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As of the 31st of March 2017, the software provider Playtech had to remove the Wolverine slot, alongside many other video slots containing Marvel characters. The decision was made due to the expiry of Playtech’s licensing deal with Marvel Studios. Luckily, there are new releases coming from Playtech, as this famous software supplier signed the deal with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, the owner of DC Entertainment.

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Ahmo6 232 reviews
Wolverine slot is powered by Playtech and it has 5 reels and 25 paylines possibilities. The minimum bet that can be places is 0.25$. I have been recently playing this game in one of the Playtech casinos and I really liked it. I mean wolverine is one of my top heroes from x-men; I just love his fast self healing and especially his Adamantium body including those claws of his. Most of this stuff has been transferred into this slot which is one of the reasons for you to try it out.

This is a progressive game so a chance to win a jackpot is available. But still this game has a lot of features and I will start with the berserker rage which I have experienced in several occasions to be pretty helpful and a great hit can come out of that. This symbol can only appear on reel 5 but there is a difference on where it will land. Because if it lands on top of the reel wolverine will distribute 2, 3, 4 wilds horizontally from left to right, if it lands in the middle of the reel wolverine will award 3, 4, 5 random wilds anywhere and finally if it lands in the bottom wolverine will turn 2 reels into stacked wilds.

Mostly in my experience I had a lot of bottom and middle experiences that paid me the most. Then we have the adamantium free where in order to trigger 12 free spins 3 or more adamantium needles need to appear. When that happens in free games you will see the adamantium scale of the left that can be filled to a maximum of 12, but you will always begin with a four and for every needle that appears during free spins it will be added to the scale. But the scale is there for a whole different reason because when a wild appears in free spins depends on how many adamantium you have on your scale it will stay frozen till adamantium runs out.

So pretty good hits can occur during this. Also there is a turbo mode which will safe your precious time and it is really helpful during free spins since it takes really long for everything to happen.

Overall a great game that I will be playing more in the future and I definitely am more than happy to recommend it. 9/10
Another popular slot from the famous Marvel series with 25 payment lines and great opportunities to win big. As you probably know the game is inspired by the great Hollywood realization in which the starring legendary Hugh Jackman. This game features two great bonuses both naturally characterized by the appearance of Wolverine symbol on the reels. Specifically for this game is its so-called turbo mode that allows you to play fast and so quick use of your valuable time. Wolverine wild symbol appears in any position on the reels, and can run in one symbol, two or at most three symbols for you.

I have not had so far a chance to get all three of these symbols but a lot of times was very close when I was with two symbols in the first two columns waited another on the remaining three columns but I never get. As for the bet per line there is a much simpler matter of bonus opportunities, the smallest amount bet per line, which is a 0.01 and a maximum of € 5, that means the 25 line you maximum bet per spin will be € 125. You will admit, it's a very high stakes, even for those who prefer a larger role and gains, I went up to a maximum of € 1 per spin and you whatever you like. The maximum jackpot winnings in this embodiment is 3000 coins which is the sum of every respect, at least according to what I'm seeing in the other slot machines.

Finally, I would add that the bonus game consists of a fight between Wolverine and Sabretooth, where the quality of images and animations come to the fore and gives a magical side of this great creative slot game. To start the fight is necessary of course to win the first three Sabretooth symbols and after selecting weapons fight can begin. During this bonus fight all the time, you can monitor your energy bar and view at any time to stand with strength. In general a very attractive game, which is not anything new to marvel slots that are known for the best graphics and interesting themes from popular movies and series on their heroes. Relax and enjoy Wolverine is in your home wish him welcome.
Icymod 758 reviews
Wolverine.......the Marvel superhero who can self-heal, can take down Phoenix (Jean Grey), has adamantium claws to rip his enemies, has that animal extinct (smell/scent) and has reoccurring fights with Sabretooth. For 25 paylines on this incredible Marvel Jackpot slot, it has brought me a big win when I first was given a chance to use the 10 Free spins Everest Casino provided me. I won $6.85 from them then later had free spins "after" one normal spin for $0.25. I had to not only see what this Wolverine slot can do but had little bearing on betting high so I had to play it safe, by betting the minimum $0.25. What a surprise!! The spin after my 10 Free spins on Everest gave me this little win inside the 12 Free spins! $8.45 was at first depressing, then when another trigger came, it surprised me even more that it would likely break "the shields or wards of whatever the forum witch would cast".......in other words Holy Cr*p!!!!!

This next set of 12 free spins always has the adamantium reservoir on the left filled at 4 which is the common number to start with every time after hitting 3 scatters! I collected Syringes and per syringe increased the reservoir on the left by 1. For some reason, collecting a syringe behind a wild still counts....weird which is very good!This will be used to hold in place any wilds, partial or stacked, for the next free spin. I had collected 10 in the reservoir before the stacked wilds appeared. In one of my free spins 4 stacks came out doing some serious paying off on Reels 1, 3, 4 and 5. With the once known meter in the tank at 10 now at 6, the next free spin had 5 wilds sma*king me silly for this super big win of $101 when the 2nd reel filled with the missing wild!!!!!

