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Welcome to the AskGamblers Online Casino Blacklist. It has always been our mission to guide players to the most reputable online casinos on the Web, so we decided to make it a little easier by putting our list of blacklisted online casinos into one convenient location. Before you decide to play online, make sure to check this list to ensure that your chosen casino does not have a history of bogus rules or rogue behavior.

Using the Casino Black List

Because we wanted to be able to quickly show you our current index of blacklisted casinos, we decided on a very simple list format. All you need to do is check to make sure that your casino of choice is not on this list. For your own sake, we recommend that you heed this warning and look for a more reputable place to play.

Reasons for Online Casino Blacklist Placement

There are a variety of reasons that we may place an online casino on our casino blacklist. We largely rely upon our archived casino complaints to make these decisions. One of the most common complaints that will land a casino here is a history of scam tactics, such as nonpayment and confiscation. Additionally, some of these blacklisted casinos may have an unfair policy toward match bonuses or unreasonably slow withdrawal times. 


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    Rogue Casinos

    Any casino that has exhibited a pattern of player complaints for nonpayment, unresponsiveness, or other kind of fraudulent behavior is in this list. However, some people have decent experiences at these casinos. Playing in these casinos does not necessarily mean you will be cheated, but you should be cautious when depositing and playing.

    What is Casino Blacklist?

    An online casino blacklist is a type of index that maintains a record of online casinos that some third party has deemed to engage in bad business practices. In the current online gaming climate, the publication of a casino black list is usually limited to affiliates who earn revenue for directing players to certain online casinos. Although many online casinos end up on these lists indefinitely, most affiliates will remove a casino once a perceived problem has been eliminated.

    Usefulness of an Online Casino Blacklist

    Today, a casino black list is generally regarded as one of the most useful methods by which players can select an online casino. Most affiliates use them as a one-stop resource for players to gain knowledge about casinos they have found to engage in scam tactics or rogue behavior.

    A casino blacklist is also useful for affiliates looking to boost the popularity of their best listed casinos. If a player loads a review for one of the blacklisted online casinos, they may encounter a warning that recommends they choose from a list of reputable sites instead.

    Criteria for Blacklisted Casinos

    Blacklisted online casinos generally fall under a select few categories. Some affiliates will make distinctions between these, but most will lump them all together in a single group and provide links and descriptions for their rationale.

    Nonpayment at Blacklisted Online Casinos

    The single most common reason that a casino will earn a spot on an online casino blacklist is nonpayment. Although nonpayment is justified in cases of fraud or breaches of terms and conditions, many blacklisted online casinos will fabricate bogus reasons for not paying players who have rightfully won. Casinos that do not comply with an affiliate's attempts to get the player paid will likely end up on the affiliate's casino black list.

    Delayed Payment at Blacklisted Online Casinos

    Although not considered as serious an offense as nonpayment, delayed payment is a much more prevalent issue that could place a site on an affiliate's online casino blacklist. Delayed payment occurs when a casino habitually gives players their withdrawals after the specified timeframe within their cashier for the chosen method.

    Unlike nonpayment, delayed payment is not always done intentionally. This is particularly noticeable in the United States, where casinos occasionally find themselves in a bind with processing companies. In these cases, casinos are generally removed from the casino blacklist once they can demonstrate that the processing issues are no longer present.

    Poor Support at Blacklisted Online Casinos

    In some cases, a gaming company can make it on an online casino blacklist solely because of poor customer service. Many affiliates regard a casino's customer support team as the single most important facet of the company. Because they often hold numerous essential responsibilities such as processing payments, providing bonus rules to players, managing bonuses, and performing fraud checks, it is generally expected that they behave in a highly professional and friendly manner.

    Blacklisted casinos, on the other hand, tend to have poorly trained support representatives who fail to come close to an affiliate's expectations. If there are reports of a casino's customer service employee behaving immaturely towards or lying to players, an affiliate may consider this grounds for placement on their casino blacklist.

    Malware at Blacklisted Online Casinos

    Although it is rare, some of the most rogue online casinos have been known to embed malware within their online casino software. Examples of this are viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware. These types of blacklisted casinos will use these malicious bits of code to steal information from their players, from passwords to credit card numbers. Because of the seriousness of this, affiliates will almost always make a special warning for casinos that have been found to use malware.

    Although a casino blacklist is useful for finding casinos with a history of malware use, players should still use caution by keeping anti-malware software running on their computers at all times. A firewall should also be used to prevent unauthorized access from malicious users.

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