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Vulcan Slot

Vulcan is a mythology-themed 25-payline video slot operating on the Real Time Gaming software platform. The Vulcan symbol is the wild card and the Volcano is the game’s scatter. Players can the test the slot on this page free of charge or visit any of the Real Time Gaming casinos found in the listings to play the game for real money.

To meet the Roman Gods and Goddesses, players should regulate their bet first. The “Lines” button controls the number of paylines played and “Bet” alters the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.25. In order the initiate the game, one should click “Spin” and “Auto Play” should be pushed in order to turn the reels for a number of times without interruption.

The Vulcan wild emerges grouped on reels 2 and 4 during the regular games. The prize is tripled when 1 or more Vulcan wilds are in a winning combination.

3 Volcano symbols scattered across the reels will trigger 15 Free Games, wherein all wins are doubled.

The Fire of the Gods feature may win players up to x300. The figure can be re-triggered 3 times with each re-trigger awarding 5 extra Free Games and increasing the multiplier to x3 for all remaining games. Any 2nd re-trigger increases the multiplier to x30 for all remaining games. Any 3rd re-trigger increases the multiplier to x300 for all remaining games. The Vulcan icon can appear grouped on reels 2-5 during the Free Games.

Random Progressive Jackpots can be won at the conclusion of any game. Progressive Jackpot wins will be added to all other wins.

Game Play

Lines: Select the number of enabled paylines.

Bet: Decide on the coin denomination.

Spin: Begin the game.

Auto Play: Spin the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Vulcan Slot Reviews by Players


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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
I already heard the story about the roman gods but not that familiar because of the greek gods was most popular. However the slot Vulcan slot will give you some extraordinary experience and winnings that will result the slot prominent from its players! The slot was common from the other casinos and I always see them whenever I play a RTG certified casino! The Vulcan slot is a 5 reels and 25 paylines therefore it’s not difficult to play and it’s common just like the other slot.

There are some options playing Vulcan slot first is enabling the 25 paylines if you’re high wager but don’t worry like I do when playing this 25 paylines was created for huge wins and selecting a higher value bet per line also this will make the feature guarantee assurance to hit because the higher the bet the higher the fund of feature guarantee will made. My betting size is simple and I don’t always bet higher amount because of the insistent loosing. Sometimes my bet size was 0.04 per line and the maximum is 0.25 just to add some of the feature guarantee bets. The guarantee feature bets doesn’t help mostly but it was best when you stack it.

The feature of a Volcano scatter will trigger the fire of gods feature and it was pleasing because of winnings but in terms of there graphics I down voted it, it really needs some improvement to be exciting. I mostly win because of its feature and it’s a good cash winning unlike from the normal game. The best won from the bonus was the $400+ winnings with a multiplier of approximately 3x and 30x and a bet of 0.05 per line total of $1.25. The feature can be triggered again and will add up a multiplier that’s why I have the 30 multiplier. If I will to ask Vulcan Slot will give you an idea that it’s worth playing because of the huge payout and also the assurance of bonus feature.
zerooo 742 reviews
Vulcan is 25 payline video slot game from RTG software provider. I can’t remember when I frist played this game, but I like it very much. And even if I never won more than x100 bet from it. The theme, design looks good enough for me and I like to play it quite often when I played at RTG casinos.

Vulcan wild symbols are powerful here, they appears on reels 2 and 4 during normal games. The prize is tripled when one or more Vulcan substitute in a winning combination. I really like this game because when wilds appears they raise your winnings a lot. Beside that you can also get free spins feature.

15 free games looks good, during all those free games wins are at x2 multiplier. If you retrigger free games for the first time, the multiplier increases to x3 for all remaining games, second retrigger gives you x30 multiplier, third retrigger gives you huge x300 multiplier. I think this feature is really good, but to get x30 or even x300 multiplier is very very hard. I never retriggered free games more than once. But I like the payouts during those free spins, I never won less than x30 bet from them. The winning potential here is big and I like that!

Otherwise this is one of my favorite game from RTG software provider. I really like to play it, every time when I am at RTG casino. Mostly I played it with minimum bets, but sometimes when my balance raise – I raise my bet too.

