What Casino Games Are The Most Profitable?

What Casino Games Are The Most Profitable?

What casino games can make you the most money? Which ones have the smallest house edge? What games are "beatable"?

For the sake of argument, we are going to look at this issue from a practical standpoint. Sure, we could do all the mathematical calculations and find out which game actually has the highest return on investment, but those numbers would only apply if the game was played mathematically perfect, which few casual gamblers can do.

Generally speaking, the slots offer the lowest return. The payouts are relatively small, and you have a very small chance of hitting the jackpot. Progressive jackpots help add to the profitability of slots if you win, but more often than not, they just take more of your money.

Table games like craps and roulette are next on the list. Some of the bets for these games are almost even money. For example, betting on red at the roulette table has just under a 50% chance of winning. That is the closest to even money you will find at the casino.

The last game to examine is blackjack. The good thing about blackjack is that if you are lucky, you can win a lot of money quickly. If you get a good run of cards, you could double your bankroll within a short period of time. But, you can also lose all your money twice as fast. However, generally speaking, blackjack is the most profitable casino game that you can play.

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