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A slot machine (or slot for short) is a game of chance that involves getting combinations of symbols on spinning reels. The name of these games derive from the slots players used to insert coins into the machine in the past. Online casino slots are now the most popular games of chance available on the Web, and the demand for new games is growing rapidly. Both free slots and real money slots are available for play at a massive number of websites.

Casino slot games can be broken down into three main categories: video slots, classic slots, and amusements with prizes (AWPs). These are broken down into more detail below.

Video Casino Slot Games

By far, the most popular game in the online casino industry are the video slots. These games are typically available as both real money and free casino slots. Video slots got their name for being the first casino slot games in land-based establishments to use graphical technology. Online video slots share characteristics like a large number of paylines (5 at a minimum), quality graphics, and typically five reels. Some of the edgier video casino slots may break from these rules, however.

Web technologies have made online video slot machines increasingly advanced. Online software providers now offer games that rival or even beat out the big land-based gaming companies. New bonus rounds, special symbols, and themes are being released daily. Many of the most popular video slots are also progressive slots, such as Microgaming's famous Mega Moolah. In these games, a central jackpot increases based on how much money is wagered on the game. Although it is incredibly hard to win the jackpot in progressive slots, the jackpot totals have been known to be in the millions.

Online video casino slots use the same mechanism as land-based ones to generate spins. A random number generator chooses a number, which corresponds to a specific layout of the symbols. The results of previous spins have absolutely no effect on future ones.

Classic Casino Slots

The second category of casino slots are the classic games. Also known as three-reel games, they are available as both free casino slots and real money slots. These games get their name from the fact that they resemble the first generation of slots to exist in land-based casinos. Instead of focusing on elaborate bonus features, classic casino slots rely upon simple combinations of symbols along a payline or multiple paylines. Traditional symbols include fruits, 7s, and bars, but modern classic slots have incorporated new themes.

Although they are called classic, these slot machines are certainly not antiquated. Many players enjoy them the most for their intense, fast-paced gameplay. Newer casino slot games based on this classic framework use fresh elements like wild symbols and special bonus features. Some are also progressive slots and include a running jackpot that increases with play.

Like video slots, classic slot machines rely upon a random number generator to generate outcomes. Each position on each reel is represented by a number. When the random number generator picks a number, that symbol will show up. Because it's truly random, players cannot determine future outcomes from past spins.

AWP Slot Machines

The final and rarest form of online casino slots are amusements with prizes, or AWPs. Microgaming currently has the largest selection of them, but some software providers offer AWPs, as well. Currently available as both real money and free slots, their name is inspired by their arcade style, which was most popular in Britain several decades ago.

Although they resemble other casino slot games, AWPs have a few key differences. First, AWPs are not completely random. They are programmed to have certain hot and cold streaks to pay out a certain percentage of all bets over a fixed period of time. This introduces skill into the game. Savvy players that figure the patterns out will fare much better than those who just spin randomly.

Another difference with these slot machines is their fast-paced and unpredictable nature. Although some other types of casino slot games use spontaneous features, none compare to AWPs. Players of AWP slot machines must often be quick with a mouse to win a feature, or know when to nudge certain reels up or down to get desired winning combinations.