I will rate Vulcan with 9 stars. I think I will play it even in near future! I don’t have any bad words to say about Vulcano game, for me it is much more better than other games from RTG. And at this one I always get better winnings than at other games.
blondie 1094 reviews
Vulcan is a game from Real Time Gaming software that I've explored in the last month. I saw the name of this slot and wasn't familiar with it so I wanted to give it a try. This game has Vulcano theme with 5 reels and 25 paylines but since this is one of RTG slots that has "feature guaranteed" feature, the minimum bet is 0.35$ per spin. And the higher the bets, the higher guaranteed cost. This feature isn't very important to me because even when you have a guaranteed feature, it doesn't necessarily mean it will give you a win.

This game has a really nice feature, which probably is my favorite one- wild symbol. On base game it comes up on certain reels, but it is grouped so it can give nice winnings. I also really like how it looks. I have to say that the only times I've had decent winnings on main game is when I've had a combination of wilds, but still my biggest win has been around 40x bet.

The only bonus round there is a free spins feature, it can be triggered either with "feature guaranteed" or with 3 or more scatter symbols. I think this feature isn't too hard to trigger, and then you get 15 free spins with 2x multiplier, however, if you retrigger them, you get 5 extra spins with higher multiplier. Only twice I've experienced retriggering free spins, and then the extra spins were 3x multiplied. But still, for me it seems very hard to get good winnings, once with 20 free spins I managed to get a 50x bet win, which is overall my best result.

Although so far I haven't had great results, I think this game has a good winning potential and it's all because of the wild symbols, they can appear stacked on free spins so the possibility to hit high is there. And I think some players might like the security that there's a guaranteed feature, so even if you've hit a dry run, you can see a light at the end of tunnel.

Overall this is good game from this software and it's worth trying. Design and graphics are decent, wild symbol is a great feature and it is an exciting game.
I don't like the fact that for the guarantee I have to pay an extra bet that isn't optional, If I am betting on all lines. If I'm low on balance, I would prefer to play without it.
katemak 1170 reviews
The first time I opened this game and I was really wondering why this slot was named Vulcan, till I gave it a few spins and saw the Roman God of fire named Vulcan and then was clear to men the Vulcan game has mythological theme and I am sure that every casino software has minimum of 3 or more games with Roman mythology, so I guess they are pretty inspired by their characters, Gods or Goddess or Roman empire.

Vulcan is a 5 reel with 25 pay Lines which the player can take his bet as minimum of 0.25 cents, so yet another great game where with a small deposit you can achieve something. The Vulcan here is the wild symbols and he will appear only at the second and fourth reel, but the good thing is while you catch both Vulcan on those two reels the winnings will be tripled.

The scatter symbols on this game are the Volcano so triggering only 2 of them will double you bet and triggering 3 or more of them will award you with 15 free spins with multiplier X 2. From all the RTG games I have played I will sort this game in one of my favorite games. Vulcan it’s not that new game, but not old either, because it was released in 2012.The first time I have played this game I must say I wasn't impressed, just because at the beginning was eating my all credit. But every time I was offered some free chip from some of the RTG casinos I always wanted to try this game.

The last time I played it I was more than satisfied, I guess the game was full ,giving me free spins rounds up to 60. Actually that was the first time I managed to wager one bonus and walked away with 150$.I really like this slot and think it has potential of big wins and its worth of trying.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Vulcan is 25 payline 5 reel slot coming from Real Time Gaming. This game has a mythological theme from Ancient Greece and can be really fun to play at times. The graphic and sound are on a descent level so you won’t get bored playing long sessions.

One of the best features in this game is the stacked wilds symbol. During base play it can come stacked on reels 2 and 4 and all prizes with it are tripled. The rest of the symbols have a poor paytable but combined with the wild you can have some really big wins here. The scatter symbol in the game is a volcano and 3 of them trigger the free spins bonus in the game.

This game has one of the best bonuses from RTG and can really pay big if you are lucky. For 3 scatters you get 15 free spins with all prizes doubled. The wild symbol can now come grouped on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 so you can have some great wins thanks to the wilds. Also this is a game where you desperately want retriggers in the free spins. For each retrigger you are awarded with 5 free spins and the multiplier increases. You can retrigger the free spins for a max of 3 times and in the last retrigger the wins can go up to 300 x. I know that this is really hard to get but I hope to hit that someday for the ultimate payout.

