 reviews
United Kingdom
What do we all make of this latest website and the withdrawal form? Is it genuine progress or just another twist in the tale?

I can't see any mention of the a guaranteed call back within 48 hour and there seems no means of contacting them. I know that the GamblingCommission seems to have washed their hands of us now that the licenses have been handed back. There must be questions about how they "control" this industry.

I'm worried about not getting my money back (a not inconsiderable sum) but I'm beginning to think that achieving our objective of justice seems to bea long and winding road with no certainly of successfully reaching our destination.
Barry D. 1 review
United Kingdom
I have been trying to withdraw £1,300 fromSLG since the 8th July. On chat they fob you off with things like "its not in my pay scale" or we will send you an e-mail to confirm your withdrawal.

I have tried phoning them many times and have never yet got through. I took the advice of Dave and reported the site to they were very helpful and also advised me to get in touch with the gambling commission. I will let you all know the outcome. I am not holding out any hope of receiving my money.

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