Ahhhh, I had only that one chance to freeze the wilds but my reservoir tank only had enough to freeze one free spin containing my 5 wilds! Here's some screens that I recorded during Everest Poker (using their casino games)!! My depressed mood changed into tasting the sweet flavour of.........honey that is victory when I won that high win in my free spins!!!

The other features are cool too!!! It's the Berserker Rage (usually it's barrage in place of rage if you've played Marvel vs Capcom 1 - 3) feature when this logo on the 5th reel appears, I would see expanding wilds, a single horizontal row of wilds (they can be apart/incomplete) OR Wolverine changing single random symbols on all reels! When playing on these Marvel slots, I wonder how these jackpots do get triggered! I've only heard rumors that slots like these need to be fueled with inhuman bets but I do not know if truth prevails on that! I would recommend playing minimum $0.25 first, especially on Everest Poker because there is so much more action and winnings to hear and see than with larger but common bets!!!!
For me when betting something like $0.50 and $1.25 there were little going on than with my minimum bets of $0.25. Probably due to my big win in free spins :D. There's more action through minimum bets!!!!

More syringe scatters should appear much more in order to avail freezing something like 5 wilds to happen more than once!
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Wolverine is my top favourite X-Men hero and I just love his Adamantium claws and self-healing body. Makes him practically indestructible. With this Wolverine game, some of his heroic capabilities are transformed onto the reels to provide yet another unique and exciting Marvel Jackpot slot game. 1 star up.

Playtech games usually have the advantage in terms of a better paytable, but in Wolverine, it isn’t so. 5 Wilds pay 3000x total bet, average to Playtech standards but higher than most others, but for the highest paying symbol, the Villain, paying only 500x line bet for 5-of-a-kind is very low, and not to my liking. A low paytable affects the entire payouts of the game, so 2 stars down.

The free spins feature game offers only 12 free spins, as against the norm of 15, and is not retriggerable. The Adamantium injections to freeze up the wilds is a unique feature, very useful for stacked wilds but very wasteful for individual wilds! For example, 4 individual wilds would use up 4 doses of Adamantium and dry out the tank, whereas it could be very useful to freeze up 4 reels of fully stacked wilds instead, and make a huge payout difference! In play, the free spins payouts are rather low and disappointing, usually around the 10x – 20x total bet mark, which doesn’t make Wolverine any better. 1 star down.

The Berserker Rage special feature free spin, on the other hand, is a better paying feature. There are 3 variants to it – a horizontal row of wilds, usually giving 5-of-a-kinds, randomly scattered wilds, which doesn’t usually pay much, and lastly, the best, 2 reels of expanded wilds, which can pay out huge wins. The best I had so far was about 159x total bet amount, but much higher payouts are definitely possible with this 2 expanded wild reels feature. It’s just that I haven’t got it yet. 1 star up.

Despite the exciting and unique features in Wolverine, the overall game play was rather tedious. Payouts are generally small, free spins doesn’t pay that well, except for the Berserker Rage spin, and I can’t expect much from the Marvel Jackpot as it is so difficult and hard to come by. Not once have I got a chance at the Marvel Jackpot, and not once have I won a Marvel Jackpot slot game either. Playing Wolverine in the fun mode was fun and exciting, with frequent free spins and Berserker Rage spins, but playing it with real money was a totally different story, because the jackpot factor comes into play, changing the game play from easy to hard! If you don’t think this change over in game play is possible at all, you’d better believe it…because I had made a thorough testing on it! 1 star down.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
No doubt Marvell heroes are in the most appealing group of personages to use in action games and of course gamblers like emotions and slots use to get high levels of them. In the equation “Wolverine” slot should be a total success. In my personal opinion it is not.

Playtech has provided this game with 25 paylines, jackpot, scatter with Wolverine logo symbol, Berserker Rage feature, Free Spin rounds, and wild symbol with 3 different larges. With all this characteristics you hope reasonable winnings for at least give the fight against the losing streaks. For me, nothing further from reality, as first the features more common were 3 scatters (never 4 or +) that pays 5x, wild symbols that work only as substitute and the Berserker Rage that turn several symbols into wild but payouts of all these are not enough to compensate losses, then you begin to wait for a free spin round that takes its time.

Free spins can be interesting but multipliers and wild behavior make you doubt about of generosity of this game. In my personal case I lost about $300 scaling up stakes slowly from $0.01 until $0.06 per coin before I triggered my first 3 syringe scatter symbols where after 12 free spins I regained only $66, this was totally disappointing to me. After this free round I continued playing for more than one hour trying to relief my balance but things went bad to worst so I decided to leave the game and I think it is improbable I put my capital at risk playing this slot independently how it looks, because theme, ambiance and more related issues, admittedly, is totally professional.

Needless to say all these is my own appreciation and things with games may vary from user to user and before to reject the possibility of give a chance in a real account to this slot, you should test it on your own. Just good luck.
valentin68 535 reviews
Just 2-3 days ago (from now when I write this review) was released the last series from the “X –Men: Days of Future Past” movie, and this new slot from Playtech starring the main hero Wolverine is of course welcome. From last launched slots by Playtech, I only had the opportunity to play at Thor, and I can say that unlike this, Wolverine is a simpler slot with fewer ambitions but which has an almost identical return.