From my experience this is a very descent slot to play. You get small to medium wins during base play and an occasional big win if you hit wilds on both reels. In the bonus game you can expect some nice wins and I don’t think I had a bonus game with a win of below 50 x bet. My biggest win was about 200 x bet with only 1 retrigger but I had a good number of wilds in a few spins.
valentin68 535 reviews
As far as I am concerned, this slot was about to fool me. I was very close to say: this is a very good RTG slot. This is about the Vulcan slot, the first slot of RTG with a very high variance. I am playing here now for over 30 minutes and more than 350 spins. I was even once disconnected from the game by the casino, and I resumed playing the game. (These automatic disconnections in RTG casinos are very bad).

The theme of the Vulcan slot is the mythological character with the same name, a blacksmith god of fire. Vulcan is Wild of course here, and he is accompanied by a battle chariot, an ancient portal and another deity, that are also major symbols. The paytable for this slot is very good, starting with payouts from 2 identical symbols and paying equal to the bet for 3 major symbols. Even more, all symbols accompanied by one Wild pay triple. However this slot has indeed an extraordinarily high variance, the largest one so far for all RTG slots that I played. Many wins are small, very small and yet, with some luck... sometimes with a win of 7-9 dollars you can compensate the previous losses. Though not always and because of this, as with all RTG slots you are at loss, but sometimes you may have an extra of 1-2 USD.

Another observation which is identical for several RTG slots: this “feature guarantee” for which you need to pay another extra 10 cents, for every bet of 25 cents, does not pay its money to be activated. Yes, the game is more beautiful and spectacular with this “feature guarantee” enabled, but sometimes you pay more to enter this feature than you win from it. Although there are 25 Free Games, and although after the Free Games you automatically enter another round of 14 Free Games (playing thus 39 Free Games) the average earnings from these are about 5-15 dollars. On two occasions with this “feature guarantee” I was at loss and only once I have had something extra.

So much for this Vulcan slot that is indeed better than the average RTG slots.
The most unpleasant is that from almost 40 Free Games the wins are not extraordinary. In about 400 spins here I lost over 60 USD (playing with a bet of 25+10 = 35 cents/game).
Vulcan slot was made by Real time gaming software, and I am honestly thought that it is awesome game, when I just read description and then checked paytable- this game totally took me, because payout potential is huge!

Vulcan has 25 paylines, and first feature which presented at this slot it is feature guaranteed. It is guaranteed that at some point you will get feature, but to be honest it is not worth to enable it in my opinion. For 1$ in slot bet FG took 0.40. It is very huge amount, and i think RTP without it will be higher at this slot, than RTP with it. Probably someone enjoying this feature, but I found it useless, specially when I have left to make 4 spins to trigger feature guaranteed- and then I just get 3 scatters, so for what I have paid 0.40 each spin? For nothing this is the answer.

During free spins it is possible to get higher and higher multiplier, with each feature retrigger(3 or more scatters), well i thought it will be not that hard, but well, it is insane hard, I tried it couple of times, but I had just one retrigger max, only once. There is also stacked wilds, and only this can pay good by my experience.

Well, I spent about 200-300 dollars playing this game. Some was my own money, some bonus money, but fact is fact, I am just lost decent money playing this game, chasing it, but not even two retriggers and not even single win more than 100 x total bet? Well, sorry but I will not play this game again, I am not want to lose money for nothing. If i will want to risk- i will better chase DOA, it is much more better, and looks like chances to win at DOA is much more higher.
Hard to trigger feature, FG looks useless but took a lot of money.
paquito76 867 reviews
I think the name of the game ’Vulcan’ is a little bit misleading because the slot deals more with mythology and Gods and even got a little Roman illustrating style. The graphics are real nice and detailed work and in my opinion it’s way better than an average RTG’s product has and there are some decorations what I really like, for example the metallic card symbols got partly orange adornments which really increase their visual effects. I also like the God symbols and basically all icons are great and with proper color usage they’re really look good. The design and arrangement of the interface is really the well-known one so we can’t expect any real curiosity in this dimension. Overall, Vulcan has an attractive and pleasant to eye appearance and I think we can’t wish more for a game like this.

Besides the known Minor and Major randomly triggered Jackpots what almost every RTG products offers this slot’s best paying line win is worth only 1000 coins but because of the great quality of the Wild this amount can be much more if at least one Wild is a member of the winning combination. This substituting symbol only appears on the second and fourth reels but it does that in stacked format and has the power to triple the prizes.

