Win a Real Gold Bar from Jack Gold Casino

Win a Real Gold Bar from Jack Gold Casino

Put on your coveralls, get your pan, and head out to the rivers in Jack Gold Casino's new prospecting promotion. Play your favorite slots and other casino games in the casino to accumulate gold dust that you can exchange for tickets. As you play, you'll improve your prospecting skills and be able to get more tickets for your dust. At the end of the promotion, one player will receive 1 kilogram of solid 24-carat gold, worth thousands of pounds.

This prospecting promotion rewards hard work and dedication: it is running from 15 October 2013 all the way through 30 March 2014. You can start panning for gold dust at any time, but the sooner you start, the greater your odds will be of having the winning ticket.

How to Start Panning for Gold Dust

Jack Gold Casino - Real Gold

All bonus-eligible players at Jack Gold Casino are automatically qualified to participate in this Gold Bar Promotion. If you are not yet a member of the casino, use our exclusive link and create your account directly on the Jack Gold Casino website.

All players will need to make at least one deposit of £10 and wager it through once in order to be considered. By doing this, you will automatically receive one ticket into the gold bar drawing. Players who are serious about winning the gold bar will want to continue playing to receive more tickets.

Level Structure

Jack Gold Casino has organized players into 6 different prospecting levels. As you play and earn gold dust, you can attain the next level. This symbolizes that you have more experience in the prospecting business, and as such you will be able to get more tickets for the 30 March 2014 drawing for your gold dust.

The breakdown of the levels is as follows:

  • Level 1: 0 grains of gold dust; cannot accumulate additional tickets
  • Level 2: 100 grains of gold dust to qualify; 1 ticket for every 100 grains collected
  • Level 3: 500 grains of gold dust to qualify; 1 ticket for every 80 grains collected
  • Level 4: 2,000 grains of gold dust to qualify; 1 ticket for every 67 grains collected
  • Level 5: 8,000 grains of gold dust to qualify; 1 ticket for every 50 grains collected
  • Level 6: 20,000 grains of gold dust to qualify, 1 ticket for every 40 grains collected

Prospecting for Gold Dust

Getting gold dust is as easy as playing with real cash (not bonus money or fun money) any of Jack Gold Casino's games. However, some games are more plentiful in gold than others.

  • Slots (including progressives) and any Casino Hold'em game: 8 grains per £100 wagered
  • All Roulette and Hi-Lo Gambler games: 6 grains per £100 wagered
  • All Blackjack and Video Poker games: 1 grain per £100 wagered

Jack Gold Casino is in the process of implementing a special page that will help you keep track of the amount of gold dust you have collected. Keep an eye on the promotion's page on the casino website for more details.

Choosing the Winner

When the prospecting period ends on 30 March 2014, Jack Gold Casino will pool all of the tickets together and use a random number generator to draw just one. Whoever is the owner of the drawn ticket will be declared the winner of the 1 kilogram, 24-carat gold bar.

Additional Prizes

Even if you don't win the gold bar, you can still benefit greatly from participating in this promotion. Jack Gold Casino will soon have a Gold Dust Rewards program, where you can exchange your accumulated gold dust for real rewards. Keep an eye the Jack Gold Casino website for future details.

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