The game here has many ups and downs and unlike the aforementioned slot (“Thor”) here the wins and losses are somewhat more evenly distributed. At least in what it regards my playing here, I won pretty sometimes during actual normal spins and sometimes from Free Spins. Equally true is that I have had at least one series of 30 normal spins when without the slightest win and a round of Free Spins that I finished with a win of only 0.35 pounds .

The wild symbol that represents the Wolverine himself is of course at some moments stacked or even extended on an entire reel. The Free spins (12 in number) are the main feature of this slot in which if there is sufficient Adamantium to the left of slot, the Wild symbols present on the reels will be frozen by a certain quantity of this Adamatium. Adamantium can end or sometimes can regenerate when it is found among the symbols on the reels. One can equally have 3 or 4 frozen Wilds on the reels or none. That is why the wins can vary widely, but the good thing was that, at least in my case I entered this round with pretty much ease. In normal spins (as in “Thor”) from time to time there is a possibility of extra wins: when a Berseker symbol (old warriors from Iceland and Scandinavian literature) appears on reel 5. Then Wolverine will turn into Wild random symbols or even two entire reels into extended Wild and the payout will be handsome. It once happened to me to have a win of about 11 pounds from two such extended Wilds.

The slot is nice, in the Playtech tradition, but like “Thor”, is not an exceptional one but only slightly better than average.
As I said above I had an uninterrupted series of 30 spins without a win .
yapro 790 reviews
Wolverine slot game was made at playtech, and it is belong to marvel slot games family, all of this slot has marvel jackpots, and player with any bet size can win one of four jackpot at any time, but of course the higher bet - the higher chances to win.
i played this game mostly at william hill group of casinos, and this days i did not play this game, because i think it is a bit outdated and sometimes boring.

Game has two features, first one is free spins, for 3+ scatters player awarded with 12 free spins, and there is different levels, each time special symbol landed, added one more free wild. This feature of course has some potential, but best i was managed to see it was near x 100 total bet, which makes me think that this game has medium variance. Second feature is berserker mode, or something like this, it is triggered on 5 reel by special symbol, and award few more wilds. Actually i did not see any potential on this feature, i get it probably 5 times, and never win anything higher than x 20 total bet. Game can be interesting if only it is hot, and award free spins feature often, lets say every 50 spins, then you will be able to win something nice. Other words win big is hard on this game, but it is possible to get few smallish wins in a row, which give nice boost to balance.

I rate this game with 6 stars, it is medium variance game which i did not like.I did not like features on this game, and did not like how slot looks at all. And i am just did not like this wolverine, and never like him. But of course game has chances to be played, and i am sure some gamblers will love this games, but not me.
This Playtech slot is one of my favourite slots from this games provider even if I don’t like so much this kind of slots! It is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.25 euro and this is actually the bet that I played at Bet365 casino! Bet365 casino offered me a deposit bonus of 100% and I decided to take this offer,I made a deposit of 80 ron(almost 18 euro) and I received another 80 ron bonus! I was tired of the slot games that I am usually playing at this casino and I decided to try Wolverine slot!

I was just curious to see how its this game and if it pays good because I didn’t played it so far! I managed to catch the free spins very early,I played only 5-10 minutes and the free spins triggered!I won from this feature only 24 ron and I want to say that I was a little bit disappointed!

My account balance reached 43 ron and I was thinking to change the game because I was very sure that I will lose the money!But I kept playing this game and I managed to catch again the 3 syringe symbols and I was awarded with 12 free spins that offered me a good win of 132 ron(28 euro)! With pretty good graphics and nice symbols I was capable to complete the wagering requirements at this nice slot and to withdraw some nice money!

Overall it is a very entertaining slot and I will try to rate it now!For the graphics I will give 8 because there are many games with better graphics to be honest!The payout rate was good and I will give another 8 because it could be better than that! I am very sure that I will play this slot again to have fun and to win more money maybe!
Wolverine game is powered by Playtech. This game is very interesting and pretty cool, i don't play it much but i did manage to get a decent win on this game. I really like Playtech games, the graphics are very good and the games offer a player a chance to pay big. This game is full of stacked wilds and has two features.

There is a free spins feature and there is Berserker rage feature. To get the free spins i had to get three or more Adamantium symbols anywhere on the reels. It took me ages to get this feature and at the end i caught it with a double tap:) I got three of them and was awarded with 12 free spins. because i got only three scatters the free spins start off on the 4th level. Each time adamantium lands on reels it adds one more level. The levels are there to freeze wild. One wild for one level of adamantium every spin. There are 25 lines in this game and my bet is €0.25, max i ever won on this feature was around €20. I don't think it is too bad because my bet was very small.

The berserker feature is awarded when big red Berserker symbol appears on the last reel. It awards a different amount of wilds depending where it lands on the last reel, top, middle or bottom.

Over all the game is fun but takes time to kick off. I think it has potential but only if you bet big. I would recommend this game to everybody. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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