But which is also a very frequent attributes at RTG, the best part of the game which really has great potential comes when Scatters appear on the reels (by the way at Vulcan these special symbols also can reward us with instant cash prizes up to 125 times of total bet which is more than acceptable) so when it happens 15 free games are triggered where all wins are doubled and luckily Wild symbol extends its functions there as it may appear in all reels except the first. The feature can be re-activated which is an important rule because every new segment brings another 5 games but the first re-trigger increase the multiplier value to x3 for all remaining games, the second re-trigger gives x30 and if we’re extremely lucky to get a third bunch of free spins, well, this new series of spins (and the remainder ones from the old re-triggers) are played with a fantastic x300!!! win multiplier. Naturally, it doesn’t happen too often to get multiply re-trigger during free spins but I suppose I don’t have to say what demolition can be caused by playing with x300 multiplier, do I?

I think by now it’s almost understandable the relative weaker paying ability of top paying symbols and here the free spins are really there to surprise us in positive ways (luckily the great Feature Guarantee feature also assigned to this slot which guarantees for us an entry to free spins in a specific number of spins). Naturally, not every sequence there are so well paying and I also had feature when my total won amount was just $10 but even could witness when my balance increased by roughly $170. It all depends on the appearing Wilds and whether we’re lucky enough to get any re-trigger there.

Eventually, this is a surprisingly but truly awesome game from RTG which possesses all of the qualities that makes a player satisfied in many ways. The beautiful and impressive appearance, the more than good features and the huge potential are the main strengths of the game and I think from this latter mention attribute we can conclude that the excitement factor is always there and it just starts really at the beginning of free spins. In my opinion this is the product which belongs to the first class category at RTG platform so I can recommend to everyone to try this out in the future.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Vulcan it is Real Time Gaming slot, and I will not go long for it, and say that it is one of my most favorite Real Time Gaming slots. I can't say that I like most slots from this software, but I am like this one very much.

Nice looking game with 25 paylines, and feature guaranteed thing. You need to pay some extra money to enable it, and usually I am play without it, because I did not like bet too high, and because I am not big depositor. Feature guaranteed award you freespins after some amount of spins (I did not know which amount), but you pay extra money for it, so I prefer just make usual spins and wait for 3 scatters to get freespins feature. Freespins feature here is one of the best, first set of freespins playing with low multiplier, second with higher, and then up to ATTENTION x 300. I have this multiplier only once in freespins, after couple of retriggers, and I won 270 dollars at 0.25 bet, this is wonderful result, but far away from perfect, because I did not have any good wins with this multiplier. Also stacked wilds on reels can help you to hit really awesome win, and plus add to this chance to win one of two jackpots.

Most times I played this slot of course with 0.25 bets, why I should bet higher if I can win very big money even with this bet. I already described my best hit, and also I have couple more win more than 50$ at 0.25 bets, so you really can wait big wins on this slot. But be careful with this slot game because sometimes this slot is very bad and can suck all money without awarding freespins feature.

9 stars for this Real Time Gaming slot, one of the best game created by this software.
Vulcan video slot game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. This game is created in the software company Real Time Gaming.

The theme for this game is found in the Greek mythology. Vulcan in the Greek mythology was a god of fire and blacksmiths. The ancient Greek mythology seems to be very inspiring to programmers and designers which deal with creating slot games. I think that all software providers have at least one game that for a theme has something from Ancient Greece. Still this game is no different than the rest of the games from RTG when it comes to graphic and sound.

Here like in all other RTG games there are two progressive jackpots – Minor and Major jackpot. From the bonus features here you have a free spins bonus, you will get this bonus if you get at least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. There is another way to get the free spins bonus here. Vulcan video slot is one of the few games in RTG that has a Feature Guarantee option. To activate this feature you have to enable all paylines and wager and additional amount of 10 times. I don’t know if the rest of the players will agree with me but I think that Feature Guarantee contributes to making this game interesting and whats most important to get the free spins and a chance for a big win.
When it comes to my experience with this game I played it a few times. The first time I played it I had some big wins. But after that I didn’t have much success with this game. I would get some descent wins here and there but nothing like the first time when I had a win of about 300 x bet in the free spins bonus.

I’m not complaining because you can't have wins like that all the time. Vulcan is not a bad game and I recommend it to everyone.

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